Can anyone help me on my servant lineup?

IMO Mash is very skippable.

Her defense isn’t great considering she doesn’t get the 50% damage reduction Rulers get and her offense is pathetic. Her targetable invincibility is really her only good feature and you can get the equivalent or better from Merlin, David, Skadi, Jeanne.

If Mash had the same cost as other 4 stars I would never use her at all because she simply does not bring enough to the table and realistically no one else would either for the same reason. Georgios is a better taunter and Leonidas would cost less for a 1 turn taunter.

For farming you need high AoE damage and for boss killing you need high single target damage.

From my experience you are better off relying on supports for AoE damage dealing for farming since that gives you a good AoE DD for each class. This will allow you to invest more of your limited resources into developing buffers who will be useful for farming and boss killing.

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Mash is skippable if you have a diverse roster with strong Servants. I use her as a CE-holder, and that’s it.

However, she is objectively a very powerful defensive unit; one of the best in the game, regardless of rarity. If and when you need that kind of support, she delivers.


Get a friend with Euryale and OkitaAlter for Camelot. Most of the tym a Berserker with ZhugeLiang from support is enough. I recommend you at least always carry Herc most of the time for the bond points because u’re gonna need it in Solomon. For lvling up I suggest u do Mash, Herc mainly and save it for later gold servants

Why is always him, i know that he haven’t play a long time the game and that he don’t understand how to use some servants, but why is always he always say this kind of things,why always him!? (No offence for him nor for no one i’m just disapointed for the thing that i read)


Normal Mash is the best defensive unit in the game, and if she is with the second best defensive unit (Jeanne) that team is literaly inmortal (unless the enemy NP have ignore invul and ignore Def up at the same time)


Thats why i @ you :rofl:


Thanks, i needed to feel disapointed for something today, thanks :fgo_ereshlove:

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Ah. Sorry, I don’t really look at EN as much as JP. I keep thinking its 3 years, not 2 years behind schedule. Its hard to keep track sometimes. Sorry to the op for my mistakes

It happens. Just nitpicks like I said anyway, for the sake of clarity. Can’t argue with most all of the rest. :slightly_smiling_face:

Particularly, this:

Just enjoy the experience, and you’ll most likely find a strategy to your liking


I would like to congratulate the op for already having a 5 star servant a few weeks into the game. My the gacha continue to smile on you, my friend. :slight_smile:

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There is so much wrong here that if you said this about a person in real life they would take you to court for libel.

Her defense isn’t great considering she doesn’t get the 50% damage reduction Rulers get and her offense is pathetic. Her targetable invincibility is really her only good feature and you can get the equivalent or better from Merlin, David, Skadi, Jeanne.

20% def up on her skill + 1kdmg cut + 50% def up on her np + 1 turn 2k dmg cut+30% atk up . FOR EVERYONE, FOR 3 TURNS. Upon the completion of Camelot. If you know how to use her taunt and time it which comes with a 400% np gain you can double up NP effects and you will be taking 0 for 3 turns and that includes most aoe nps. Basic maths should tell you that is worth more than 50% damage reduction for one person. And why are you even bringing her dmg output into this? She’s a defensive support.

The advice you give is dangerous and at best misinformed and at worst misleading. To quote someone else.

…We aren’t making this stuff up; you haven’t discovered an FGO secret to which millions of other players are oblivious.

There’s a reason why she’s so highly rated across NA, KR, CN and JP servers. She’s been battle tested in the most difficult content by whales, f2p, veterans and newbs.

Before giving advice seeing as you’ve admited previously you started around Dec 2019 really think - ask yourself - Does my advice stand up to basic scrutiny? Why is my experience with a servant so different from everyone else?

As it stands it’s getting pretty tiring debunking your misinformation

@Ecila0701 also Go get Bunyan from the event that is running. She is very useful to have and you will get some ascension items that you will need from completing quests. Not a lot but the quests are 5 ap each meaning it’s pretty good value still for drops+servant. Bunyan is not a priority to level just do it for the materials

Final edit: 1 have one spot left on my 2nd account. either pm me your ign or post it here if you need supports

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So here’s the deal. You have some of the best low rarity servants, Hundred Personas, Ushi, Cu, Herk, Hans, and Robin. They are all absolutely amazing.

I’m gonna mimick what other people have said, level up a farming team first, its super important. Now, outside of that, do NOT forget your daily free fp summon. It is a lifesaver for new players, it’ll eventually get you to np 5 on every 1-3* servant, even if you dont use fp, given enough time. Lol.

With that in mind, I’m gonna also suggest making sure you complete as many of the daily quests as you can, for the mana prisms, they can buy you xp cards and summon tickets every month(as well as fous, but you shouldnt worry about those right now). Also, after you beat every story chapter(singularity) do not forget to back back and get the free sq from completing the free quests.

Also, ignore homie that said Mash isnt good. I walked through the majority of the story cause of her, it is 100% possible to even np back to back with her to just ignore damage, its great. Once you get her skills to 10/10/10, she is terrifying. Hell, I beat Heaven’s Hole without taking damage thanks to her and Tam.

For GSSR, really anything would help, but Caster and Extra would be your most useful choices, with Lancer probably being next. If you have Arash, raise him and love him, cause you WILL overwork him.

Outside of that, remember to have fun, go to your room to talk to your servants, and always check out their ascension dialogue, its usually great.

Also, feel free to add:


Thank You very much @Ibanezguy i sent you a friend request and @karaboar thanks for the offer but it seems like you reached the maximum number of friends
Btw, here’s my id 838,321,094

done message me here when you hit camelot and i can put Euryale on Archer to make it easier for you

i have another question, which do you think should i focus on leveling? lancelot or sigurd? some said that lancelot is better but i already leveled sigurd up to 60, should i give up on him and focus on lancelot instead?

saberlot is better if you can keep his skill active more often, i.e. reach at least lvl6 with his skills and/or tamamo’s cool down reduction. Sigurd has better stats on the merit of being a SSR, so it is not like he is some pushover. I would say sigurd is better for you currently since he also has guts in case things go wrong.

Also wortg noting since both saberlot and Sigurd have s grow curve, you can leave them at lvl 70 and 80 respectively if xp are tight.

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I’ve figured it out! He’s actually a sock-puppet account who’s job it is to post obviously false, easily debunked information expressly for the purpose of motivating we’ll-informed community members to explain, in detail, why that information is wrong, thereby ensuring that legitimate new players receive the most complete analyses of vital game mechanics possible from our community.


It’s best to just watch a video on YouTube about explaining all of this stuff and slowly get the feel of it, that’s how it was for me, at least. (minus the “watching videos” part, cq’s and boss fights were hell for me because I didn’t watch anything.)

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I just sent you a friend request since I had an opening. I’ve got saberlot all maxed up that you can try out. He’s one of my absolute favorite servants gameplay wise (battery, 4 turns passive stars, star gather, crit strength, spammable np with arts crit…) and I highly recommend leveling him when you have the resources. Only thing he doesn’t have is defense, but that’s where mash and other defense supports come into play.

Btw, if you need any specific servant or ce that I have to get through a quest, just ask.