Can I hatch Unown now?


I don’t have any Unown, but I still have six 10k Eggs that I got last week (during the 1st Ultra Bonus Week)

Can Unown be in theses Eggs ? Or is it too late and I should have hatch them last week ?

Thanks (and sorry for my bad english)


As long as they were picked up during the week they were available, then they can still potentially be Unown. Egg contents are decided upon collection, and will be that no matter when you hatch them, even month/years down the line.


Thank you for your fast answer !

I was wondering because people in the thread Unown hatch rate were calculating their Unown rate as if it was no more possible to get it.

Egg contents is decided when you COLLECT the egg, not when you HATCH the egg. Unown were only available for that short amount of time. So any 10k egg you collected during that time has a chance of an unown, but any egg you collect today will not. I hatched all mine so I’m done. You still have 6 eggs so you have those 6 chances of getting one.

Yes, my son just hatched an R yesterday.

I hatched a Mr. Mime from a friend in Norway’s egg.

Very cool!


Your leftover 10Ks absolutely may have Unowns in them. After going 0 for 30 (ish) for Unown during the event, I had 15x 10K eggs left over to hatch after the event. I finally hatched 2 Unowns from this brood. Keep walking and hoping!!!

The players contributing to that thread, most likely hatched all eggs from that time already, and made space for this week’s bonus in 7km eggs.

Good luck