Can i get some help for who to pick with free 4* tickets?

Hello dear masters, welcome to this long noob question. I’m the noob here.

First of all, with this weeks half AP free quests i realize i don’t have a problem for farming anymore. So i decided to lean on an either stall team which i usually lack on CQ (I had to spend a SQ on Salter memorial despite the best stall team i gather around with mash-hans-merlin as a support) or a general purpose CQ

Okay so i tell myself since i lack a gold lancer i should go with Laltoria. Easy to choose as something i lack and gameplay. I checked tier list and satisfy by my choice. Then gacha spits on me a ST lancer Raikou.

So now i’m torn apart again. I lack ruler and avengers on class matter, so i could either choose them but they are not recommended by gameplay reason. At this point I’m not sure if i’ll be in trouble against rulers either.

I check tier list again. There is lancelot but i never have any trouble against lancers since i got mordred despite her skills aren’t even at 6. Besides I have fran saber for an ST saber.

Again with laltoria, she seems like a pretty good choice to overlook considering i lack any aeo lancer in my cheldea.

But my biggest problem seems to be a stall team for CQ. Pretty much my only option to gather a stall team with hans-mash-merlin(support). My only gold caster is helena. So i should choose, Maybe medea lily? I don’t feel like it

The only other thing to do with this ticket is to go for is np2 a servant. In that case i’ll go either of these
emiya (i got both)

Should i choose for laltoria despite idk how to use critics effectively, lancelot for ST NP spam saber or should go for a stall team? If stall team who am i suppose to choose?

Thank you in advance

If you are only picking latoria because aoe lancer…well the Christmas rerun event will give you jalter lily who is a fine AoE lancer. She even has a 20% battery to make farming easier.

For avengers, I don’t have experience with the doggie, but I have gorgon. The AoE np is somewhat awkward. You never see ruler mobs to clear and st is preferable against bosses. You can use her like a less fragile zerker and she can get ~20k against neutral targets. But she also has a universal stun which will help your stall teams. Ignoring the useless angra, I’m glad to have gorgon as my avenger, though I’ll admit that I would prefer jalter.

Stall servants… Drain, charm, stun are all beneficial. Demyia and nursery rhyme have drain chance on np. Steno has drain and anti male charm skill and np, but I would not recommend her, just use euryale. At least euryale can damage with her np, the only thing that steno has killed for me is centaurs. Medusa lancer has charm and stun on np.

Another way to stall is tanking damage. Medea Lily can overkill with healing, but if you are taken out, she can’t heal you. Vlad lancer can taunt and tank st np’s with a nice anti evil niche. Deon can too, but is more of a support, though the taunt is a 3 turn deal with evade for the np’s. Small chance of charm on np.

But my favorite is saberlot. Suuuuper easy to use and crits and np spams like a maniac. Mine is grailed and max skilled and used way more than bride.

For stalling, you would probably want David instead of Hans to be honest. Both David and Merlín together allow you to completely dodge NPs which is better than additional healing.

If David is completely unleveled though It is a decent idea to grab Tristan. His main sell points are his np charge and more importantly, his buff strip and Crit decrease which both can be hugely useful for challenges.

Medea is not a good idea though simply because she does not provide enough. Also, the hardest challenges tend to be rider final bosses since they obliterate Merlín and Medea is not helpful there. I personally befriended someone with Medea at NP4 to test her in various bosses and she just does not do enough. Plus she is utterly useless without max skills whereas harp of healing at level 1 is still effective enough when used with Merlin.

Tristan can be a fun option overall and honestly, you 100% want a max leveled someone with harp of healing for stalling

Lancer Artoria is quite simple tbh. Her crit skill gives her some leeway on the star department since it provides some as well. Just activate the skill+Mana Burst when you have her buster cards in your draw or something.
Lancelot is utterly braindead. He deals quite obscene damage with all his skills up. Quite a simple servant but very effective.
Stall only really is consistent with a Tamamo or a Jeanne. Medea Lily just doesn’t provide more. She has strong heals yeah but the game essentially doesn’t encourage that. Better to mitigate damage than to heal it.

I haven’t tested Gil Caster in a stall team but theoretically he should work well.
His buffs would help the team recharge their NPs and his own gives a 20% def buff to mitigate the damage.
With Mash you could reduce all incoming damage by around 70%… or even a 100% if you stack her NP.
Paired with a Tamamo you should be covered in defence and also have a steady healing supply.

It will not work for all NPs but enemies like the Demon Boars in the summer CQ shouldn’t be able to inflict much damage.

Tristan for party evade if you want to build up your stall team.

Nitocris for quality of life improvements when farming (grail to 90) and max fou her. 2nd skill to level 8. Heavens feel or black grail CE. She will clear hands and doors for you easily.

Since you got raikou Lancer, you don’t really need Lancer alter. But, she is AOE so she is still someone you can go for.

The easiest answer is to pick something your current roster doesn’t have covered and won’t have covered with upcoming event servants.

Since this Christmas provides a decent - but not great - AoE lancer at NP5, Lalter may not be an ideal pick, coverage-wise. But she is an obscenely good servant. Great damage, good NP, and her crit skill makes her top tier. She wouldn’t be a bad pick. But Summer Raikou covers a lot of the same ground outside of her NP, so it’s definitely up to preference. But IMO I would hold off on her specifically, since she doesn’t bring anything new to your team.

I’m likely going to grab one of the avengers (probably Titty Snake) because they’re one of the only things I don’t have on my team. Plus they’re extremely rare since there’s only a few of them, and angra has a drop rate directly from RNG hell.

However, if you’re intent on a stall team, Caster Gil, Nursery Rhyme, and Medea are what you want to go for. But the best servants for stalling aren’t even in the ticket summon. Most of them are bronze and silver, or 5* like Jeanne and Merlin.

Honestly, salter memorial is a special case quest and no single pick from the 4* roster will make a difference for stalling on quests like these comparable to just borrowing a Jeanne and arts chaining for 150+ turns. And then you get distracted and missclick on 151 and have to start from the top.

I really wouldn’t pick based on that alone, unless it’s someone like casgil who is broadly useful in many other situations as well. I don’t think he’s the best staller either, since his support skews towards offense and he brings no drain/evasion, but he’s just nice to have.

Generally I think stalling is a last resort the game sometimes forces you into. I wouldn’t plan for it; I’d focus on more offensively minded CQ teams, and just grit my teeth, take a pal’s Jeanne alongside Mash and BB/Hans/whoever and hope for the best when I have to.

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Lalter (Lartoria is the 5*) is amazing, but I think Raikou is better for you right now. (Plus, we’ll get Jailter this Xmas rerun.)

Saberlot is incredible and if you don’t plan to roll for Munenori come Shimosa and don’t get Bride during NeroFest, he’ll serve you well. His kit just works, he’s fun to play with, and he’ll be easy to ascend and skill up after NeroFest dumps medals on us.

For the others…CasGil is definitely not a stall servant, but he’s an amazing support, especially for arts crit teams (like the ones Saberlot plays in). If you’re rolling for Abby or Hokusai, CasGil supports them really well, as they have already high stargen and 6-hit arts cards. (They’re made for him, I swear.)

Medea Lily is story locked and unlikely to spook you except on class banners/Valentine’s, but she’s not too useful except in quests like the CCC boss, which is essentially an exercise in outhealing damage.

I’d go with a support (CasGil, Edison, or Martha; Edison is a great stall servant with Tamamo and Waver support, btw) or a farming QoL improvement (Nitocris, any AOE servant in a class you lack, Astolfo for the 50% battery).

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Gameplay-wise I would pick saberlot. He’s extremely self sufficient and can spam his np along with crits as long as his skills are up.

And as far as the extra classes go, you don’t need them. All you really need to fight rulers are berserkers and I only like rulers as supports due to their always neutral attack.

If youre looking at Lartoria for waifu reasons go ahead, but as far as gameplay goes, santa lily can do pretty much the same thing and we get her as a welfare at christmas.

And I definitely would never use a ticket to get someone np2, I like to have as many unique servants as possible