Caenis Ascension and Skills

Information from Appmedia and Kazemai. Will edit again once numbers come out.

LV 80: HP 11532, ATK 9896
3rd lowest HP out of 4* Lancers, 2nd highest ATK out of 4* Lancers

  • QQABB, B Noble Phantasm
  • Q-3, A-3, B-3, E-5 hitcounts
  • NP gain: 0.86


  • Magic Resistance C: Increase own debuff resistance by 15%
  • Mad Enhancement Ex: Increase own Buster Card performance by 12%
  • Poseidon’s Core?: Increase own damage by 225, Increase own Arts Card performance by 8%, does have the symbol for the Divinity passive


  • 1: Increases own Atk 20%-40% (2 turns). 7-5 CD
  • 2: Increase own ATK 10%-20% (1 turn) when normal attacking and decrease enemy ATK by 10% (1 turn) when normal attacking (3 Attacks, 3 turns). 7-5 CD
  • 3: 2000-3000 damage cut (3 times, 3 turns) and Guts 1000-3000 (1 time, 3 turns). 8-6 CD


  • 3 hits
  • Increase NP damage by 10%-30% (Scaling with overcharge)
  • Grants 50% crit damage buff

Thanks been trying to find what her skills were

Similar to the Dioscuri thread, numbers can be found on FGO wiki.

Passive skills

Monstrous Strength B+

Halberd of Pillaging B

Affection of the Sea God A

Lapithai Caenus


Ok,her NP is kinda weak but she have Buster up, ATK up and NP damage that makes it not so bad, and she can easily charged si is a balance thing

What’s the deal with her having a Arts Buff Passive when she only has one Arts card?

Other than that, that first Ascension tho.



I am so disappointed with her second skill.
Only last 1 turn the attack down and only 3 attack…

I am so sad, I love her and her desing.

Also, I wanted a skill like that since ever. But like this is to limited. At best is a 30% attack down for 1 turn.
At least if it was 3 turn… Or if instead of 3 attack was 3 turn, so you could have use it as a full defence in solo run…m

First Ascension Caenis looks rad, and that red spear is beautiful, but that action shot in the FA artwork is so good! I’m gonna be conflicted on which to leave it on they come to NA .

I love big number buff stacking, but those skills seem a bit vanilla to me, I’ll reserve judgement until try them in a few years. that said, guts is always appreciated though.


Skillwise there’s a lot that could be better imo, but what I’m most disappointed in is her NP animation. Maybe it’s just me, but I think it would look better if the phoenix does a divebomb instead of running through the targets. But hey, 3 turn NP damage up, I’ll take it.

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I think is just you,and with luck or supports she can land another NP before that buff ends so she is good at lest, she have better NP gen the a lot of Lancers

That. Is. Busted.

The good woman certainly will do work with that up to 60% ataq up. Not like her ascensions don’t already all but demand I crown her with lvl 100 to succeed Lance-Artoria in support-slot once she arrives to NA.

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I think is because of her lore. In one of the myth about her she turned into a fire bird and soar into the sky


All in all, she seems like a pretty decent general use Lancer and god knows that really doesn’t exist by a lot in the SRs.

Wow ok I didn’t know that. All in all quite a decent 4* Lancer. But still, that single Arts card though.

With her NP gain that isn’t a problem

I don’t know, just because it’s 0.86% doesn’t mean it’s gonna be consistent in most fights and her Star Absorption it’s also a problem.

that’s a nice preview image




I see we’re on the very same page
she gives the horny

So technically she gets up to 100% ATK for 3rd card and Extra and is kinda tanky aswell, with some crit sinergy…
Her kit seems pretty straightforward, I wonder how her NP will work, it is your everyday Buster AOE NP after all, 300% with NP up and a nice crit buff. Kinda disappointed she doesn’t have any stardrop buff, for some reason I expected her to work a bit like Suzuka.

The skills are meh, not awful…BUT LOOK AT THE ART :fgo_illya:

I can definitely get her on a ticket just because she looks great. Story locked hurts.

She does but that aside, her biggest problem is her NP Gain and Star Absor. which does limit what she bring in fights.

She hits like a truck but we’ll have to see what people do with her.

Aside from the obvious.