Busti's Stall Diary Chapter #515: Simp Royale

I welcome you all to the Stall Diary’s first simp wiki. In order to make interactions safer, I’ll post some rules to avoid as much conflict as possible. :fgo_umu:

  1. This shouldn’t be said, but avoid insulting other people or cross the line in any way.
  2. If you decide to participate, you will be able to both edit the wiki and be judged by other participants as well. It’s a two-way street people.
  3. If someone decides to NOT participate, respect that decision. It doesn’t matter if it’s done as a joke, respect other people’s wishes.
  4. You’ll be able to include who do you think people simp for and their simp rank from 0 to 10. If you want to include your name as the reviewer, go ahead. You can also keep it anon, but I’ll be able to see the modifications. :fgo_thatbishtar:
  5. Do NOT erase other reviews.

With this out of the way, I’ll include my own review. Have fun! :catdance:

Sex god Smooth

(Reviewer: NPC :slightly_smiling_face:)
Simp Rank: 10
Characters They simp for: Gil. Doctor Gil, Gil’s left nipple, Ozy, Birbs, Catboi Arjuna, Gilgamesh, Douman

(Reviewer: LFVBF)
Simp Rank: A+
Characters she simps for: Gil, Douman, Ozy, their exposed nips […]

(Reviewer: Nachos :fgo_voyagersmile: )
Simp Rank: 11
Characters They simp for: Gil+ other servants with exposed nips. A nip chaser

(Reviewer:Pd )
Simp Rank: just…a lot
Characters They simp for: Gil.
They’d screw the guy if he was all nipple tissue, from head to toe.
Or, in the new parlance, nipple to nipple

(Reviewer: Z3K)
Simp Rank: S (EX)
Characters they simp for: :b: ARA :b: ARA :feh_surtr:

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 10/10
The Queen to King Gilgamesh.
Going all the way to L120 with both versions.

(Reviewer: Silver_01)
Simp Rank: EX+
Characters they simp for :Gil,AA,Ozy,Douman

  • Master of Nips.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: EX+++
Characters they simp for: Golden boys, Kings Gil and Ozy
The avatar of the nipple goddess~

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 10+
Characters they simp for: Gil, also Gil, Ozy, Merlin, Douman
P.S.: enthusiastic about Gil and Ozy nips
P.P.S.: has whaled and Grailed for Gil
P.P.P.S.: The CasGil saga never ends

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rating: Nips Supremacy/10
Characters they simp for: Gil, Gil, Gil, Gil. Ozy, Mr. Mystery, Naked Ceiling Man, Space Cat Boi.
Note: Very :b: owahful energies, said energies increased by 10 times when Gil Nips in sight.


(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 0
Characters they simp for: None, lmao.
Note: I’m saying the truth. All of these unbelievers smh.

(Reviewer: NPC :slightly_smiling_face: )
Simp Rank: 3
Characters they simp for: Oberon, Musashi

(Reviewer: Nachos :fgo_voyagersmile: )
Simp Rank: 5
Characters they simp for: Oberon :butterfly:

(Reviewer: Grim :fgo_hakunom: )
Simp rank: 6

Characters they like: Musashi, Kama and Oberon

Adam out here claiming to not be a simp despite being like one of the biggest Moth simps on GP smh. :fgo_circereally:

Oberon will be his #1 after LB 6 anyway

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 5
Characters: Nobu, Musashi, Umu, and the Holy Moth :butterfly:
Note: Believes that denial of simping may lead to better luck. :fgo_hakunom:

(Reviewer: Shadow)
I bet you thought you could escape from this. But no. :butterfly:

Characters they like: Musashi, Nobu, Ryōma, the marble emperor: Constantine XI, :straight_ruler: Moriarty and the one and only moth :butterfly:
Enthusiast of EDGY characters in general.
Rank 7/8 or 7.5
Note: They are a simp don’t let their nonchalance fool you. As one the OG moth cult gang members they cannot run away from their fate.
Accept it, Adam. Accept your simpery true self :fgo_koyanchihuahua:
(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: )
Simp Rank: 8 → 7 (has decreased sadly)
Servant list: he do like of good servants like Musashi, on of the OG Musashi fans around, and Nero, but he also do like his villanous servants like Kama, Young Moriarty, Oda Nobunada and the morally complex Oberon
Note. our good Golem Keter Malkuth do have good servants on the ones that he loves the most, but don’t be fooled by that, he also really likes those villanous morally complex servants

(Reviewer: Silver_01)
Simp Rank: 6.5
Characters they simp for :Oberon , Nobu
nobunobu nobbu nobbu! (Translation: Nobbu’s Free Markets and Open Guilds are the best.)

