Busti's Stall Diary Chapter #451: The Silver Key

Nah you only get it from main quest iirc.

One per main quest I guess


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You reminded me it’s been almost 2 years since my Marie was < lv 10


Oh I doubt it was a move by Aniplex since I heard Aniplex takes control of DW from April iirc.


Yeah they haven’t gotten a rasengle logo or anything yet lol


I’m gonna call it lasagna when it happens :fgo_gudako:


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Poor Magia record…


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I ended up looking at the other topics… I came across a Girls Frontline Q & A post with only one reply…




Y’know for once I’m going to clap for FGO, this is actually a good change. It doesn’t fix the numerous other issues I have with the game but it is a step in right direction :catclap:

Now for other changes

Long Ass Post

First off is the absolutely disproportionate ratio of average SQ to the average amount of banners. The approximate amount of SQ obtainable per year is around 2.1K, which seems like a lot until you factor in that FGO is also the gacha with one of the highest ratio of Limited Banners and Servants. Even with the newly added spark, this pretty much limits you to being able to spark 2 banners at most, and it’s likely you’ll have far more banners you want to roll on than that.

I think by simply reducing the spark to current standard of 200 rolls, this will greatly ease pressure on players saving their quartz and allow the game to become more F2P friendly, going from a measly 2 sparks to a possible massive 10. I don’t think this would severely affect DW’s sales either because many people would still roll for NP levels, and there are enough limited servants around to cover the ones being sparked on

Alternatively we can also add a different way of obtaining certain servants, at least ones within the general pool. Arknights has a secondary recruitment pool that gets updated periodically, and it has a chance to give you high rarity Operators found in the regular gacha. Along with that is the Distinctions Shop which lets you buy one of two currently available Operators, which change depending on the banner available

FGO can adopt a similar mechanic to this by implementing a new section for the Rare Prism Shop, allowing certain servants within the general pool to be obtained with enough Prisms. This would increase the value of Rare Prisms, and could be taken further by allowing you to obtain RPs from servants without burning them

Next is in regards to FGO’s balancing. While FGO has managed to keep some of its low rarities viable, these tend to be the ones that have had enough buffs thrown their way to actually keep up with the metagame, while others fall into the category of being otherwise gimmicky or requiring too much support. Not only that but the relative ease of the game makes me not as inclined to think that these retentions of viability were actually on part of forward thinking from the developers

An example of the former would be someone like Cu Chulainn, who has received numerous buffs throughout the years that has let him keep his title as one of the most unkillable servants in the game. And an example of the latter would be Medea, who has received almost no buffs apart from her NP interlude - which hardly helped her damage in the first place - and who’s ability of buff removal is becoming less and less useful with the increasing amount of unremovable buffs

I find that the problem with the way FGO tries to balance things is that they tend to focus too much on card types rather than actual servants, here’s what I mean. When DW released Skadi Quick jumped to the forefront of the metagame, having access to reliable NP looping setups that let one clear just about any quest with next to no thought, only needing to click the same sequence of buttons over and over. While this did give boosts to some Quick Servants, this did not apply to all of them as some of them simply suffer from bad internals or a kit that doesn’t synergize effectively, which doesn’t let them take advantage of the 3 turns of buffs that Skadi will give them

Another issue I have is that with these new and broken strategies comes new mechanics to attempt to stifle them… this is not a healthy way to maintain balance in your game. Attempting to stop a broke mechanic by introducing a new one only serves to break the game more, and can also negatively affect other strategies apart from it. An example would be while 1 enemy waves affect looping comps, this also effects other strategies like ones that use waves with higher numbers to generate NP or crit stars without looping.

I think rather than releasing another completely broken support every time they need a “fix” only to break the game even more with more and more added mechanics, they could instead focus on on the fundamental issues present. That being to give more Rank Up Quests to servants who need them, rather than servants who are popular or who are already bonkers broken. Looking at you Umu Bride Buffs. Not only that but the buffs should be good enough for someone to consider using that servant regardless of favoritism. Sure we can all choose to use our favorites, but it’s a lot better when you aren’t being told about how much they suck


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Speaking of other threads, making a team threads under dragonball…


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Did DW just announced new stuffs in FGO ?




New stuff in fgo?