Called it, a bit! Battle/Rocket Features

So almost two years ago, before this new forum was up (old one is lost~), I posted some photos of gameplay I thought would emerge. And to some surprise, I got a few right!

Rocket grunts appearing in the overworld, albeit at pokestops, double-moves in battles, and status effects are what we have so far.

I’ve made two more hoping they bring these features which would make communication better between players, and overall convenience.

Any other features you’re wishing for?

I want status moves like Toxic, Calm Mind or Stealth Rock. Might be able to use them in PVE is the best.

Having these in PvE would be fun, but they’d likely have to disable them for raids. Especially if the raid boss is able to use them. Would make battling gyms far less boring though.


Not disable, but weaken, and not allow overlaps. If all the players gang up and make the raid boss poisoned, confused, and asleep, the fight is over. Maybe have status levels, so that if 3 players poison the boss, it gets one level of effect, 6 gives it 2, etc. Could also be a function of raid tier - takes one poison to affect a T1 boss, but 5 to affect a T5 boss, etc.

Wich would greatly benefit city players over rural players who have a much harder job of getting (large) groups of people togheter to play a raid.

That would be pretty complex for casuals unless some kind of notification was implemented; eg if one player uses a status move, and it takes three to affect the defense of the boss x1, when the first player uses the move you would see a clear and easy to understand message, something like “(trainer name) used Acid Spray! Two more Trainers can use this move to drop (raid bosses) Defense!”

I think the simplest implementation would just be to give a notification when the boss is poisoned as shown above. Only one level, same for any monster. That way, if 8 people in a group of 15 decide to use poison, they’re missing out on a lot of TDO because they’d all be likely using poison type.

That missed TDO could be greater than the amount of damage the poison does, so it would require communication between players in order to get the best effort. Basically, odds are this would benefit rural players most since they could just tell each other who’ll be using the poison type and get some good damage from it, while urban players would be less likely to get their ducks in a row. If everyone assumes another player is going to poison the enemy, then it’s possible nobody does and they lose some TDO.

Basically, this benefits rural players most, but also has some more difficult benefits for city-players scattered about.

Nailed it again!

In the first pic, I got buddy pokemon walking right beside you with little shadow and all. There’s a Zapdos flying around in the background, later there could be a feature where you could see your friends’ buddy pokemon going around as well.

Slaking used Body Slam!
Machamp was paralyzed!


The problem is, Antidotes, Burn Heals and the like would have to be added to the game. Who knows if they’ll nerf the drop rate for Potions and Revives just to make way for the new items.