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 5
Characters they simp for: Musashi, Nero, Nobbu, Ryouma, Oberon, Constantine, now Young Moriarty
P.S.: does not admit to being a simp but has some simp tendencies
P.P.S.: fairly moderate score since denial aside is not a big simp (I should know :eyes:)
P.P.P.S.: A surprisingly long list for a non-simp tho :fgo_huh:


(Reviewer: Pd :ak_wlaugh:)
Simp coefficient: 2-3
Characters they simp for: W.
Comment: this isn’t even the arknights section cut me some slack.
Non-platonic simp coefficient: Like an 8? Edit: more of a 9-10, bond madness envelops me.
Just taking into account how often I have done the sorter and enjoy looking at how my favs shift over time.
That would include: sei, mhx, the nobus, gil, enkidu, jalter, lancer ryouma and a few AK ops as well.

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 3
Characters they simp for: Sei, space Artorias.
Note: one of the most moderate peeps here.

(Reviewer: Zero :fgo_sthenosmug:)
Simp Rank: 3/2(τ)

This cheeky Penguin, he likes a great many people though most wouldn’t be aware. X, Sei, Nobu are the big ones. But so is Kagetora, Vritra, and Koyan up there. Also Bedi, Gil, and Catboi man. Definitely not abusing a certain list I have full access to. Quiet simper that we have here all in all.

Footnote: likes Wada Arco Art style so will fall for Tammies and Umus alike. Add Melt to the list. Likes em with strong character from what I’ve gather.

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 5
Characters they simp for: The MHXs, W (Arknights), Jalter, Sei, Nobbu, Bedi, Pako Servants, Vritra, etc
P.S.: Simps for art styles too (Pako, Wada, etc)
P.P.S.: Relatively chill about it tho
P.P.P.S.: There’s actually a lot on the list I’m kinda surprised

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 5
Characters they simp for: Sei, Kintoki, The Heroines, Nobu and more
Note: Likes too many to grail them all :fgo_brynbulli: (Sad grail limitations noises)


(Reviewer: LFVBF)
Simp Rank: B+++
Characters he simps for: Quetzalcoatl, Boudica, Barghest, Vritra, Raikou, Medb […]

Note: “+++” means it can quadruple under certain circumnstances

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: A+++ for Luchadora, A++ for Boudica and B for the rest
Characters they simp for: Quetz, Boudica, Beeg Doggo, Sexy Gyaru Doragon~
Admirer of onee-sans, both hard and soft~

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 8 (A++)
Characters they simp for: Quetz, Raikou, Boudica, Medb, Vritra, Passionlip, Barghest, Kiara
P.S.: Definitely has a type :eyes:
P.P.S.: spreads Grails around often
P.P.P.S.: Pretty chill about simping em


(Reviewer: Veritas aniki)
Simp Rank: Freaking EX
Characters he simps for: Jeanne D’Arc […]

Note: I rest my casedrops mic

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 10
Characters they simp for: Okita
Note: Self-explanatory :cat:

(Reviewer: Grim )
Simp rank: 11/10

Characters they simp for: Okita, Jeanne, Jalter

To a lesser extent: Hokusai,Karna

+1 for being able to draw lewds on his own

(Reviewer: Alex :fgo_nagaothink:)

Simp Rank: 10
Continue on the right path of Okita love overlord, for she was the one all along :catlove:
if anyone thinks jeanne was the one I will bonk you with a stick

(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: )
Simp Rank: EX (can not be calculated)
Servants he simps for: OKITA , that will be it for the highest ranks, on the lesser ranks we can find Jeanne, Jalter, Hokusai and Mo
Note: the overlord is the overlord, he can not be judge by a simple commoner like myself

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 12/10
Characters: Okita, the wife. Jeanne and her sister. Hoku. Karna.
Note: +1 for art skills, +1 for Overlord Supremacy.

(Reviewer: Zero :fgo_sthenosmug:)
Simp Rank: 9+2sin(ωt) for some ω∈ℝ
Character they simp for: Karna, Gramps, Achilles

No one wants to know about the expected ones — that’s easy business. Busti liked the male character that can blow up half the world If needed. I reckon this is due to the Dragon Balls background. He has made special “graphics” of his female favs tho. Score’s high but a little variable, hence the expression.

Footnote: claims to like all* parts of his favs. Not just the feet or nibbles. :fgo_cleosmug:

(Reviewer : Kratos :fgo_iwillereshyou:)

Simp Rank : 10~EX

Character they simp for : Okita :fgo_daishouri:

Lesser extent : :fgo_jeannecheer: , :fgo_hokusaiwink: and :fgo_mordredsmile:

Note : The classic and loveable Mr.:b:. Proud husband of the First Division Captain of the Shinsengumi, Okita Souji. Very dedicated to his love and his friends alike ; a gem to hold upon. :fgo_ereshlove:

(Reviewer: Silver_01)
Simp Rank: B~EX+ (B for Busti :fgo_jeannecheer: )
Characters they simp for :fgo_jeannepeek: :fgo_daishouri: :fgo_hokusaiwink: :fgo_mordredsmile:
Hehe Flag bonk go brr… :fgo_jeannecheer:
The Stall Overlord, a beacon of Hope.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: Wife (Okita :fgo_daishouri: )
Characters they simp for: Okita, Jannu, Jannu Alt and Best Bro Karna
Devout and focused husband. Overlord of culture and the arts~ :fgo_skadismug:

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 10+
Characters they simp for: Okita (wifed), Mordred, Jeanne, Hoku, Karna
P.S.: Extreme simp. Kinda on the DL now but not really.
P.P.S.: very dedicated
P.P.P.S.: I remember those days Mr. B :eyes:
P.P.P.S.: Also GP married to Okita
P.P.P.P.S: Fella draws his own lewds too that’s crazy

(Reviewer: Noodles)
Simp rating: EX++
Characters he simps for: Okita (the Wife :tm:), Jeanne, Karna, Hokusai, Mordred
Notes: Very dedicated to his favorites and his wife. :fgo_daishouri: Also draws his own art of them which includes lewds


(Reviewer: Veritas aniki)
Simp Rank: 3
Characters he simps for: QSH […]

Note: come at me bro :fgo_iwillereshyou:

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 6
Characters they simp for: QSH, Kiara, Molay
Note: very few favs, but simps for them a lot quietly.

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 6,5/10
Simps for a couple servants like Molay and Kiara, but tends to be low-profile about it.
I see potential for greater “outbreaks” though…

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 5
Characters they simp for: QSH, Molay Forina, Lewd Nun
Has immense and interesting simp potential~ :fgo_bbsmile:

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 6
Characters: QSH, Molay, Kiara, Ibuki, Yang.
Note: Possibly one of the most lowkey about his simping, but don’t let the lowkeyness fool you about the fire within . :cat: Also he may or may not have a thing for horns . :fgo_sthenosmug:


(Reviewer: Nachos)
Simp Rank: B
Characters he simps for: Sieg, Arjuna, Arthur Charlemagne, Oberon :butterfly:

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 5
Characters they simp for: A lot :fgo_insane:
Note: Art provider.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 7 (8 for Moth)
Characters they simp for: Moth, Parthur, Charlie boy~
Husbando seeker, Moth art connoisseur and bonk addict

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 8
Characters they simp for: Arjuna, Sieg (platonic), Arthur (hubbied), Charlemagne, Oberon
P.S.: got GP married to Arthur so that’s an auto 8
P.P.S.: finds a lot of art (I respect the dedication :feh_marismile:)
P.P.P.S: proud of being a simp (very honest this one is)


(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 9
Characters they simp for: White-haired pretty boys, and Constantine.
Note: EX rank stabby knify energy.

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: It’s over 9000 :cat:
Characters: My profile says it all…plus some exceptions
Note: No harm shall befall upon WHPBs while I still breathe :catknife:

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 10/10 (for white haired pretty bois, lower for others, though also like 8 for some black haired ones)
The resident stabby knifey girl and wife to Karna. Good choice.
Also simps for other white haired pretty bois, but I believe Karna truly has a special place in her heart.

