I free summoned my 9th Caineghis copy yesterday. Figured I’d spend a few orbs getting the 10th, and use toiletpaper to get the final copy. Managed to get him with another 90ish orbs, so he’s ready to +10! Fun fact, I never pulled for him until yesterday.

The final copy is a +speed one, which got me thinking. My other options are attack and res. With speed, max merges and flowers he reaches 34 speed, which seems significant. With just the weapon, that becomes 38 speed, and a decent a-slot and seal could get close to 50 without buffs. I know speed creep hits higher then that, but still. With all the speed based DR going around, 50+ seems to dodge ‘meme-status’ if you ask me. I could slap attack smoke 4 on him, too.

Thoughts? Any Caineghis fans around?


A friend on my FL has his on +Spd and I’m guessing it works well for him
But his Caineghis is just omega cracked in general


Not a Caineghis expert but SPD seems like a bad choice since he does not benefit from it at all. RES or ATK looks more fitting to him (at least while he gets his refine which should be soon)


His speed isn’t bad, but it depends on his refine I’d say. If his refine gives him more Spd it could be possible to utilize it. Selkie for example gets +16 to all her stats just for having higher Res. You could wait until his refine before merging the final copy.


I think it could work with +Spd. Might not be recommended or ideal but it can definitely work. Maybe if we get something like Atk/Spd Far Save he could use it to further boost his Spd on EP(Probably a much worse choice on him than the OG unit, whomever that may be). Give him something like Atk/Spd Ideal and maybe even Savvy Fighter if you’re able to get it high enough to activate DR on him.

I think if you plan on using him a bunch +Spd wouldn’t be a bad route. There is potential there and it’d help separate him from the typical slow armour unit that he generally is that others now do better.


With a proper Spd build + max investment Spd isn’t too bad of an option

23 base +4 superboon +4 from his weapon +4 from max merges +3 (from current max DF) = 38 spd before any other skills/buffs. While still not the highest at all… its far better than the majority of other Armored built in DC units allowing him access to other Fighter skills besides one’s that focus on him having guaranteed follow ups. And that’s not even counting what he’d end up getting for a refine.


I generally recommend investing in the strengths of a unit to go from good to great rather than patch a low stat to a medium one. If you’re going to do that, I really think there should be a specific purpose in mind. 35-40 speed is enough to double pretty much any of the slow meta Save armors, but you’re not even going to stop doubles from fast units with 50 total in-combat speed. So if you have that covered by some other unit on your team, it will work against everything else. :feh_lucyshrug:


His spd is above meme status but below useful, unfortunately. Atm in PvP, spd comes in two camps: the really slow armours, and the really fast everything else. There’s not much in the middle nowadays, so taking someone like Caineghis to 50ish spd would double the slow camp, but do nothing against the speedy camp. In PvE, it could probably work tho. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it, but in PvE with some support it’s not a terrible option


Some people are mad men… I myself included, see I like to take a units lowest stat and turn it around, even before her refine I turned Selkie’s mediocre 19 Def to an effective 50+ Def, but now its even better


Let’s see… For a realistic build, his max Spd is 51.

For a ridiculous build, his max Spd is effective 68.

Basically how you want to think of a Spd build is this:

T4 A slots grant up to 9 Spd.

B slots can grant 3 for free (lulls) and up to 7 effective (sabotage) but that overlaps with menace, rouse, oath, etc.

C slots can grant 5 or 6 for free (oath/rouse) and up to a 12 point swing (Spd menace.)

And S seals can grant 7 dual phase (forms) or up to 9 in player phase (blade session.)

So any unit can reasonably get +31 Spd dual phase with investment. So imagine Caineghis going up against a unit with +31 Spd over their visible stats. Who can he actually match or exceed in that department that you expect him to fight?


Well this was all good info. I think waiting for the refine might be the smart thing to do.

Also, what Dragginz said is a good way to think about it.

My reasoning is that Caineghis used to be quite good when he came out, but now he’s kind of a sad lion. The thing that seems to set him apart from similar armors is his speed. I mean, I have a free copy of fEdelgard already, so whats the point?

Anyway, thanks for all reactions, I have a pretty good idea of what to do.