Butlers United! Servants intensified!


It just came to my mind that it could be fun building a Team with 4 Butlers!
So i researched and it was surprising hard finding good candidates!
But competent as i am :feh_fabxan: i still managed to find 4 typical Butler Heroes! Competent, Loyal, perfectionistic and exaggerate in behavior like most Butlers are!
Number one Should be obvious! There is no Butler like Frederick after all! He takes his position of Chrome’s Servant so seriously that he’s always ready to put a scarf on Chrome and even gets rid of every little pebble in Chrome’s path so that he may not stumble! XD
The next one was also pretty Obvious! I’m talking about Jacob! Corrin’s rather serious Servant! Poor guy is surrounded by idiots tho . . . :fgo_rinlaugh:
This is the part where it got a little bit more complicated! After all there hardly were any more Butlers or Servants in other Fire Emblem Games! (I’m talking about competent Butlers! Let’s not speak about those useless servants Dwyer and Felicia . . . )
Sooo, after some research i finaly found two more Butlers! Hubert and Dedue! Both are very serious and loyal to no end! And both wouldn’t even hesitate to dirty their hands with blood for their Masters!

Sooo, what do you think??? Are there any other interesting or curious Butlers in Fire Emblem? Or is there anything you would like to share about those 4 Butlers? Let’s start an interesting discussion! :ylgrwink:


Um, Jakob is a good boi and deserves 10 dragonflowers, S support, a defensive build, and high-investment, according to my clearly non-biased opinion


Hmmm… Now that you mention it there are not many servants in the FE universe.


Now that I think about it, where’d you disappear off to my guy?

you’re missing my servant @Bow-of-Sacae


Not man servants, but a lot of retainers coughfatescough

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Faye would probably do anything Alm says

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? :feh_maethink: