Buyer's Remorse Servants

Confession: The above title is a bit of a clickbait, but only because calling the thread “Servants you really wanted and/or heavily rolled for, potentially even abusing wallet-kun in the process, but now that you actually have them and maxed them out, you barely get any chance to use them”, but that would have been too long.

Here are the rules: You can name as many servants as you want, of any rarity. The servant can be a spook, or even a free one that you really wanted to use, but can’t really find the opportunity to do so. You must also give at least a simple description of why said servant doesn’t see much use in your Chaldea (Overlapping roles? Not DSS compliant? Narrow specialization that rarely comes up in gameplay?). Finally, they actually have to be servants you like and/or would really like to use, but common sense tells you not to because of the above reasons.

Let me start by giving my examples:

  • Eresh: I really love her design and her kit (I even got her to Lv100 and NP2 to mitigate her weak NP), but there is just so little opportunity to use her in the current meta, where DSS Parvati reigns supreme as a farmer Lancer.

  • Squirtoria: Here’s the thing; she might be a really great ST looper, and can wreck some challenging content, but how many times is that relevant? Three, maybe four times a year? For everything else, the welfare ST Archers are arguably better (Chloe has a better burst, while Santaltera is DSS compliant), and even they aren’t used all that much.

  • Emiya: Got him to NP2 way back when, before I got any of the three big Buster AOE Archers. Now I not only have all three, but even they are a little bit redundant in the age of the DSS Meta and a certain angry catgirl, let alone poor GAR. At least he still has an upgrade to look forward to, I suppose.

  • Ozy/Quetz: They both suffer from the same issue; they are ST Buster servants in the age of DSS where Ridertoki exists. At least both of them were spooks, so I can take solace in that when I take Kintoki and his Golden Bear to te nine millionth battle.

  • Vlad: He used to be my go-to damage engine back in the day when the Tama/Vlad/Support-Waver team was the best Arts team in the game, and then he got seriously power-creeped by the likes of QSH in the same role. At least he has Castoria to look forward to.

  • Tamamo: It breaks my heart, but I seriously can’t bring myself to use her, because after getting used to DSS shenanigans, her inherently slow playstyle feels positively glacial.

  • Sitonai: I have Melt, and they do the same thing, but one has Skadi, while the other still has to wait for her ideal support.

  • Zerker Fran: Got her at NP4 just through spooks, and while she used to be one of my 3T staples, she is just too hard to enable in the Era of DSS.

  • QSH/Jeanne/Yagyu: They are good servants with great utility that excel at stalling. I don’t do stalling, therefore I barely ever use them.

  • Hokusai: I was really hyped about her, got her to NP2, but she just feels underwhelming most of the time. If only she could loop…

There are a couple other offenders as well, but these are the ones that I actually want to use, and often have to jump through mental hoops to justify putting them into a team. Who are your unfortunate picks?


None of these are really “buyers remorse” since I’m happy to use any of them when the time comes but they def aren’t seeing as much use as I’d like.

Mebd: I rolled for her and she’s here now…but I have NP2 Quetz. If I’m ever in need of a Rider nuke I call up Quetz and Mebd is left on the sidelines until the day a sufficiently vulnerable male pops up.

Sheba: I got her on a ticket for a combination of character and the fact that she apparently does Nursery Rhymes job but better. It’s just that…arts crit Caster hasn’t been really relevant so far. I ostensibly have everything she’d need to get going but…

Izo: He doesn’t even share competition with Shiki since she’s only at NP2, I have him at NP3, and have him grailed to 80. So he should be fine. And then I use Cleo. Or Kiara. Whenever he would seemingly be relevant, those two are just a bit more convenient either for their stats, their skills, or both even when they’re AOE.

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I may change my mind on this once I feed her a little, but I can’t really see myself getting much use out of my recently acquired Lip. Kiara has the AoE Alter Ego on lock, and Lip’s stalling potential is hamstrung by her bricky Buster deck. Under the right circumstances I might be able to find use for her as a star engine as a contingency plan in a Buster burst team that’s at risk of falling just a touch short… but at that point I’d just bring Cu Alter in the anchor slot, or Herc if party cost is troublesome.

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My must-have Sherlock Holmes definitely hasn’t leave the back-line that much. But that’s expected given he is more for challenge quest than farming.

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Ozy: I saved and rolled for him specifically, but it turns out that there aren’t that many single Caster enemies anymore. I’ve used him before to good effect but not often. Even though I consciously and explicitly don’t use Ridetoki because he’s made things too easy in most cases, with the meta asking for AOE use-cases I’m more than likely going to use Gilgamesh for my buster beatstick instead, so my visions of pulling Ozy out at the drop of a hat haven’t really eventuated. I don’t regret rolling for him but I do wish I had more excuse to use him.

Sheba: I also rolled for her specifically, but I got spooked by Sanzang on the same damned summon. Enough said. I do regret her a little, but I didn’t spend hugely on her either, so it’s not so acute.

Robin: I want to use him so bad. When I was a newbie there was a level 100 Robin on my support list and holy wow. But by the time I got to a point where I could afford to raise my Servants really high, I was prioritising David for his use as a support and because I love him too; and then the meta shifted to AOE, and I got Gil, and and and … I’ve just never had much of a use case for Robin, even though I love him a lot as a character and I was wowed early on by his DPS threshold. It’s hard to justify grailing him when I’ve only used him a handful of times.

Uno reverse card: I have both Gramps and NP5 Shiki, but since DSS has arrived whenever I need an ST Assassin I’ve been pulling out my lvl90 Kojirou. His was definitely a situation where grailing him wound up with me using him more because he became inherently less squishy and just-enough more powerful, and the meta supports him. If there’s a use-case where he can’t just blitz someone down in one turn (looking at you, Ooku geisha-ghost with those awful break bar effects) then I’ll resort to Gramps, but other than that he’s my ST Assassin go-to.

EDIT: Merlin. Yes, he’s top-tier support, and now in the era of DSS and having of Waver, I use him less than I used to and I don’t like it. I’ve taken to clearing story missions/interludes with QSH just for an excuse to double-Merlin it up, and Gil-Merlin-Waver is still one of my favourite high-powered wave-clearing teams. No remorse here, just that if I had my way I’d use him in every single team … but that’s often not an efficient use of my time. Especially if I want to use other Servants I may not otherwise. /points at Kojirou./


It doesn’t come around often but if you are looking for excuses to use Ozy he’s great for bond farming at the Hidden Village at Camelot, which I think is still one of top bond farming nodes. Have Arash pop the first wave and load up Ozy with either Merlin/Waver/10% from a Mystic Code and Black Grail or double Merlin and a 50% charge CE like Aerial Drive.

It’s not exactly something you’ll do every day, but if you wanna give Ozy some love you can also grind for SQ/Interlude requirements off whoever you can fit in the backline.

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my buyer’s remorse is mostly in the form of grail use, since these days I’d prioritize different usage. if they let me get the grails back for a qp cost (i’ve always thought about 3-5x original cost) I’d probably do it for a couple:

Serenity: she’s really got nothing. maybe someday on jp she’ll get something to make her actually be able to do something. especially terrible because this is 9 grails.

Abigail: If she wasn’t only NP1 I’d be more okay with the investment since Castoria can really help out her np gain issue, but getting NP2+ hasn’t proved viable and being able to actually use her for damage as is doesn’t quite work.

for the record, I do still like these characters, and were there more grails I probably wouldn’t even care, but grails are just limited enough to have these questionable investments be something I kinda wish to reverse.

My remorse?

Sorry OP for going off topic but there is something that I want to confess.

As a heavy spender, I had a lot of maxed servants. Farming took a lot of my time since I did not mind farming free quests too.
The time spent for this put in danger my family.

Prior to christmas lottery, my dad had a declining health. I tried to escape from this reality by whaling more since rolling is a way to distract my conscious (I loved the aspect of gambling there)
I really felt like shit… heh.

During the lottery, my 6 years old kid peers in and interrupted me even though I vehemently warned them to not disturb me.

“Can I go down stair dad?”

I ask why but I already know the response: My lil bro is down there.
He, being addict to video games as I am, will want to go and borrow his tablet.

He hesitates one moment and uttered these words. “Because I feel more welcome down there”.
Right to the jugular. I hugged my son then I spent the rest of the afternoon playing with him in a park.

The morrow, my mind was clearer and my aim was now 200 boxes (I don’t like half assed works).

My commitment to get 9 superscopes before giving my account can ■■■■ itself up. But there is still Beni-Enma that I must whale before that. I still have time for her.

It was easy to give my account.

Remember… you can buy many things with money but you can’t buy time back. I learned it with my dad.



Pretty recent.
The only reason why I pulled for her is because I wanted an np2 berserk. But I don’t like her. I still don’t understand how ppl keep on saying she is broken.
I have her, but any situation I would use her i am going to chose atalanta alter instead.

Not a servant, but …
Knight of marine.
A ce from the first summer. The time i started playing this game. For those who don’t know, its a full attack 5* ce with 50% (60%mlb) battery and some quick up.
I had 1 during the first summer, and in the rerun, when i randomly got an archuria, i chose to go for archuria np2. Then another random spook gives me np3 . Then i chose to keep on pulling because I needed only 1 more copy of this ce for mlb. Long story short, an year later i reached np5 archuria before mlb that dumb ce. I never even used that because right after skadi came out. So no point in 60% starting ce.

Now in my list i put mhxa with this ce, just as a memento of how dumb i was (well… Am, mhxa only happened a couple of days ago)

Wouldn’t really say it’s buyer’s remorse since she was my starter servant, but Rider Martha would be the one servant I regret not being able to field more.

I max bonded her and got her to 9/9/9 but after getting Rider Ishtar and failing to get spooked by anymore copies of her, I don’t have much of a reason to field her anymore. Sure her defense down, buff stripping and cleanse are nice, but in her case, it’s because I got Skadii that most fights end so fast that I barely need to bother fielding her to brace for a slugfest.

The new pace of most of my fights combined with her awkward support kit on a rider chassis, low damage and the addition of command codes that allow servants to cleanse some debuffs on attack have relegated her further into redundancy. It’s a real pity since she’s a servant that saw a reasonable amount of use through part 1, but I probably have not had a reason to field her again even when compared to the 3 star riders in my roster since part 1.

Abby just Abby.
No one else.


Personally, I regret not being able to use Merlin more after he hit bond 10. He’s my first SSR that I intentionally rolled for and he helped my baby roster a lot in the early days since I got both SAlter and LAlter from the same banner. But once DSS rolled in, Merlin has been pretty much relegated to CQs.

LAlter is NP2 with a T1 high crit damage boost and I used her to clear Shinjuku especially against the final boss. But now I have NP2 Parvati, it’s hard to justify using her in farming since Parvati can 3T most Archer nodes.

Okita Alter is a GSSR spook and while I’ve raised her skills to 9/10/9, her damage is still pretty poor compared to the likes of my NP2 Lvl 90 Zerkerlot and my Lvl 100 Max Fou’d Dantes so it’s hard to justify using her as a farmer especially since her NP is buster and doesn’t have NP refund.

Edit: I think my sadness is for all my buster servants that have been relegated to the back burner after Skadi came in because it’s hard to justify using 3 buster servants to 3T farm when you can DSS your way out of a paper bag :frowning:

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@OwlCafe Oh that’s an idea, I didn’t know it was good for bond exp. Bond sq is my main sq income right now so I’ve been contemplating the best ways to do that before June (pretty much everyone’s at least bond 5 so I’ve no one’s interludes to unlock). It’s not the best chains node but I’ll still get them out of it and I’m forever in need of them, which makes that pretty decent for double-lifting. Thanks!

Another addition: Saberlot. I pulled him in my first week and he carried me all the way through Part 1, for which I rewarded him with level 100, but now that my roster is more developed I don’t use him all that often except for funsies against buff Lancers.


Well, when Castoria gets here you might get more use out of Saberlot for some CQs. Heck, the recent buff to Hans has ramped up his performance nicely.

I find the idea of buyer’s remorse a bit odd. We have 2 years of Clairvoyance Ex+, it should be easy to decide whether a Servant will be worth it for at least that long. I guess it’s possible to make a newbie error, but then I’m super-careful with limited resources in a new game. I tend to research this stuff before I commit.

I can’t honestly say there is a single Servant in my Chaldea that I targeted with SQ that I regret. It’s possible to regret the amount spent on obtaining a Servant, but that pain lessens over time and is another topic anyway.


Non really. I roll for servants because I think they’re awesome ('cept for the big supports) so they’re still fantastic collection pieces even if they become redundant gameplay wise. Probable examples for me are Raikou ('cause rolling for Junao) and Gramps ('cause NP3 Kama). Never soured my perception of them nonetheless. I might even put some work into their NP levels because I genuinely like them~


How dare you :fgo_gaooo:

Mine is mainly hassan. I usually try to use any 5* I have as much as possible. But I don’t wanna solo, so I end up sticking with shiki for my st arts assassin needs

Remorse is a strong word. I like most of my servants even if the meta has left them in the dust with the era of Skadi. Every servant I’ve broken out the wallet for has been a big support, overpowered, or out of love for their character. I could list the powerhouses that no longer see the light of day due to meta changes (my poor grailed bond 10 Ozy, and grailed JAlter) it would just be a list of servants not in the meta.

Ironically Ive come to like story quest that you cant 3 turn farm because it gives me a chance to mix up my line up or 40AP event nodes where I could 3 turn farm with Skadi, but I field event servants with full CEs because its worth the extra 2 minutes(ish) it takes to farm.

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Carmilla I guess, picked her off the most recent sr ticket because I had no gold assassins at the time but then shortly after got jack, then got mhx off the ny gssr, then got np2 kama while going for parvati, so there’s not really much of a use for her anymore unfortunately even when I do like her

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I don’t regret any of my Servants, but whaling the absolute shit out of Holmes as a newbie made no sense. NP1 would have sufficed for how I use him.