(Reviewer: Silver_01)
Simp Rank: EX+ (White)
Characters they simp for: Dantes,Karna
Stabby Knify party time lets go :fgo_jackpeek:
Big Gudako Energy

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: EX++ (White Hair)
Characters they simp for: White haired bishounen. Above all a maiden of THE SUN!! :fgo_iwillereshyou:
Knife master and iron lady of the “white hair boy containment room”~

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 10
Characters they simp for: All WHPBs (Karna is hubbied), Jiang Ziya, Constantine
P.S.: Got GP-married to Karna
P.P.S.: very stabby-knify
P.P.P.S.: a committed multi-character simp

Martha's Husband

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 8
Characters they simp for: I dunno…perhaps, Martha? And Himiko.
Note: C’mon my guy. Your name gives it away. :fgo_gudako:

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 7
Characters they simp for: Punch Saint and Pits Himiko
“Read label” the person. Has chosen the beaten but satisfied husband path~

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 9
Characters they simp for: Both Marthas, Himiko
P.S.: Has a Super Jekyll/Hyde, pretty based
P.P.S.: Literally called “Martha’s Husband”
P.P.P.S.: Likes pits a lot; big on smells :eyes:

Veritas Aniki

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: ??? so far a 4 tho
Characters they simp for: the OG Gang (Salter, Herc, etc), Sanzang
P.S.: Uses :fgo_sanzangpoint: a lot
P.P.S.: hasn’t grailed anyone yet
P.P.P.S.: I expect the Sanzang grail :eyes:


(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 5
Characters they simp for: Eresh
Note: Has potential to become an 8 with Summer Eresh.

(Reviewer: Grim :fgo_hakunom: )

Simp rank: 9

No one rolls for NP 6, plans to grail to 120 and gets away with something less than 8

(Reviewer: Zero :fgo_sthenosmug: )

Characters they simp for: Eresh and Doctors.
Simp Rank: 42+1

Like Eresh very very much, but also likes super-doctor themed characters too (Doctor Romani, Doctor Who, Doctor Strange, list goes on). Who is to say Prime won’t chose a career in medicine in hopes of gaining his own magical cloak in the future too? He might need it as it’ll help him deal with the goddess of the underworld’s demands. :fgo_ereshshock:

Footnote: likes Rin in general a good deal. :fgo_cleosmug:

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 9/10
Our Mr. Eresh :fgo_ereshwoah:
Mostly quiet but definitely dedicated.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 9
Characters they simp for: Eresh :fgo_ereshlove:
Seeker of Eresh’s swimsuit form and exposed skin atm~ :fgo_sthenosmug:

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 9
Characters: Eresh, Jack and Arthur to a lesser extent.
Note: Is waiting on Summer (Mecha) Eresh. He may not show it, but he’s an omega Eresh simp, the default Eresh simp in SD in my mind. :cat: Don’t let the bean fool you, he too is a mega simp.


(Reviewer: Noodles)
Simp rank: 8
Characters they simp for: CARmilla, Shirou
Characters they simp for (outside Fate): Ferdinand von Aegir, Dorothea Arnault
Note: The rank takes into account his simping for his FE favs :slightly_smiling_face:

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 6
Characters they simp for: Carmilla, Martha
Note: Normal simpery.

(Reviewer: Fresh_Tomatoes)
Simp Rank: 9
Characters they simp for: Carmilla, Martha, Shirou, and someone else I can’t remember lol
Note: A major simp

(Reviewer: Grim)
Simp Rank: 8

Characters they simp for: Carmilla, Martha, Shirou, Kriem.

(Reviewer: NPC)
Simp Rank: 7
Characters they simp for: Lots lol, but the main fgo ones are Carmilla, Shirou, Martha, Kriem, Mash, other prominent ones include Ferdinand Von Aegir and Dorothea.
Note: will randomly simp for a character they have a newfound love for very frequently, tends to simp platonically.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 10
Characters they simp for: CARmilla
Boy of hidden but great desire. Likes summer hats (I think).

