Calendar (July 2020)

Guess that would make sense going by the name of their banner

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Tellius also has at least like 30 characters that were playable still not even in the game yet at all :man_shrugging:




GHB on the 21st.

Hope it’s Miriel! Or good fodder.

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Heroes with Rouse Skills huh?

Mareeta, Fallen Lyon, Fallen Male Corrin, Percival…Edelgard and Ferdinand will ruin this i can tell.

Lysithea’s guaranteed to be on the Moonbow banner so that’s super good as well.


I’m sorry I don’t see it. Awakening had the last new hero banner we got. Even if it got hijacked by an OC…

Let me dream!


IS: Thracia characters? You mean Reinhardt?


Alright, so looking at Mays calendar, the New Hero banner on June 5th (the book IV midpoint banner with the special celebration event) does not have the event listed, just the banner and log in bonus. The new heroes on the 20th this month could be the 3H anniversary celebration we’re speculating, but it very well could not.


Not sure how i’d feel about a red tome grail unit, even if its Miriel…

Who says she’s gonna be red?

Which is a reminder that we have the following to look forward to:

Triandra & More
Plumeria & More

…and possibly:

Freyja & More
Freyr & More

So many fairies :feh_hecstare:


She had the Fire tome equipped when she joined in Awakening so she’d most likely be red.

Thracia has 17 characters in the game, three of which are Reinhardt, and one of which is a Ishtar alt when she’s really a Genealogy character.


Eh, but didn’t Tharja have Elthunder when she was recruited? She’s a dark mage, but so is Fallen Delthea and she’s blue.

So I dunno. :man_shrugging:



I really hope the new hero banner on the 20th july is finally PoR or RD then. It’s about time!

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Oh, more [Lost Lore] but it’s its OG version… 4 days after the current one ends, yay more rewards just by tapping a few buttons then waiting :fgo_ereshwoah:.

We’ll have the refines banner in roughly 4 hours and there’s the {rouse} skills banner which’ll certainly have Edelgard.

[Grand Conquests] is coming up and that’s good because I have so little [Arena Coins] :feh_byleeeth:.

The remaining summer banners are returning, I think I’ll free pull on the two of them on blue.

Tiki and Nagi [Bound Hero Battle]…? IIRC that’s an spoiler but I won’t spill the beans.
I can, however, say I’ll be making my free pull on green then leave.
And another one of those maps with Forsyth and Python…free pulling blue on its banner I reckon.

And last but not least:


Good thing the [Bound Hero Battle] banner doesn’t return on a revival because I’m not ready, then again my best girl would be sharing with Roy so I’d most likely pass if it was here :feh_byleeeth:.

More or less a good month I guess :feh_maethink: waiting for those [Limited Hero Battles] :feh_kleinyes:


Well that means we’ll get another round of new refines in about a month

That moonbow banner though :eyes:…is that dare I say…Lysithea ?