Calendar - Nov/2019


Welp,I’m saving until th 19th.

Very likely that Nailah will be on it,and I need that juicy fodder for Brave Ike.


Heroes with Distant Counter :eyes:
And yes Rokkr Sieges is coming back! The quest for 200k continues :royyes:
Also wow no seasonals? Interesting… :thinking:
It’s been a while since we’ve had a Tempest Trails for a New Heroes banner (I mean, I guess the Brave TT existed) :thinking:
Luckily the DC banner & the Mythic overlap, so I can pick which banner to spend orbs on :birbpeek:


So 19th is definitely brave redux.


Heroes with DC?

So Hector, Nailah, and someone with DC in the weapon, maybe?

Ryoma, perhaps


Hector,Nailah and Byleth


Oh yeah, Byleth exists

But a DC weapon user could still take a slot


Like Dorcas :thinking:


Well,there was a banner featuring Heroes with DC in their weapon.

It was called Focus Countering Weapon Skills if I remember correctly.

Here,it specifically says Heroes with Distant Counter.

Then again,I.S. loves misleading us (looking at you,Heroes with Null Skills banner)


Byleth come back
But yay, DC banner :)
Also yay, Farfetched is almost here! And what’s hopefully Lif for the Mythic :birbpeek:


It could also be nailah, byleth and nagi in it

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No Special Heroes, thank god. Don’t have to deal with some dumb shoehorned theme like Picnic and Hot Spring. I guess CYL runner ups are taking the special spot again. My Jill senses are tingling, which does not mean well for my orbs. Of course, the one time I decide to start saving, she decides to take a giant Fizzart all over my plans.


Wishing you luck!!, I hope you get that fod :birbpeek:

A lot of interesting things this time, let’s note this however… what will we see in a week from here?, I’m looking forward to it :scream:.
Hmm!, mayhap redux/farfetched?, though I’m bad at predictions… :thinking:.
Noice!, I hope it’s an easy decision :birbpeek:

My guess is:

  • Nagi
  • Nailah
  • M!Byleth

Though I’m not that sure, we’ll see :thinking:

Is this it?

This time we get the skill [Distant Counter] on the name of the event, then again that can happen because IS is IS, oof…

There’s somes interesting things this time!, we’ll see what’s in store, also yes hoping for Mila to grace us with her debut :pray:t2:

I’m thinking the same, because of Hector being on the weeklies & the others are locked to reruns L/M banner and/or are seasonals, this is the list of users:

Oof feeling the same, I’m thankful we get no seasonals here, it’s g00d for more New Heroes :+1:.
This time we get them alongside [Tempest Trials+] so it’s either redux or farfetched… I’m not really sure but let’s hope we get somes nice heroes.

Oooh Jill, she’s a really good one… if she joins the game now I might have a hard time skipping, that said I’ll not go broke, got to +10 her! —> :idunnstare:

I’ll leave here this alternative calendar:

And I’ll leave my remarks and interests for this calendar if anyone’s interested:

  • [Røkkr Sieges]: I hope we get to do somes easy +150k damages!, been itching to play it…
  • “Alfonse quests”!?, good all of the Askr trio is at max level at least…
  • Heroes with [Distant Counter]?, I’m hoping for that slight chance of Nagi being there…
  • Earlier [Voting Gauntlet] and Mythic Hero!!.
  • Quests for astra blessed heroes!, my Kagero will have fun with the one she got :reinthink:.
  • New Heroes accompained with a [Tempedt Trials+]!?, I’m definitely looking forward to this…
  • & New Heroes this 12/5 as well, keep them coming!!
  • [Illusory Dungeon] :hridexcited: orbs time :almdab: :feh_bartre:
  • [Lost Lore] makes a return!, time to gather thoses resources

That’s it, as always looking forward to the new content!


So the trailer for the banner on the 5th could possibly fall on mine and Kepic’s birthday. I just hope it’d be something good!

IS is planning to add Luthier that day :feh_rein:.

For real, let’s hope that’s true… & we could get somes nice character like Tatiana…

Unfortunately it’s unlikely as we’ve got a SoV banner recently, my hopes go more for Jugdral and maybe Sara is added at last…


If that actually happens, that’ll be my last birthday


:thinking: I hope that if he arrives, this actually makes you happy :+1:.

Also ah, glad to know you want Tatiana to arrive too, she’s really lovely & would +10 :eyes:


She’s actually my second favorite Valentian character! I also like Yuzu and Emma, but they’re Cipher characters.

I’m only eyeballing 2 things bannerwise.

Distant Counter Banner
-Nailah for Brave Ike
-Male Byleth for reasons

Mythic Banner


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Noice!, I hope she arrives soon.
Oh, I heard little of them, guess I’ll learn more someday :thinking:

B!Ike will make gr8 use of that fod that’s for sure, but the second :eyes:

You’re right :lucinasmug: