Buying Quantum Particles! (GUESS WHO MADE THIS THREAD?!?!)

You all know who I am, and you all know about my love/hate relationship with QP.
It reeks of blatant desperation for me to even contemplate something like this, much less make a topic about it, but honestly, THIS is how desperate I am now. :catslam::catslam::catsob:
I don’t really want or expect this to become a hot topic, and I completely predcit this to be buried in less than half a week, but I had to get off my chest.

I confess, that if FGO started selling QP Packs for money, I would be first, second, third, all the way till last in line throwing wads of singles at the cashier.
Surprisingly for me though, is that I still have standards to how low I can get in my quest to obtain more QP, as apparently (and thankfully), my need (or motivation) still has pricing standards.

If FGO sold packs of QP at say… 100 million QP for $19.99 USD, I would splurge at least a couple hundred dollars to satisfy my immediate needs, and maybe a hundred more just to keep as a surplus just to be sure.

For the big spenders out there, if there were QP packs, how many million for how much would reasonably meet the bar for you guys to open your wallet?

i would say 100M for 10$ would be acceptable,although it would make the game way to easy

I wouldn’t. My lack of QP issues has been documented in prior threads though. I also don’t just sit on QP, I just make bank. I’d continue to count it up regardless of being able to pay for it.

I’d honestly just buy a quartz pack and put in work during 1/2 AP doors, lotto events or any adventageous QP situations. I’m in EX Tier for grinding.

As someone who does whale banners, I wouldn’t really support that mechanic being added to the game though, personally.


how are you even able to do that ,today i wanted to give my kintoki his np5 but was unable to do it because i lacked QP xD

Personally, I wouldn’t buy QP. But I’m f2p and take a very “I’ll get there when I get there” mentality to developing my servants and progressing.

If I haven’t broken for GSSR, QP packs wouldn’t even make it challenging

I would buy QP no hesitation, even now I have some servants whose skills are under leveled cause i only have 6M QP.

Also complete side topic but I really really really really wish we could buy gold apples in game, like I would spend like $5 on 25 gold apples, at the end of the day I feel it would make players invest in the game more.

6M ? haah amateur .I have 70000Qp right now
between i like your gold apples idea

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Im always short on QP, as soon as I decide to start leveling a gold servant’s skills I completely run out. Sometimes QP limits me more than the mats. QP drought is permanent, alongside quartz…

Honestly, I won’t, even though I am in QP hell ever since New Year. I may be far from being FTP, but I am willing to spend only on time limited things in game, like say banners for desired limited\story-locked servants. But anything that can be gained just through some grinding? No. But then again, I am absolutely not bothered by day long grind :fgo_rinlaugh:

I wouldn’t spend on QP. When I need QP (and that would be always), I’ll just farm doors with two MLB Mona Lisa CEs.

Okay a saint quarts cost about $0.50-1.00.

One saint quarts gives the ap for about 3.5 door runs, which give about 1.5 million qp with mlb Mona Lisa.

So 1 sq= 5.25 million qp

20 sq= 105 million qp
41 sq cost $24

Just buy the 41 sq package. It’s cheaper than what you are suggesting.


Since I’m F2P (except breaking for a GSSR), I can manage my QP needs just fine with the dailies because I don’t have enough SSR to drain the QP away. Usually by the time I have the material to take a skill to level 10, I’ve accumulated the QP I need to do it. Between event prizes and door farming.

What I’d be more interested in is a higher difficulty level on the dailies with higher drop rates. Even if the AP cost went up to 50, if you could consistently get 3mil+ QP per run I’d love that. 2 mlb mona lisa can barely net you 1mil qp on the 40ap if you don’t get any gold chests…

I mean they technically already sell qp for money

you can ether use the quartz to refill your ap bar for quests that will give qp or burn whatever you summon for qp


Who cares? :fgo_umu:

Why not buying SQ and using them for farm qp on dailies ?
And i’m sure you’re able to 3 turn and easily.

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Because farming 100 million QP is a time-sink and a good way to go brain ded halfway through.

Because farming 100 million QP is a time-sink and a good way to go brain ded halfway through.

That’s the point of this game :fgo_buster:


Well I hope they do it then. You get what you want and the game would make more money.

Well, since this suggestion was more for whales, so if they DW ever does start selling QP, they might as well have it in little packages where it comes with small bunch of other gems as well.

Say like a package of 10m QP and with 10 x blue, red and yellow gems of each class something like that

Like sure, other people might say the game is becoming P2W, but since this game have “ZERO” competition, I think it works quite well.



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True, but it’s not something that would ever replace QP farming. It’s more something along the lines of “if you wanna splurge a little bit rather than farm, here is a quick pack for your immediate satisfaction.”

QP packs more likely target audience would mainly focus on 2 groups
1: Desperate hobos who suffer from eternal QP hell like me
2: Masters who don’t have the time or patience to do those 60-80 Door runs to farm that 100 million and don’t mind throwing a quick $20 for that immediate gratification. (would be lying if this wasn’t also me, but I farmed 3x this during 1/2 AP week, and it was completely mental boom)

While it is technically more efficient to farm QP using SQ or Apples and get better buck for your dollar, it is still time-consuming, even if you 2-3 turn it, not to mention monotonous after awhile.

Then again, I never 2-3 turn anything even if I can, because I’m such a prick and have a “Waste not Want not” mentality and would equip Bond, Master, and Mystic Code CEs to maximize gain per run, even if it takes me more turns.
For 40 AP, 2-3 turning it will save time, but I’m getting that 10% increase in Bond, Master, MC EXP to absolutely maximize everything possible per AP.

Might just be me, but the drawback of this mentality is that it really draws out what could potentially be a short 2-3 turn Gold Ember run into something that’ll take 7-10 turns.

And without a doubt, I’ll do that for QP farming, and each run is going to take 7+ minutes, and I’m going to lose my mind after an hour.