Can I ask who you have Grailed? [Feel free to show off your Waifus/Husbandos]

One may see this as an Servant appreciation threat.
I was going to do this with my Brother until I found out that this uncultured bastard hasn’t used a single grail on anyone. :fgo_shock:

Feel free to flex with your Waifus/Husbandos and if you want say why you grailed them, I’ll start with my incomplete Holy Trinity


When I first started the Game I was greeted with Stheno which I reluctantly used as main Assassin until I got my hands on that cinnamon roll. His Valentines Event sealed his fate and I decided that he deserves the love and I slapped my first Grails at him with no regrets to this day.

Salieri (Minor Spoilers in paragraph 2 )

When I first saw Salieri I wanted to throw a Snickers at him and move on but by the end of LB1 he grew on me ngl. He’s the main husbando now and all my Golden Fous are and will be his.

He won me over when he pulled of Dies Irae and the cutscene which followed with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star convinced me to roll the Avenger GSSR just to get a copy without having to wait for a Story pull.
He’s currently on Bond 8 and going strong

(And before someone asks me why command codes - you can overwrite the low Star ones so one may see them as placeholder)


Nitocris is currently a placeholder for the last spot of my Holy Trinity but Assclepius [pun intented] is taking his sweet time to come to NA so there she is. I decided to grail her after I found out the pun that her Cloth is literally a Security Blanket - I read it and it can never be unseen.

Also, how dare DW decides to make her Asassin counterpart only a 4 Star while it’s pretty much a 100% match for her lore. I took the liberty and turned her into a pseudo 5 Star :fgo_nitosheets:


I just summoned Enkidu so I gave him all of the cups.

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There is a similar thread, But i accept your challenge, Try not too get jealous .
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Martha was my first summoned servant, As in she literally was the first roll during the tutorial summon of my very first account.

I would use her all the time no matter what starting out(Even against Assassins ) I would try to use her as my support, and as my dps. Sure it took a long time just to beat every mission / quest in game , but I didnt care one bit, If my name was Ash, She was definitely my pikachu .

She did not receive a grail for awhile because I thought she was amazing the way she was and stuck with it.


I haven’t grailed that many and my phone is recharging so can’t import screenshots.
There has been a small number just for gameplay as I lacked suitable servants but I won’t mention those here.

Enkidu, Ecchan, Kiara to 100 Penth 90 on NA.


Even before I first played with Enkidu I liked the design and backstory.
The bits I’ve seen of the personality is also appealing and I enjoy the gameplay.
Having Enkidu single-handidly smashing the enemies to bit is amusing.


Her Trial Quest won me over and I’ve used her even when it wasn’t optimal.
I’m not sure what it is about her character that I liked so much but most of it is cute.
swoosh swoosh


Oddly enough I like her design and personality.
It is also satisfying to point her at the enemies and let her crush them.
For the most part she is far more terrible than the enemy so she also improves morale.
I also have an affinity for playstyle.


I’ll be honest most of this is due to 2 reasons.
The first is that she is amazing.
The second is her CEO personality.
Why do we have to wait until 2022? :sob:

On JP the main ones are Murasaki to 100 and Charlotte plus Kagetora to 90.
I don’t understand enough japanese to follow the story so gameplay is a big part of it.


I’m not sure if I will favour her as much when I can actually get an impression of her character next year.
Regardless she is satisfying to use, the kimono design is beautiful and her animations suit her.


Ah. She is a rare ST arts Lancer, something I had been missing for ages.
Everything about her is exquisite.
VA, design (even a bonus costume), animations, skills…
It migt be a wrong first impression but considering her eyes she might be a bit unhinged so I’m looking forward to next year.


First of all, she appears to be completely bonkers and that smile is kind of creepy.
She is oddly upbeat considering that she is killing stuff.
Her skills are good and I enjoy her animations.
Fun to use as well.


Because of how expensive an investment it is, I typically grail for performance rather than pleasure. Fortunately, I like pretty much everyone I’ve grailed.

Bluestacks_QmVr2jOffY Bluestacks_h9VdqGrajT

I am not sure who is next, but I expect it’ll be Jalter (Berserker) when her Summer event drops in August. Likewise, in the future, I expect the target after that will be Hokusai (Saber). Grailing all the good welfares has seemed to work out for me, and it’s a lot less experience than doing it for SSRs.

I want to grail my boy One Thrust Man as well, but that’ll take some greater investment I’m not sure I want to spend just yet.


Didn’t grail for gameplay.


So this is the oficial thread to Flex your grailed servants!?
Here they come(i forget to put the Bond ce of Sasaki on)


Well, there is this one:


But this one is telling me specificly to flex


Well, if you’re gonna twist my arm…


There are more than these but these are some of my favorites.

Finished grailing her yesterday, my future grails are now reserved for Santa Quetz and (if i get her to NP2) Sheba.

Not much to say here. Raikou is love. Raikou is power.
Also grailed her Lancer version and fed her my golden Attack Fous because 4 star stats.

I love her and i’m saving for Roma mostly because he makes her viable.

First 4 star and one of my favorite characters from OG Fate Stay Night.

Didn’t grail for gameplay, although i gave golden Health Fous because of that, but because i love this guy. He’s awesome. Would grail Kiara too if i had gotten her to NP2 but… at least i can try again on Ooku.

Also grailed Passionlip, Mata Hari, Ushiwakamaru and Bunyan (gameplay). But i posted way too many pics of them already


It’s not “grailing for gameplay” if you legitimately belive your waifus are the best.



I just don’t put my carmilla on lvl 100 because mama nobu is my ultimate waifu and I’m saving my grails for her, I also grailed bedi and cú chullain but they were for gameplay(even with I feeling a strange atraction to them)carmilla is my favorite and tomoe is with me since the beginning of my account and is almost bond 10(war hero)


All out of love. Next 2 characters i plan on grailing are Summer Raikou and Summer Jalter (atleast to 90 at first, then after I math out future grails and servants, I’d like to get them to 100)


Sure, I’ll take an excuse to post mine again. Not sure on future targets beside Saber Astoflo.


Grailed bunyan for gameplay
Grailed altera because wanted to make her same level as her saber version.
Grailed medea because not only she was my only st caster but also she deserved better, martha saved me multiple times as a brick wall in last slot when i was new during singularities. Grailed jekyll because i like his unique gameplay


This is absolutely adorable :fgo_ereshlove:

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Okay, twist my arm! Here are my grails!

Saber: my introduction to the primal joy of arts crit… Still number one favorite gameplay servant.

Archer: peek if you dare

Isn’t he the best! :fgo_ereshlove: He might get the next 2 cups as well…

Lancer: is NOT dead! Just kept going and going over a year as my only st lancer

Rider: i may have been bribed with starkitties at Valentines… (old image, now lvl100)

Caster: nerds unite with lab coats and round bottom flasks!

Assassin: when all else you have is stheno, he really is the savior of france

Berserker: he’s got a jet, and I like the symmetry with saber. In fact he likes it too, spooking me to match saber’s np level! (old image, both np3 now)

Extra: it’s elementary, my dear


Oh I totally didnt mean "Defiantly ". “definitely”

Derp on me

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His biggest selling point for me