Can I complete (the important parts of) Onigashima in 4 days?

Hi all!

So here’s the deal, I haven’t played at all since school let out and I failed to roll Mama Raikou right when the event dropped. I have made basically 0 progress on the event and I now have 4 days to complete it(and the important bits). I need help and advice.

My main point of concern is if I can get those “important bits” done. By this I mean getting all of Kintoki’s copies and his ascension materials and clearing as much of the shop and damage ladder as possible.

So what do you guys think? If you have lots of event CE’s and you’re willing to friend me, that would help a lot.

Thank you for all of your help!


If you spend some apples,probably.
Try to use the dumplings in order to ease of the grind for the Silver currency and gold currency.You’re also probably more likely to make it if you have enough event CE’s,which I’m guessing you have at least 8 of.

Took me most of two days to get all the shop items besides the 5th copy of Kintoki (since i got the one from the original running of event) and the beans. I spent… too much to manage it within such a short time.

holy hell, how much bonus do you even have?

i’ve pretty much been coasting this even and just using beans still have 11 beans left. BP will not be your problem

you need 15 runs of 3 bp to get all of kintoki’s ascension mats from damage ladder. That’s very doable
You’ll get 1 copy of kintoki from the ladder too
Worst case scenario figures
30 runs of 40ap of Hotsprings Rakasha will give you enough Baskets to buy 2 copies of Kintoki
15 runs of 40 ap Tower Rashkshasa will give enough Brocades to buy 3rd copy of kintoki
15 runs of of 40ap Mountain Trail Rakshasa will give enough Coral
(This is based on 0 event bonus drop ce’s and average currency drop rates, you will get currency drops from the raid quests as well. Realistically the number of runs will end up being less as you’ll have at least 1 currency equipped).

Basically it is doable but You will probably need 8-10 apples MAX. My strat would be Do the 40 AP nodes once your AP is depleted farm Raids using BP as hard as you can

don’t forget that if their teams are solid enough, they could grab random mlb currency supports too, to toss in the back

Yeah I was basing it on worst case scenario that he didn’t have any currency ce’s themselves and was relying on supports for currency ce’s. Badly worded on my part

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You won’t need that many raids. Each 3BP has 6.6m and the 4th lighter is at 100m mark. Assuming he can clear 3BP, it will be 15 3BP raids, or 30 2BP.

15*2=30 hotspring will be needed because there are 2 copies of Kintoki that need Baskets. it should be faster if he runs Summit instead, given that he needs all 3 currencies.

you’re right i misread the table and I was debating whether he’ll be doing 6 mil or 3mil fixed now

The problem with summit is the total per ap is poorer instead of a focused approach. I feel that being able to stack bonus drop ce’s is a better approach considering the time constraint. I mean yeah if we were machines and could go 24/7 it’s the best solution but RL gets in the way. So if something happens you get np2-np3 np4 kintoki instead of just np1 and you’re short of all currencies.

Again this is how I’d do it but I’mtaking it easy this event and finished buying out all the ascension mats and have no need to get a 2nd copy of Kintoki. Do what you feel works for you

The automatic calculator takes that into account. If you have a lot of bonus I don’t believe it ever recommends summit. Just fill in the currency and CEs you have, and it will solve that question for you. It’s all automated based on datamined data. It can’t get more accurate than that.

It is a lot faster if you need all 3 currencies. Summit drops 24 stacks of currency while hotspring/trail/tower only have 18.

The average drops per stack is 4, summit will drop 112, while the specializing nodes drop 72. Since CE is only 1/3 as useful in Summit (since it drops all 3 currencies), you need to have +3 drops (1 MLB, 1 normal) for the special nodes to beat Summit, which is doable but he needs to have 1 of each event CE.

I’m not sure if the math is correct due to the lack of data but I trust the online calculator ;P

What is your player ID? I can make room for you since it’s an emergency :smiley:

If I’m wrong I’m wrong. But I look at specific currency/ap and Summit never comes close to top. But OP at least knows worst case scenario.


I only have +1 to Oni’s Wicker Basket personally. +5 to Silver Currency and +4 to Bronze Currency, but by the time i was done with summit i didn’t even need bronze. I borrowed Gold and Silver MLB CE’s when i went through that long grind.

88 times at Summit with +4 Bronze, +3 Silver, and +3 Gold. It was hell finding people with MLB Gold CE. I only had 3 on my whole friends list. Then i did about 20 times at Hot Springs and another 14 at Tower. I got more than the calculator speculated i would need so i didn’t need to do Hot Springs or Tower as much. The recommendation was 27 and 16 respectively. Course i could have miscounted the Summit since i wasn’t always consistent in using the calculator to mark the amount of times i did it.

well that explains it

only got +3 bronze, +2 silver myself

not sure I’ll be able to get everything I want (will probably depend a lot on how many gold drops I get from the red oni raids), but I should be able to clear out all the very important stuff at least

First time in a bit that Eternal Gears were up. I’m still short Feathers so i can make Wavers 2nd and 3rd skill level 10. I don’t really want to raise one without the other. I’ll probably get his first skill to 10 a lot more leisurely than his other skills. It’s still 2/x/x at the moment, lol.

I honestly do feel really stupid though. For so long I lamented not being able to get the basic blue gems, when they drop like candy from the 10 AP Class daily’s… Well… at least in comparison to how things usually drop. For this reason I had been sitting on quite a lot of red gems until recently when i realized how blue ones dropped.

If there were any archer statues i would have grabbed those from the shop first, I’m nearly out of both silver and gold, and i want to make sure i have some statues saved up (5 of all of them) for when Sherlock comes out. Then 15 of each and every gem for his skills. It’s actually kind of scary how easy/hard it is to 6/6/6 Sherlock when i look at his sheet for his upgrades.

tbh, the problem with blue gems is never so much of being hard to get as it is farming 10ap dailies for them is tedious as all fuck

to that end, red gems are like the sweet spot. overall decent rates, and not tedious to collect (though it does take longer, since you’re still looking at about 1 per run on 20ap generally)

Yes, with some apple spend, its probaly yes

The real tedious is gold gems, since you can only get 4-5 of them each week lol

I only ever bother with secret gems for caster dailies, if anything. because all the other rates are trash

the other daily secret games are bonuses if I get, and I just focus on lottos or the occaisonal times event shops have to obtain otherwise

plus event nodes I guess too. but again generally as a bonus for like currency farming, and not something I go actively out of my way for