Campaigning for Saria

They have a pretty good tier list here at gamepress. And they do a good job with the site in general.
Recently they had a poll about S+ tier units, now they’ve implemented it. Silvertrash and Bo Peep’s satanic sister are both there along with the new girl no one has yet.

I decided to voice my disapproval…

If you agree that Saria should be S+ along with the other three, please upvote me, so that maybe we can stop the tier list from drifting away from reality.



As much as I agree that Saria should be in S+ in her archetype due to how universally useful she is I may have some ideas as to why she might have fallen short.

For one I think it has something to do with general play. In most cases you’d be using Ops that would kill enemies faster over hunkering down like in CC. Its even argued that an efficient team doesn’t even need a healer and someone like Angelina is enough which might have pulled Saria just a peg shy from the +

Lastly I think its because as a defender herself she’s the relatively the “softest” one. As the team’s tank she’ll obviously be the one taking the brunt of the dmg for the rest and without defensive skills she’ll be struggling to keep up with the dmg being thrown at her. Yes her healing certainly helps mitigate the dmg she takes but without ways to actually reduce it herself would prove problematic. Hence why even in CC she’s kept at the back while an actual defender with def buff is in the forefront.


First of all, I really like Saria. She saved my life so many times during CC events. I’ve already had her Skill 1 at M3, and due to the next CN CC event in later July, I’m leveling her other two skills to M3 as well.
There’s a vote for S+ operators on that tier list page. But for this time, and this time only, I voted for SA and Eyja.

Saria is great, seriously. The only reason that I didn’t vote her as an S+ operator is simple:
• Generally, she can be replaced with Nearl, but there’s no one that can replace SA and Eyja.
Just some of my personal thoughts, it might not be completely correct. :slight_smile:


I agree that she is an S+ operator, but people don’t really see because she really shines on the hardest of maps with the most limitations. Usually people think she is replaceable with Nearl, but the difference on the range of healing and 25% atk and 20% def buff really separates the two. All of Saria’s skills also get usage especially on CC

Speaking of CC she has the most usage for how important she is on high risk runs

Some usage stats from CC#0
From the anniversary stream

A reddit survey with 2286 responses

yeah that 98% should really tell something

Conclusion Saria is really really good, she really shines when you want to do absurd clears on hard maps with limited operators or where medics are banned. The harder the situation the more Saria shines


Honestly I didnt know we got to vote for S+ operators, or I would have done Ch’en, Mostima, Ptilopsis, and Eyja. I think Ch’en’s burst damage is just super useful, and being able to deploy with her s2 instantly active at m3 gives her the edge to S+. As for Mostima, she just offers so much utility and damage with her s3 that I think she deserves S+. Ptilopsis is just flat out superb, and i think she is unique enough to deserve that rating. And Eyja is just Eyja. I dont think i would put SilverAsh because, while he is good, I feel that Hellagur can fulfill the same role of overpowered AoE guard beatstick as well, so he isnt as necessary.

I’m pretty sure the reason why Ch’en isn’t S+ is because there is no one is her archetype to compare to. She can’t be S+ if no one other than her is there to begin with.

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That’s probably true. I saw you like my post in the chapter six thread and the response to this one at the same time and it threw me off for a second lol

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Perhaps your definition of S+ operators are not the same as mine. :slight_smile: In my personal opinion, S+ operators are usually those “Jack of all trades” operators, such as Eyja and SA. These operators can be used in almost every situation, and they’re able to do things that weren’t their initial jobs. I think these operators are much more likely to be at S+ .