Buy Tequila's Tokens without Tequila?

First, I’m a new player (around 2 weeks old as of now) and I’m currently farming Dossoles to clear the event shop. My roster still isn’t strong enough to clear DH-5 so chances are I won’t be able to get Tequila. So I was wondering if there’s a point to buying his tokens in shop without having him. I was told that in the case of a rerun, if you’d already bought all the furniture, you’d be given intelligence certs instead. Is that the case with Tequila’s tokens as well?


Just take it, as much a you can

Token = Operator


You still have a week to clear it. You can use the EXP and LMD from the shop to raise some Ops to help, plus there’s always borrowing a Support Operator for extra firepower.

There are also guides on YT that use 3* and 4* Ops to clear it, so you can always look those up. Even if you don’t have the exact same Ops, generally you can swap out one you don’t have for an Op of the same archetype. If that still fails, you can always ask for help here to figure out a strat that works for your roster.


The main thing keeping all my ops from reaching E1 are chips. Still dunno how to get them but seeing how I’m still on 2-1 I’m assuming I just aren’t far along enough in the story yet. I’ve tried some strategies on DH-5 with what I’ve got but it seems to me like my ops just don’t have enough hp, def and/or attack to be able to pull through

Chip stages aren’t found in the story maps. If you go to the Terminal for the maps, at the bottom are tabs that let you switch between the different available maps. One of them has a section for farming LMD, EXP, etc… Chip farming stages are found there.

For the moment, I suggest use promoting 3* Ops to E1. They don’t require chips, they don’t take a lot of LMD to promote, and because of the way stats grow many 3* can easily be as strong as even a 6* while they are still on the same level.

So for now, it’s most definitely worth developing your 3* while you lack resources for the higher rarities.


Tokens don’t give you intelligence certs on rerun, they give you extra tokens. Basically, you can have 10 tokens if the event reruns.

When an operator hits max potential, you can trade in extra tokens for green or yellow certs, which can be used to buy operators or headhunting permits. 5☆ tokens can be trades in for 5 yellow certs each. Get 45 to buy a 5☆ operator, 180 to buy a 6☆ operator, or 258 to buy 38 headhunting permits.


Thanks! Guess I’ll go and try just that. This deviates from the topic but, at what point should I start considering leveling skills?


Huh. Guess now I’ve got a great reason to brute force my way to Tequila. Been wondering how to get more of those yellow certs.


Provided the mats aren’t needed for something more urgent, I suggest trying to keep the skills as high as possible. At the very least, get skills up to level 4. Pushing up to 7 can usually wait until you other needs (like promotions) aren’t fighting for the required mats.

Skill levels not only raise the effects, but also lowers SP cost, increases effect duration, and increases the starting SP cost (not always but at least one of these will always apply to the skills). So they can help with dealing more damage, activating sooner, being able to activate them more often, etc…

In early game, the only skills that REALLY need to be upgraded are the skills of Pushers and Pullers, because skill level 4 increase the amount of force behind their push/pull skills, letting them shift heavier enemies. Other skills aren’t necessarily needed at higher levels but they do help.

One skill level generally doesn’t do much, but there is a big difference from 1 to 7. But timing of skill use is just as important. There’s no point having the skill at max level if your timing is off and you end up killing only one enemy with it while others don’t get into range until the skill ends.


In early game

Oh right. I almost forgot, in this game, more or less what is considered early game, mid game or late game? I’ve seen a lot general guides talk about that but without specifying on what they mean.

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LeiCiel gave a very good answer to the skill question but the real answer is when you start losing because of low-levelled skills lmao. Pushers and pullers are the exceptions for sure though. Level 4 minimum for each.


This is just my take on things, so others might have a different opinion. Basically I separate it by which point in the story you’re still struggling.

Early game, I’d say, would be Chapters 0 to 3. At that point, I recall not caring or focusing much on skill levels. Just leveling normally was enough to essentially brute force things. So skill levels there would help, but it’s possible to just power through by leveling your characters more for more raw stats. In a lot of these you might not even really need to use offensive skills to clear them and just rely on normal attacks depending on your exact roster and over deployment strat.

Chapter 4 and 5, maybe 6 would be mid game because proper placement, skill timing, and other details become more important.

Past this would be late game, but not yet end-game. E2s are the corner stone of your teams at this point. It’s still possible to rely heavily on E1s but that would require a lot more precise planning and understanding of the stage (how many enemies, what enemies, where they pass, how quickly they come at you, etc…). Not impossible, but expect a lot of practice runs if you lack the raw power of higher stats.


Early game is when you are raising a “core” team of 2 Vanguards,2 ST Snipers, 1 AOE sniper, 2 ST Caster, 1 AOE Caster,1 Duelist Guard(or ATK type Fast-redeploy), 1 Regular Guard, 2 normal Defenders, 1 Medic defender, 2 Medics…
This is when most of your units are E0 or E1… Generally until you hit dokutah lvl 70. Some masteries(skill levelling beyond lv 7)

Mid-game you have your core team of E1s and Some E2s and are able to clear most stages without borrowing supports… All essential masteries are done.

Late game is when you can start building units to cover specific niches and start pushing for “luxiries” in masteries and E2s…

I am still in the early game myself so this is just my personal impression of what it looks like… :ak_skadisax: