C Passive that negates out of combat damage


How would you feel about a C Passive that negates OOC damage. This would nullify Sinmara, Savage Blow, Poison Blow, Pain staves, and Deathly Dagger.
This does not include AOE specials though.
Another step that may be OP would be nullifying the recoil damage taken from the user’s skills like Fury, Push skills, and weapons with recoil. I’m also divided about it cancelling Upheaval, Bolt Tower, and Bolt Trap damage.

What are your thoughts on this?


OOC damage, sure.

Fury damage? Mystic Boost does that.

I actually wouldn’t mind this.


Its preventative and kinda too situational. Does it work on everyone including the user? If so then itd be pretty good


That sounds good on paper as it ends Surtr and Pain+ healers from cheesing, but It’d have a negative effect on how the game is played outside of countering cheese. I can see why a skill like this would seem like a good thing to make, but any current or future units who use OOC damage in a way that isn’t cancerous would be really bad and unfun to use. It would either be really rare like Disarm trap, Null C Counter, and Duel Skills so that you wouldn’t have to deal with it outside of whale tier arena, or it’d be so common that a sizeable portion of the game would be frustrating to use.

Also, would it block things like Skadi, Breath of Blight, and Imhullu’s once per match damage and effects?