Camelot Mordred EZ

Umm sorry if I sound bragging here but I just currently beated Mordred in Camelot in 1 Turn using a friend servant - Gilgamesh NP. Lvl. 2
All skill 10 what I did was

Enuma elish
Buster 40%crit
Extra attack

I thought I won’t be able to finish him off in 1 turn but I managed somehow not to get NP spammed and I was cautious about this fight because my brother said it was difficuly

Is it normal to Defeat Mordred(CAMELOT)
in a 1 turn fight except the 1st wave?

With Buster Brave chain executed by NP2 Gil who has anti-servant NP, class advantage, L10 skills, and a decent CE? Sure. Plus Mo-chan doesn’t have any special defence. Also, I’m assuming you’re talking about ~250k HP Mordred fight, not the 450+k HP one? Tho Gil could probably do the same on 450+k.



Not really you just use easy mod(Aka the enuma elish that hit extra damage to almoust every servant plus class advantage = a ton of damage)

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Isn’t there 2 fights the one where enforcement Knights and the one where 150k HP Mordred and after that round a 250k HP Mordred

Yep, and then one more in the end of the singularity. You can’t get rid of our girl this easy :D

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I lost all my command spells on the fight with serenity

I mean, if you gotta go out, that’s the way to do it, aye?

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Just try double mash team

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Well, you can always wait for three days and then continue with the singularity. I know I did when I was playing it x_X It was very hard on my roster back then, and just to be on a safe side, I’ve always waited for my CSs to restore. And yes, I needed those every boss fight, especially when last chapters came :fgo_insane: It’s kind of embarrassing to remember it now, but it doesn’t change the fact that it happened)

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