[Camelot] How am i supposed to beat Gawain

Without a good pool of strong servants to choose from?

Do you know some good compositions that works against him?

What i have is this:

Carmilla rider
Okita assassin
Bathory lancer
Jeanne berserker
Melt lancer
Caster Gil
Hokusai Saber
VLAD lancer

Not the best pool of servants here, and Gawain in this Singularity is quite troublesome

Just borrow a friends Euryale or Orion should do you just fine with Euryale though


Mmm… i lack an Euryale friend, i’ll have to search for her then.

I guess then i should also raise my NP1 Okita Assassin because, being Jack-level of star generator, i could use criticals

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Double euryale is the best advice you can get but you also have JP servants? So idk

Can’t do that. As you see in my first post, those are my servants.
No Euryale, so i can’t do a double team with her.
At max 1, if i find a friendly euryale

Camelot is the part of the game where difficulty spikes immensely. If you don’t have your servants max-level its gonna be tough, especially if don’t have Mash leveled. Gawain is only the first in a long line of extremely tough fights. Grind out some embers and find some friends with a strong Euryale/Orion.

If you don’t want to do that you can always just cheese the fight with command spells and SQ. :stuck_out_tongue:


Eh, i’ve already done this in NA. Sadly i know that things are going to be tough now.

In NA i had good servants so i did not use Mash, but here in JP i’m not that lucky so i guess that i need to raise and use Mash.

1 Lvl 70 Euryale (with her 3rd skill) is enough tbh. No need for double Euryale or anything. On jp, I cleared it with Summer BB, Euryale and a Support Waver

Borrow Euryale or Orion, bring Caster Gil and Helena as front line art support. Back up should be Jalter berserker.

If you not in rush spend you FP and try to get Robin Hood or Euryale . Euryale NP damage is fixed at 900%(1200% if you done her interlude) higher level NP will increase her damage against male only(max +250%)

Yes, no rush here.
I’m at the beginning of Camelot afterall and i’m also farming the summer event.

Just one question: why did you suggest Helena? I’ve never used her, as a caster she seems weak

All card support, star support, minor NP battery… Her NP also had defense down. This will bring Gawain down faster if you can manage to charge NP fast enough. Your priority is to charge NP in 2 turn fast and quick. While NP battery from Helena is low (10% - 20%) couple with multiple arts card you FL had will help charge NP for DPS faster with art chain

On the contrary Helena got one of the strongest Art AOE NP for Caster… My NP2 Helena can deal around 70 - 80k damage per enemies(assassin and berserker) if her 2nd skill(NP damage up proc). I got all her skill to 6/6/6 currently

Robin + David + Mash can beat him without too much trouble if you don’t want to cheat with Euryale.

If youre really having that much trouble with him you should try to get robin hood and euryale from friend summons and level them. All I did to beat him was throw archers at him until he died. Also if you could find a friend Archuria she should do well.

A lot of people say “borrow Orion or borrow Euryale,” but I’ve always found Archuria NP2+ to be the superior pick against Gawain. She stalls with gauge drain, can NP spam, and has a ton of sustain with her huge self-heal on low cooldown. Her huge max health pool too allows her to easily facetank Gawain’s NP.

Orion and Euryale, while great for this fight, are more one-and-done, esp. with Orion’s dismal NP gain. Weaker rosters may still have to burn a seal (or multiple) if Orion and Euryale are unsupported. Archuria is more consistent even without the anti-male niche and can carry the fight on her own.

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This is what I did while going through JP a couple months ago…

Team - Leonidas /St. George /Support np2 orion/mash in back line if needed with lvl 10 first skill & the regular mystic code.

Taunt with Leonidas and George, all while getting orion’s np up. When gawain nps the first time, use orion’s evade. Heal with the mystic code if you’re in trouble, use the mystic code’s evade on gawain’s 2nd np, cuz if he nps 3 times, orion’s evade should be off its cool down.

Use the mystic code’s attack buff and orion’s attack buff when you use her np the first time. Should deal near 300k+ damage.

Honestly, all of Camelot can be beaten this way.

Gawain - orion setup
Tristen - saberlot/musashi set up
Saberlot - jalter setup
Oxy/Nitocris - aoe ruler (amakasa) or kiara setup
Mordred - Cu Alter/herc/Archuria setup
Lion King - Musashi or okita setup

I think those are it… but yeah. Level up mash and that first skill pronto, and your good. Leonidas and George don’t need to be leveled, but having George at 45 might by you 2 moves.

You could always stick to the tried and true, endless SQ refreshing until he ded