Can anyone help me on my servant lineup?

Edit: Sorry, I didn’t mean support lineup, what i mean is the lineup for me to use( i just used the support party to show what my servants are in each class

I’m still on my 2nd week of playing and still on 4th Singularity and so far here are my lineups.

I also have Lancelot(lvl32) for Saber
Hans Christian Anderson(lvl25) for Caster
Fuuma Kotarou(lvl16) for Assasin
Is my current lineup on the picture enough? I’m thinking of giving up on Hundred Persona and Avicebron and change them to Fuuma and Hans. or is this enough and i don’t need to change them?

Also, i still don’t know which CE should i use on each servants is this correct?

Lastly, I’m planning on rolling on the GSSR event, i want to ask which class is lacking so that i could roll for it(I’m thinking of lancer or the extra class)


You’re so incredibly new that literally anything from the GSSR would greatly benefit you (also I made a thread for this), although Caste is the power pick with it housing Tamamo/Merlin/Waver/various high charge DPS units. Yes, this is even with Sigurd and Saberlot kept in mind (the latter of whom is quite capable for general beatstick purposes).

With all due respect, your account is so fresh that no one is really going to pick your SL options, so really just put your favorites up.
In terms of “enough”: Invest, and keep investing in the lower-rarities, virtually all of them range from useful to outstanding. Special mentions to: Hans, Paracelsus, Avicebron, Ushi, George/Leonidas, Shakespeare, Mozart, Billy, Robin, Euryale, Lu Bu, Mash, the Cu’s, Cursed Arm, Fuuma, Hundred Persons.
If you mean for story progression, the most optimal way is to ignore leveling up your own and instead borrow a support class-adv from your FL. In general, kinda sorta, but definitely not come the difficulty spike that is Camelot onward.

Roughly, although you will often find instant charging CEs (like Aerial Drive this Halloween would be amazing for Sigurd/Avicebron/Heracles, with +10% Buster/NP Up and 50% charge at Max Limit Break), are typically preferred both for navigating the story, farming, and to borrow simply due to how convenient starting off with 50% charge is. These CEs are nowhere near optimal bar Herc’s coming the closest, but they will work until you get (far, far) better CEs.


Following from @Tetragoner’s point, when your account is so new, you rarely need to be concerned with whether or not anyone will want to use your support. One possible exception is an event where one of your Servants grants a drop bonus, because many players don’t care whether or not that Servant is fully leveled or has leveled skills.

The best thing you can do in regards to your support offerings is to keep leveling your Servants and not to leave empty slots. Empty Servant and CE slots signal that the player is lazy or doesn’t care; I’ve dumped friends off of my list for not bothering to maintain their support lists for weeks at a time.


Sorry, I didn’t mean support lineup, what i mean is the lineup for me to use( i just used the support party to show what my servants are in each class

Sorry, I didn’t mean support lineup, what i mean is the lineup for me to use( i just used the support party to show what my servants are in each class)

“Best to use” depends on the node, and you design your comps around that. Sometimes it’s mono-classing, sometimes (often, once you’ve developed your roster) it’s one counter-class DPS + supports, sometimes it’s a mix of DPS’ and one or two supports, so on. There is no “one best lineup with no issues whatsoever”; there’re very broadly applicable comps, granted, but by and large that holds true.

Tetra is particularly good at this explanation, but the short version is that your lineup will change constantly, and there are many viable combinations of Servants. It’s easier to help with what general benefits you should look for and which Servants are generally considered the most useful than it is to craft specific teams.

Victor isn’t the best on herc as he can’t reliably pickup stars. but with lack of better options it’s fine. Anything with either atk up or higher buster up values or starting charge ce would be better suited. Stop levelling Avicebron - you will not be able to ascend him until well later into the story. You’re probably around London, or America singularity probably.

Setup a farming squad when you can

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Just to give them their own distinct mention, aside from everything else:

As a new player, Arash and Spartacus should be among your top priorities to raise. Such a difference. They need minimal or no specialized support to function depending on the CEs you have available.

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I already ascend him once, but then i realize that i should focus on Hans because,correct me if im wrong, Hans will help Sigurd because of his Crit support?

Yes, basically Hans+Mash+ Sigurd is viable even for late stages. You can leave avicebron at 40. Just stop there for now. You will not have access to the materials to get him past 60

You may also have problems getting Sigurd past level 60 as you will not have acesss to his materials until later on in the story.

Generally my suggestion is setup a farming team and focus on Herc+Hans+Mash as they are easiest to get up and running and that setup works vs most boss battles.

So i shouldn’t neglect mash? Ok i’ll follow your advise on hans+herc+mash lineup

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Short-term, yes, as she isn’t a farmer and grinding up Arash + Spartacus as Gou referenced will give you the most bang for your investment early on.

Long-term, no, because she is hands down no argument one of the best defensive units in the game. Full stop. And she costs half of an SR to skill up to 10/10/10, and all of her mat requirements are dramatically cheaper than most SR competition.