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 7
Characters: Martha, Carmilla, Shirou
Note: Herein lies the story of a man that once denied his simping, but has now come back wiser. :cat: Character development :fgo_teachcultured:


(Reviewer : Kratos)
Simp Rank : EX~A+~A
Characters they simp for :

EX : Shikibu

A+ : Jeanne D’Arc, Morgan, Reines, Ereshkigal, Scathach (+Skadi), Hokusai, Okitan, Osakabehime

A : Nero, Tamamo, MHX

(Reviewer: Grim)

Simp rank: 10
Characters they simp for: Shikubu and Jeanne mostly

Based Murasaki simp

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 9/10
Makes Shikibu happy, and also likes some others. Good taste.
We still need an emoji for her…


(Reviewer: vii575)
Simp Rank: EX
Character they simp for: Achilles
Note: Collecting the soul of the people who got :carrot: spooks

(Reviewer: Grim)
Simp Rank : 9

Character they simp for: Achilles.

51:49 is a thing of past. It’s more believable to say 80:20 now

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 9.5
Characters they simp for: :carrot:
Note: :carrot: 's wife

(Reviewer: Ziatrix :feh_bylethnod:)
Simp Rank: 9
Characters they simp for: Achilles
Note: Will bring out the :hocho: for spooks.

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 10/10
Mrs. Carrot, also likes Gil a lot but really fell for our green-haired hero.
Makes sure that I don’t feel alone for switching favs.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 10
Characters they simp for: Achilles
Carrot lady. Hide thy spooks of the great man for safety~

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 10
Characters: Mr. Carrot! Gil and Juna too. :cat:
Note: 49/51 in favour of Achilles the Husband. :carrot:


*/I give everyone consent to expose my simpery.

(Reviewer: Z3K)

  • Simp Rank: SSS (Significantly Servile Simp)
  • Characters they simp for: Mash, Every Tamamo who’s appeared in FGO to his knowledge, Queen of Sheba, Asterios, Hassan of the Serenity.
  • Note: The color purple, great bangs, hand-holding, and furry floof are notable weaknesses. However, being competent authority figures in some way whether it be seniors by experience, mommies, shishous, office-ladies, or straight up deities strike critical and notable weaknesses in Z3K’s spirit. An uncontrollable urge to simp, praise, and worship tends to arise, possibly due to astronomical levels of admiration paired with the natural affinity for people-pleasing behavior. He’s a goddamn supersimp at heart.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 6.5
Characters they simp for: Shishou enjoyer~
May her thighness bless you~ :fgo_scathachlove:


(Reviewer: NPC :slightly_smiling_face: )
Simp Rank: 7
Characters They simp for: Dantes, Cu, Karna, Jeanne to a lesser extent

(Reviewer: Fresh_Tomatoes)
Simp Rank: 7
Characters she simps for: Cú, Karna, Dantes
Note: Devoted to them

(Reviewer: Noodles)
Rank: 7.5
Characters I simp for: Cú, Dantès, Karna
Note: This rating is accurate for Fate characters I simp for, if I included characters outside of Fate then my rating would be higher. Also, Dantès is the second character in a gacha to make me buy gacha currency packs, the first being the character outside of Fate I super simp for, so that’s something

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 8
Characters they simp for: All the Cus.
Note: L120ing all of the Cus…

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 11
Characters they simp for: Cu Bro
Cu’s #1 noodle. Consumes all of his forms, shapes, sizes and and ages~

Just a random lurker


Characters they simp for: :fgo_seibasurf: :fgo_anapout: :fgo_bbgrin: :fgo_kamasmug: :butterfly: :fgo_seibagun: Medusa_2

I don’t simp much as you can see :fgo_hakunom:

(Reviewer: Echo :feh_rinea_smile: )
Rank: 6.5
Characters they simp for: :butterfly: :fgo_seibadisturb: , Castoria, Sakura and her many forms, :fgo_kamasmug:, Medusa, and :fgo_anapout:
bonus points for liking Seiba, Medusa, and Anastasia

(Reviewer: Nachos :fgo_voyagersmile:)
Simp Rank: 7
Characters They simp for: Oberon, Sakurafaces, Artoria

(Reviewer: Prime :fgo_iwillereshyou:)
Simp Rank: 8
Characters they simp for: All the above
Note: You ain’t lower than this score :fgo_hektor:

(Reviewer: NPC :slightly_smiling_face:)
Simp Rank: 8
Characters They simp for: Oberon, BB, Melt, Seiba, Caseiba, Anastasia, Kama, Medusa, all Sakurafaces

