Can anyone help me build a team for pushing in pvp? Ps:u can say the lvl 1s i can lvl them up. p

If you actually take your time to do this i will highly appriciate it :)

GT Team:


  1. SP SSJ4 Goku(PUR)
  2. SP SuperBaby2(BLU)
  3. SP SSJ4 Vegeta(RED)


  1. SP SSJ3 Goku(PUR)
  2. SP KidGoku(RED)
  3. EX HyperMetaRilldo(YEL)

GodKi Team:


  1. SP SuperSaiyanRoseGokuBlack(RED)
  2. SP SuperSaiyanGodGoku(BLU)
  3. SP SuperSaiyanGodVegeta(PUR)


  1. SP Beerus(GRN)
  2. SP SuperSaiyanGodGoku(YEL)
  3. SP SuperSaiyanGodGoku(RED) or EX Beerus(YEL)

Thank you so much :)

No prob