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Mash has amazing defense and much cheaper skills to level compared to most. But her levels are locked in story progression, so you won’t have full mash until you clear more chapters. 3 turn team defense, invincibility and charge, taunt and np gain, with more defense (and later attack up) on np. If you need help staying alive, she’s your gal.

St George and Leonidas help with that too, even unleveled. With taunt skills on skill 1, they can absorb a hit, die and usually end the enemies’s turn to buy stronger (but fragile) units like herc time to cause damage without fear of taking damage.

David, who you should get with okeanos completion if you don’t summon him sooner, has a team 1 hit evade that is also immensely helpful to save your team when you’re leveling up.

Make sure you summon and level up euryale by the time you start camelot. She makes mincemeat of male saber bosses, and camelot has some particularly annoying male saber boss fights early in the chapter.

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Mash becomes a superstar at Camelot which you shouldn’t be too far away from.

As per my earlier post a lot of people are in agreement with me that you should get a farming squad up ASAP

Shakespeare, Spratacus and Arash that’ll do nicely. Very easy to level and all their materials will be found early on

The reason we are all suggesting Farming squad asap is because we are expecting a LOT of events to hit the sever back to back in the next few weeks. Events are THE BEST way to get the resources you need to ascend servants.


Exactly. Invest in the farmers now so that you have the resources to raise the ones you really want later.

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Your account needs 100% more Nero.

Step 1: Acquire Nero
Step 2: ???
Step 3: Umu!

(Everybody else already gave you all the best advice, so this is all I got)


Welcome to the community, i’m just going to say that i have nothing to say, probably someone already help you with this thing


In my opinion, it should suffice. Though you should probably increase their levels by doing daily quests. In my EN FGO account I beat camelot with d’Eon being my only 4 star. This was before I rolled a lot with summon tickets. I did take advantage of friend support though. Raise skill levels on your servants if possible. Without events, pretty difficult due to needing to grind constantly for the acension and skill materials. Also be sure to keep Mash’s level up too. She’s pretty useful for survivability for your servants. Take advantage of friend summon too. Raising NP levels dont hurt.
For CE’s thats a bit difficult. Depends on playstyle. Be sure to read what the CE does and put them in the servants accordingly. For example, Mash can take a pretty nice CE known as Gudaguda poster girl. Probably missed the opportunity due to the gudaguda event finishing. The lesser version of it would be Halloween arrangement. Basically it allows the servant to be targeted, and due to Mash’s special servant type, you can take advantage of the target focus to let your other servants avoid taking damage. It’s not always wanted, so it depends on strategy and playstyle and how you use your servants.
Before summoning for a GSSR, I’d stock up on quartz. I’d summon with 200-300 quartz, but if I like to play it safe I keep 1000 quartz. Stock up on summon tickets too, I get really lucky with summon tickets and maybe you will too.
I’d aim for Merlin, Tamamo, or caster skadi. For archer Gilgamesh. For lancer Enkidu. Though to be honest, all of these are just options. In my experience, there isn’t really any bad servants, its just that some are better at things than others. If you can’t really decide, and im totally not bias at all, I’d go for Jeanne d’Arc Alter and Jeanne d’Arc. You will get Jeanne d’Arc Alter Summer for free this year in EN i believe, a 4 star berserker. And you will get Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily, a 4 star lancer during Christmas (probably earlier). Besides my obsession, I do have a list in my pc that ranks every servant from JP but unfortunately its in japanese so I don’t think you can take advantage of it. I tried looking for an English ranking and came up with this:

For rolling during that event, any would be good. Though you should probably pick caster, as Merlin or Tamamo are pretty good servants to have. If they aren’t to your liking, I’d risk the chance to get Jeanne d’Arc Alter, but thats just my biasness. I’d roll for her, even with a NP level of 5.

Other than that, can’t really help. It really does depend on how your playstyle is. We all have one. Mine is a pure focus on Jeanne d’Arc Alter attack and survivability, as she basically destroys every target I face while the rest acts as healing/buffing/shielding. Surprisingly its very effective, only struggling against Moon cancer’s, which are super rare and I have Jeanne d’Arc to handle that. There really isn’t a standard way of a strategy other than picking servant class advantages. It can take a while to find a strategy you like, and because you’re new, just have fun. I wouldn’t really worry too much about strategy and such. Testing servants, testing different strategies, etc is probably the most enjoyable part of FGO for me, other than trying my best to find a way to make Jeanne d’Arc Alter stronger, how to always use Jeanne d’Arc Alter, etc. It is, unfortunately, possible that you will miss events that wont have a rerun. But i wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just enjoy the experience, and you’ll most likely find a strategy to your liking

Slight nitpicks and confirmations:

PG’s window indeed has been missed, and for all intents and purposes so has both it and Arrangement. Outrage, however has not (in a little under 2 years anyway).

Jeanne Alter Berserker will indeed be available as the freebie via the Fuyuki-gated Summer 3/Servant Summer Festival (ServaFes) event dropping after Summer Rerun, after Anni.

Jeanne d’Arc Alter Santa Lily is no longer available; her rerun was last year. This year is Altera the San(ta)/Altera (Archer), following into Santa Quetz.

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