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 8
Characters they simp for: Sakura faces, Anastasia, Seibah, Medusa, Oberon.
Note: That person already admitted to being like a 6 and now they’re saying 3 smh.
Note: co-founder of the Moth :butterfly: cult but won’t admit it

(Reviewer: Alex :fgo_nagaothink:

Simp Rank: EX
White haired simp extraordinare. Priorities white haired booba laides in this genre :fgo_kamalewd:
who pulls on two different summer banners anyways

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Ha! I found you Grimmy
Simp Rank: 6.5
Characters: Nastya, Kama, Seiba are only the top 3 iirc. Moth obviously, and Sakura faces are up there too. :cat:
Note: I’d give him a solid 7, but -0.5 for denial. :fgo_gawainupset: He’s one of those secret simps and art dealers that’s expert in denial. :catballoon:

(Reviewer : Grassman)
Simp Rank : Grim
Characters : Artoria, Sakura, and a couple of white haired people as well as a catto
Note : This is the man who simps for a catgirl and never admit it. Also this man like white haired girls and he also doesn’t wanna admit it :fgo_hektor:

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 7/10
Would be higher if not in denial about it so often.
Simps for Artoria and it feels like Anastasia has reached the same level after getting her summer alt.
Maybe one day he will embrace it all…

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 9 (Hidden)
Characters they simp for: Seibah, Nastya, Sakurafaces, Oberon
We await for NP5 Seibah next. Esteemed Oberon cult founder~

(Reviewer: Tac_Tacc :fgo_qshbigbrain:)
Simp rating: 6+
Characters they simp for: Artoria + Castoria, Medusa, Anastasia, Kama, Oberon
P.S.: Founded Moth gang so that’s +4
P.P.S.: sometimes admits to being a simp
P.P.P.S.: gets a -1 penalty since Grim isn’t as big a simp as a lot of people, long list aside


(Reviewer: Grim :fgo_bbsmile:)

Simp rank: 7

Characters who they like: Moth, Gil, Kama, Morgan, AA, Castoria, Karna, Jalter, Mandricardo, Okita alter

Note: I was gonna rank him lower, but being the biggest and one of the earliest Moth simp on GP is worth a lot more

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 7
Characters they simp for: Oberon and Gilgamesh
Note: A big simp but not as big as Grim.

(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: )
Simp Rank: 8
Characters Shadow the Hedgehog simps for: The Mothman himself, the AUO, Artoria’s sister Morgy, Okitan, and i can’t remember more
Note: I don’t see you simping that much for anyone that isn’t Mothman but you indeed have the spirit of a true one, keep it up

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 8
Characters: Moth first and foremost. Karna. Gil. Constantine.
Note: He’s a hidden simp this one, you never realize how deep the simpery runs till you chance upon it suddenly and then you know.

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 8/10
Has a lot of favourites, but as for true “simping” I feel like Jalter is still his number 1…
Excellent taste on the male side too with Karna, Gil and Möth.


Go crazy kids

(Reviewer: Z3K)
Simp Rank: B++ (Brynhildr’s Beloved)
Characters they simp for: Leo (Fire Emblem)
Note: This pairing may have been predicted by the stars as Fresh_Tomatoes was born a Leo. “++” signifies that entire simping list is unrecorded due to unobserved simping for the Fate and Genshin series and is predicted to go up considerably. Tomatoes is deeply devoted to Leo simping, having collected all of his alts and using them regularly regardless of his low combat rating.


(Reviewer: Nachos :fgo_voyagersmile:)
Simp Rank: 10
Characters They simp for: Tomoe, Charlotte

(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: )
Simp Rank: 10
Servants Nam simps for: Tomoe and Charlotee
Note: you can not thing about Nam without remebering Tomoe, that speaks a lot by itself, is pretty dedicated to them, so you can’t forger which servants he likes

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 10
Characters they simp for: Tomoe and Charlotte
Dedicated master of the ways to the willing convert~ :fgo_happytomoe:


Have at it folks :cat:

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 8
Characters they simp for: Castoria (?). But I heard he betrayed her.
Note: 10/10 Castoria sacrifice.

(Reviewer: Nachos :fgo_voyagersmile:)
Simp Rank: 7
Characters They simp for: Uesugi Kenshin

(Reviewer: Grim :fgo_reinesoh: )
Simp rank: 10

Characters they simp for: Nagao, Morgan

Oh and of course

Og Kama: Great Character, Overall part of a good story
Summer Kama: Great Pair of Chest Ahead :fgo_horny:

—Alex11, Circa 2022

Who’s the white haired simp now? :fgo_nagaothink:


hurt me!

