C!bernie is cringe

my queen got an alt but her new prf is worse than her old one
okay she has DR now but why use DR when you can just like automatically desperation???
damage reduction would be good over desperation if she was a wall, like kiria
but she’s not a wall like kiria
she’s an offensive unit
if she was a wall she’d have lull atk/res not spd/res
okay, okay, i understand what you might think though
don’t let the foe double and you’re golden because of that 30% damage reduction
she’s…still an offensive unit
offensive units are usually paper
putting 30% dr on paper doesn’t magically make the paper into bricks, it’s just strong paper
40% or 50% dr would’ve been a different story
but, yeah, with 30% that’s not happening
and she doesn’t have any gimmicks that make her a godly offensive unit either (og bernie’s desperation prf was that godly gimmick btw)
also, a solo skill and a 2 spaces ally condition
on a cav
feh is cringe
if y’all think her new prf is better please tell me why because i legit can’t find a reason


She activates F!Celica weapon :feh_faedance:


She activates OG!Bernie’s weapon, as well as others like B!Lysth or F!Celica.

It’s not better than her previous prf, but it’s still good. Ofc her DR is a poor substitute for desperation, but at least it means she can survive one or two counterattacks.

She activates her prf for free, but for a lower reward than OG!Bernie. At least how I see it. Imo OG!Bernie is still a good amount better, but W!Bernie is pretty good :feh_nino:




She activates OG!Bernie weapon :feh_faedance2:

Wait someone already said that shii


But if she has shit defense stats the DR allows her to enable desperation safely because she would otherwise get oneshot, right?


yeah but og!bernie doesn’t need that to safely enable desperation, she just needs to use her push

this bernie is gonna b fun for ar-d shenanigans
too bad i won’t pull for her


I fail to see how her weapon is trash, an easy Atk/Spd boost with DR is far from being trash, you dont have to be a Defensive unit to use DR i mean Harm.Mia has DR built into her weapon and she not even close to being defensive unit… the more damage you would have taken the more effective DR… 30% of 0 is still 0, while 30% 10 turns it to 7 damage. Its while super fast infantry units tend to have low defense thanks to DR skills now…


say it with me kids: “at least it’s not like oliver’s refine”


i mean honestly oliver’s refine is way cooler than this is


it’s not trash it’s just worse than her other weapon and kind of disappointing

OG.Bernie wouldn’t have her weapons effect activated until after her first combat unless she has a penalty which you wouldn’t want her to have a penalty, while this Bernie as long as she is at 100% hp and within 2 spaces of an ally at the start of turn she loses 1 hp and her weapon is now activated, and since you are normally 2 spaces to an ally on turn 1 W.Bernie always has her weapons effect up unless she gets fully healed up


yeah bernie gets it after first combat, what’s wrong with that
there are a lot more than 1 fights in a map

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what im saying is that it doesn’t shoehorn her into a very specific and already way outclassed role
it’s not only great, interesting, and new support but also useful for her as well.
garbage this is not.


+3 Atk +5 Atk/Spd if penalty or under 100% hp at start of combat and if initiates Desperation

+3 Spd +6 Atk/Spd and 30% DR when under 100%

They both have their goid and bad points


Why have a weapon effect if its not always guaranteed to be active on every encounter


like, duofonse did blue infantry recovery tank way easier and way earlier than oliver ever could. but nobody’s been able to prep a f!celica before.


are you reading your post
with her base kit persecution bow triggers every battle after the first
there are more than 1 battles every map
it’s basically triggering on every encounter, the first one doesn’t matter

the first one matters the most on ar-d. most units only get one battle.