Can anyone give me guidance on future 5 Star AoE Archers?

Since I don’t really get caught up in JP content, does anyone know if there are any interesting/powerful 5 Star AoE Archers coming in the future?

At the moment, I don’t really care for the current serving of AoE Archers. Yes, Gil and Ishtar are great, but I don’t want them. I don’t care much for Tesla or Napoleon either. I know Summer Jeanne is coming soon, but I don’t want her, either (I know I’m really picky).

I only own single target 5 star archers and I use my NP5 Emiya, NP1 Atalante, and Santa Attila if I need AoE coverage. While they do the job fairly well, I just wanted to know if there are any 5 stars AoE archers I should look forward to. Thanks!

Well given your options atm…You really have 1 choice atm

I guess it helps to list the name -Sei Shonagon

But from what I can tell, summer Jeanne is suppose to be great, maybe look at upcoming Aoe Zerkers instead?

But she isnt aoe.

On topic, as was said above there is only sei shonagon but if you are interested in 4*, there will be also welfare santa nightingale and before them both will come summer Osakabehime.

Oooh! Interesting, I’ve only seen this character recently, but I had no idea she was an archer. Looks like I’ll be waiting a long time for her. And yes, I’ve heard great things about berserker Arjuna so he is my main target in the future!

For some reason I keep thinking she is AoE…I always mix her NP animation with Santa Jeanne. xD

And yeah, Sei appears to be my only hope. Thank you the heads up!

Then there’s no hope for you. :fgo_gudako:

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As far as I am aware, there’s no competition for Gil, Ishtar, or Jarcher in the foreseeable future. Ishtar’s NP interlude arguably even knocks Gil out of the running. I’m afraid you may have to settle…


Aside from Sei Shonagon, you’re out of luck as far as SSR archers go as she’s the only new one left from JP. Other than her, the only other new notable AoE archer from JP is Santa Nightingale which is a welfare. If none of them are really to your taste, then might as well settle with what you have.

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Tesla is going to get a upgrade for his first skill and Ishtar, Arjuna and Napoleon are going to get a NP strengthening, that’s all

No Aoe but man orion is coming and my guy that guy does not care if you are saber,lancer or what ever class enemy is,he is doing 250-300k dmg to you easily.

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Thanks again for the information, everyone! It seems like I really am going to have to settle with the ones we have now or wait a little longer for Sei. Ishtar or Tesla are probably my targets if I end up caving in, so I will check their next rate ups.

Yeah Orion (male version) looks intriguing and fun to play, but yeah, not AoE sadly. xD

nah he can totally AOE farm (annihilate, overkill, everyone)

totes aoe

That is actually kind of amazing…but now I need to get BB LOL!

Totally! I wave-clear with Musashi like that, all the time. Buster-NP-Buster, next wave…

big brain hours over here!

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The challenge with Sei Shonagon is that you have to be able to tolerate her in the first place. Easily my most disliked Servant, so I’m glad she doesn’t happen to be a gameplay “must-have.”

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Like personality ? Or is she just difficult to use?

Well… she looks like the female Japanese version of the Joker for starters…

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That was a beautiful comparison lol

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