(Reviewer: Useless_Monkey_Uko)
Simp Rank: B+
Characters he simps for: Salter, Salmon man

(Reviewer: Shadow)

Characters they like: Salter, OG Artoria, Tomoe, Salmon man, Miyu, grand ROMA!! And Sitonai.

Simp rank: 5 for most (very quiet when it comes to simping)
9 for Salter and alts. She’s their favorite one, no contest.

(Reviewer: Zero :fgo_hektor:)
Simp Rank: 6.7
Characters/: Salter, Sieg, Siegfried, Kriemhild, Voyager, MHX(X).

Overall, pretty well balanced. There’s definitely a few I’m missing up there, but the dragon family is one they like much as well as Salter. Heroine Union peep too, so a bit of Space Arturias.

Note: Salter is their main weakness as far as I gather.

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 6,5/10
Definitely most dedicated to Salter, has a lot of favourites though.
Rather quiet about it though, but has shown his love for Salter more than a few times before!


(Reviewer: LFVBF)
Simp Rank: D++
Characters he simps for: Astraea, Caenis […]

Note: Tends more towards character appreciation than simping.

Useless Monkey Uko

:fgo_umu: :fgo_tamamo: :fgo_kamasmug: :fgo_goghdistress:
(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: )
Simp Rank: 10
Servants Uko simps for: UMU, UMU, UMU, Tamamo(not sure about this one), BB for sure, Sakura and most Sakura related servants
Note: the umu and only Uko, and OG that you can’t help but to think about Nero when you think about him

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 9,5/10
Beeg Umu simp, with his little rituals and all.
Has other favs though like Kama and Tammy, but Nero is definitely the champion of his heart.



Insert-name aka the resident whale


(Reviewer = Echo)
note: :whale2: therefore simp


(Reviewer: Zero)
Simp rank: —

Classified - Access Denied. :fgo_unclegong:

(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: Member of the HU)
Simp Rank: the rank of Captain Zero is far above then anyone else on the union, can only be writen as X EX EX EX+
Servant list: Captain Zero’s list is composed by mostly servants of the stars, like the Mysterious Heroine X, the Mysterious Heroine X Alter, the Mysterious Heroine XX and The Mysterious Idol X Alter, someone that stands out on this list is the Roman Emperor Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, some coulds say that she is a star on her own way.
Note: The Captain Zero is the founder of the Heroine Union, an outstanding Captain with a great sense of duty, he is someone that you could not forget

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 10/10
:fgo_mhx: is his love and also his partner in work. They make sure that orbit is a quite a peaceful place, and they space beyond as well.
He does greatly appreciate her Alter and Umu (who he should represent more often imo) as well, but his Heroine is definitely his number 1.


(Reviewer: NPC :slightly_smiling_face:)
Simp level: 8.5
Characters They simp for: Ivan, Fran, almost any attractive women, Bunnytoria, Reines

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 9/10
Fran is his girl, and everybody knows it.
Now show her some love, Lasagna. It is high time!

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 9
Characters they simp for: Fran, Beeg Elephant Man
Gib Fran a better blasted Tree animation please…


Not a Simp :fgo_iwillereshyou:

(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: )
Simp Rank: A
Servants VII Simps for: Elizabeth Bathory and Baobhan Sith
Note: not a simp? great joke, i really laugh at it, you are a Liz enjoyer and a part of the only people that comes to mind when i try to think on someone that likes Bao, you have good taste, but you are a simp and you know it

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: 8
Characters they simp for: Sith
24/7 Sith Enjoyer~

Lu Bu


I only simp for Violet, no more explanation needed

(Reviewer: Your friendly neighbourhood fortune cookie)
What is a Violet? Let us ask ourselves this philosophical question.

