Because this game hates me, I got a F Byleth with speed bane and HP boon, and a M Byleth with a atk bane and def boon. Which is worth investing in, or should I scrap em both for something else?

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Get em to 40, grab them 6000 feathers, and wait for another merge.

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So just hold onto them for now?


Grab the resources you can from them, Train and use them, if you have too many sword units you can manual them and give the exquisite fodder they have to a merge project that will make the most use of. The banes can be fixed using a +3 stat seal on them.

Yep. No need to instantly fodder them off when they have DF and feathers to offer. Male isn’t as good as female, but they’re both more than just RS and DC or Fury 4.

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Yeah, train them for the DF and maybe HM if you want, then keep them until you can merge them

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okay i agree. but why do you think so?


Statwise Female is more desirable:

Meta has and probably always will be based around Spd. She’s more favorable for wind/watersweep and the DR B-skills. Male’s got more Atk and Def (by a tiny margin), but rarely does raw power overthrow speed strats.

And they both have the same superboons/banes (as far as I know,) so it’s down to which side of the stats, left or right, you want an extra 3 points on.

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gotcha :slight_smile:

yeah they have the same superboon in Spd (I just had to double check)

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male byleth is a slightly better galeforcer in AR, but I’d say female has the slight edge everywhere else.

This. In general, F!Byleth is preferred because of higher Spd, but that doesn’t mean M!Byleth can’t be better. Honestly, I feel like their base skills should’ve been swapped, because F!Byleth is definitely more Spd centered and M!Byleth is more Atk centered, but it is fine the way it is.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that. Spd is absolutely important for Galeforce strats and F!Byleth has more. In the end, it doesn’t really matter because their stats are very similar.

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Male can proc HB more reliably, Female can proc FB more reliably, that’s what the GF strat boils down to.

True. I was talking about doubles, which are very important to activating galeforce

thing is that any galeforce team worth its salt is going to be getting galeforce cd down to 1-2 with IP/supports, hoping for bolt tower hits, and chipping the majorly inflated hp in AR down with savage blow/etc to avoid the need to double to activate galeforce as much as possible.

if you’re putting a kind of rando gale team together, then yeah, i’d say female is marginally better.

True. I don’t believe that is necessary though if Byleth is your galeforcer, because they’re unique with their null charge weapon which means that they are easily the most reliable galeforcers (being able to ignore Guard).

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