Busti's Stall Diary Chapter #454: Fancy a footrace?

Yeah, I’m like:

“God we’re so screwed.”


As it is, I’m utterly convinced Disco feels Tiamat Goetia did nothing wrong.


no, LAN gave it to michael to enable angel mode, who didn’t have the info to know that we should have taken it to merlin post haste… Merlin was too cagey about that information so no one else could roll for a mp check

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…Too bad it’s not like one of the TTRPG runs I had where someone fucked up an illusion spell so badly that they ended up raising the dead instead…


No, the DM kept having LAN roll checks that kept failing to remember.

He only told us today after the fact.

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well LAN still no longer had the grail in hand…

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…Well that’s one way to distract. Unless you were facing a huge army, you weren’t completely screwed.

On that part, fair.

I want to really bash my head against my desk…

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same…i really wanted to skip the tiamat fight, especially after boss mentioned hp is 10x what anyone else has :fgo_goredolfdistress: my np will barely tickle that, and i only have one at that unless i can squeeze in a meditation

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…Best part was… There was absolutely no reason or need to cast illusion. The player just decided why not.

Like… The situation was that the character in question was in a keep, and I had a cape of stealth and rolled super high on my stealth roll, so I went in, freed them, handed them the cloak, and faked an “assassination” attempt on the lord as a distraction. I failed and not only missed the lord by a long shot (wasn’t intending to kill him anyway), but I fell off a wall onto a guard, who cried an alarm before being knocked unconscious. I then proceed to just walk out the front gate without being caught.

At that point, there was literally nothing that the other player needed to do to escape, and I didn’t need a distraction. But they went ahead with the spell anyway.


My character would want to defeat Tiamat. I certainly don’t…

@namtap032892 It’s things like that that make RP’ing so much more fun/interesting.

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really hope gramps and eresh can pull off a miracle. also glad i had an in character excuse to bring up kur in the first place… wouldn’t want to rely on disco for that :fgo_gudako:

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Yeah, I was laughing so hard about the whole “You literally fall off the wall onto a guard, put the whole keep on high alert… And walk out the front gate” thing.


TTRPG always seemed interesting…

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And you distract the alert with the raise dead.

Was that character even a necromancer?


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Not even close. The only magic they knew was illusion.


how in the world does illusion gone wrong equal necromancy in the first place?!?

That’s what I figured…

I’d call that a win even if it was pointless.


@Mysty a sufficiently bad roll/creative DM.

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I greet you all after a… slightly stressful weekend~
:wave: :fgo_casgilworry:

Still not done. At F185 currently…






You doing the raids as you go along or you saving those?



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