Can I make a fearsome user of the Gáe Bolg?

This new banner reminded me of a unit who’s collecting dust at the moment
My Quan. I always found him to be a cool character in many ways (and I’m a fan of the Sigurd/Quan/Eldigan trio) but only one of them really is worth using it seems. Still…

I wanna make this cool guy stand out a bit.

So my Quan is +def, the one unique thing he has is the Gáe Bolg, probably the simplest prf in the game:
+5 atk/def is the foe isn’t a flier. And to be honest, fliers usually aren’t the ones that you need the extra stats for most, infantry and armors are.
The rest of his stats are great hp, amazing atk, meh spd, ok def and terrible res. On +def it looks like this:

So the most obvious bit is that his atk is the thing to make use out of. While I could focus on other things, I think the base 59 atk just begs to be used.
So either I’d go for his two best stats, atk and def.
Or keep the def as is and boost the spd up

So how do these look?

Some bonus stuff I found



personally the only user of gae bolg that i fear is scathach herself
and maybe cu, if he’s lucky

i think that investing into his speed would be interesting, since his weapon already grants him that +5 to defense you don’t have to worry about boosting that much. with a build like the two you have there that are leaning toward more speedy, and it would be more interesting to see than just sticking QR3 onto another cav unit, i feel like you have to use it on most of them to make them better because of their lack of B skills.
so, i think a speedy quan build might be worth it. just my opinion though


sees all builds

naw dog


Right, I think you can go for speed as it’s salvageable [Gáe Bolg] already grants him an easy-to-meet requirement for ATK and DEF boosts by +5 to each — for a speed take I think the second build can be more effective as it’s more damage overall but if you go for the first I’d use a [Spd/Def Lull 3] to help with more damage.
If you don’t mind foddering a F!Delthea from her GHB going on you can add [Even Atk Wave 3] or a {cavalry} skill :thinking:.
I also like the second build, [Atk/Spd Solo 3] is a good alternative to the elusive [Brazen Atk/Spd] A-skill — and he’ll also be strong with it.

I vote for +SPD :feh_birbpeek:


Harsh, but fair.

@af1899 Hmmm… yeah spd/def lull seems like a good idea. Might shelf Quan until I get my hands on it.


why not try something like this:


I really want to build him too, but I know not what to do with him… He’s -Spd :feh_elisad: But I’m glad I finally got him today :)
Also I definitely don’t have a Claude

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What about Vantage?


One day he’ll get a refine
He’s got to…

@ShinxDaSphinx Was thinking about that.
It’s not a bad idea, but he’d really need some good team support with that.
He has 67 atk on his own there. I’d prefer it pushed to 75 at least for reasonable oneshots.
So (horse) buffs and maybe a Kaiden or Ranulf thrown in there.


Would be better with an Atk boon

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Yup. Too bad mine is +def, and I can’t really justify pulling for the banner

+atk or +spd would be better for him

I think you might like FE’s other Gae Bolg wielder, Quan’s daughter Altena.


If only IS would add her to complete the family of Quan, Ethlyn, Leif, and her.


She’s a lance wyvern, so that’s an instant win.

Would love her to be the top unit of a banner and Travant as GHB


I love Quan as a character so much! I finally got him today, and honestly I’m a little jealous of your +DEF IV… This is my build for him.

I don’t like defensive cavalry units that much. The idea of sitting there and waiting to tank a hit like an armored unit kinda defeats the purpose of having 3 movement. Especially when there’s a defensive tile with a tree on it. I honestly really wish I could make a player phase build for him, but I just don’t think the investment into his SPD is very easy not to mention worth the amount of fodder needed… But your last few builds you posted have some really good ideas and I might try a few of those myself!


I built mine like this. Speed is fine and all, but I decided to capitalize on his attack/ defense and make him a super dueler. I actually have found little issue using him. A simple +6 speed helps him avoid most important doubles, and those he doesn’t avoid die in one hit anyway. I really enjoy using him, and I’d love to pull more of him, but ftp :frowning:


Pulled a +atk one on my free summon, saw his prf, thought he was gen 1 from it, wondered if he’d get a refine soon, saw he came out in late 2018, :pensive:.

He’s not actually that bad though. Would like to see a refine make him an enemy phase cav, hopefully with decent spd so he has a niche.

Swift stance 4+slaying refine IS pls


As a rather huge Quan fan myself, it’s always a treat being able to see new ideas for builds, even for the ones that do not necessarily play to his strengths (i.e. speed).

For me, I chose the +Def asset since there are already several other lance cavalry available that make better use of their Atk stat, such as Dimitri and Legendary Ephraim with their Prfs allowing guaranteed follow-ups under the right conditions; meanwhile, Brave Eliwood has the same Atk as Quan, but also has the speed to help capitalize on it, as well as a Prf that increases those stats when initiating.

I figured that if Quan were to have a niche to excel and stand out in, it would probably be the physical tank route. Although Silas can also fulfill this niche, Quan at least has the high Atk go to with it and a Prf that further augments that. Still, Quan is going to need all the help he can get with a decent refine.


Quan with lull atk/spd should rule

Just got mine
Waiting to get enough feathers to give him chill def3

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Quan is one of the units I’ve always really wanted and I’m glad I have him now
I wish I could pull for more but Ophelias will probably get in the way


I figure this is a good a place as any to ask but in the L!Lief hot to use vid, it’s stated that Lied can’t use the Gay Bulge even tho he’s Quan’s son. Why can’t he use it?

I mean Seliph gets tyrfing and Ares gets Missiltain