(Reviewer: Alex :fgo_nagaothink:)

Simp Rank: 11/bruh

The vanilla Violet simp, so that means all seiba faces are a violet copy to him. More fond torwards Morgan that I originally thought

+1 point for always bickering with grim

You still owe me for the leg btw :cat:

(Reviewer: Prime :fgo_iwillereshyou:)
Simp rank: a hard 9, low-key 10
Characters they simp for: Violetfaces (i.e. blonde hair, strong women. Blue eyes are optional), Caren, Ishikawa Yui-voiced characters
Note: loves grass :cat:

(Reviewer: Grim :fgo_tamamo: )
Simp rank: ???/10

Fake simp since he confuses every blonde female character for Violet :fgo_gawainupset:

(Reviewer: Busti)
Simp Rank: 9/10
A bit hard to rank since it is kinda hard to pinpoint what or who exactly a “Violet” is, but he is happy with that. And that’s what counts. Definitely dedicated to “Violet”.
He does like a lot of lovely characters, though.

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: EX (Violet) and Caren
Characters they simp for: All that is Violet, Caren
Good horny jail friend. Man of the Caren Cult, seeks utmost devotion to the cause~

(Reviewer: Zero :fgo_sthenosmug:)
Simp Rank: 10±1

We shall follow Cookie’s fundamental inquiry: “What is a Violet?” This is where the foundation of Valk’s Simpery lies. In embarking on this journey, we will first derive the working principles of this Vio-logy science a priori followed by considering the a posteriori Violet necessities. This Violet progressive-regressive dialectical approach will allows to decipher the puzzling questions of Valk’s “Platinum Blonde” category and the “Blonde Uncertainty” Principle (among others) which have doubtless escaped the full comprehension and description of minds and systems of knowledge alike.

Only then, once we have founded Vio-logy on secured epistemological grounds will our Understanding of Valk’s Violet Simpery come to full light and with it the disappearance of all confusion.

Author’s Note: Volume I of “Vio-logy: The Ontology for Valk’s Violets” is forthcoming… :fgo_judge:

Editor’s Note: Grass and bones are very much involved for Valk, quite the naturalist in all honesty. :ak_warfarinsmug:

(Reviewer: Veritas aniki)
Simp Rank: 23
Characters he simps for: valkyries […]

Note: Star :stars:

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 10
Characters: Violet (I agree with the Friendly Neighbourhood Fortune Cookie, we must (at this point) truly ask ourselves: What is a Violet? )
Note: Brother, I must tell you. Pains me as it does. Not all blonde (or white haired) strong women are Violets. :fgo_gudako:


(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: 7
Characters: That Gudako pfp says it all, he simps for the gacha above all.
Note: Have some Sugar to combat all the salt my man. :catpat:

Grand Horny? Gott

Show this man your best bonk bats~

(Reviewer: Noodles)
Simp Rating: 9
Characters he simps for: Scáthach (+Skadi), Karna, Gawain, Gorgon
Notes: Grand hornyman :fgo_hornyjail: , also a based Scáthach and Karna enjoyer

(Reviewer: Adam :fgo_pancakeslmao: )
Simp Rank: 10
Characters they simp for: 2D girls in general.
Note: has mastered the art of horny eons ago.

(Reviewer: Terra :fgo_saltersmug2: )
Simp Rank: EX
Characters Gott Simp for: Scathach (plus alt), the Sunbois, and anything hot
Note: the title of Grand is really fitting for Gott

(Reviewer : VII)

Note : No need any review, bonk is all needed :fgo_hornyjail:

(Reviewer: Grim :fgo_bbsmile:)

Simp rank: :fgo_horny: :fgo_horny: :fgo_horny:

Characters they simp for: :fgo_scathach_blush: :fgo_gawaindelivery: :fgo_karnapeek: :fgo_gilgalaugh: :butterfly:

Note: This man is always horny

(Reviewer: Gott)
Simp Rank: :fgo_horny: and :fgo_ereshwoah:
Characters they simp for: Considers Sun Big Bro, Gold man, THE SUN!! and Her Thighness as his four pillars. Loves Lewd Nun very much. Likes a lot of cool dudes and sexy but strong ladies anyway~
Curious philosopher of the inner desire and culture. :fgo_hokusaiwink:

(Reviewer: DSS :fgo_gudako: )
Simp Rank: Very Horny :fgo_hornyjail:
Characters: NP3 Squad :fgo_gudako:
Note: Bonks

(Reviewer: Z3K :fgo_mashthink:)
Simp Rank: H⁺
Characters: Gott simps where the horni takes him.
Note: H? Ha? Hakdog.


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You can just write under the undercuts your own review without erasing the others.

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