Can I see some Grailed Servants?

I think this is the topic you’re looking for then ;D


Grailed santa altera to 90 a few hours ago. She deserves it for being a cutie

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Mecha Eli stole my 7 Grails and never regret it


Next year you can get the all silver one…gonna grail her too?

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Rerun in 2021 after new year and before Fate/Extra

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Ahh tnx I heard chloe is beast welfare.

She, Ridertoki, and Shiki are top tier welfares and as much, as much as I love Ridertoki, I’d just barely give Chloe the edge of the three. At least in a vacuum, on their own terms.

She and Ridertoki both have 50% batteries, superior to Shiki, and without 1K HP loss. She shares Shiki’s crit up, on top of having a fat 100% stargen up for 3T, allowing her to extend her burst window past her NP turn (e.g. 50 charge CE + her own 50 charge), given how good her blues and Extras are, and then crit with those. It is entirely reasonable to NPAA with her an refill almost back to full on top of creating close to 40/50 stars regularly… all on top of having a respectable rainbow buff. Unlike Ridertoki though she actually has a form of hard defense in Evade, allowing her some measure of durability.

Post-Skadi Ridertoki becomes even beastlier and I’d say he gets the lead, but both can insta-NP T1 with Black Grail, and yes she is a beast of a Servant. Whenever I’ve used her the game’s just felt like (an incredibly fun) joke.


10/10/10 np5 carried me through campaign that’s why I grailed her and shes so adorable. Thinking of max grailing her?


I didn’t even think twice about doing this. Unfortunately, I can’t max her completely but if I can at least get her to 8 on all her skills it’ll make me feel better.

I was even thinking about going for NP2 before I started pulling to buff her damage, but considering the crap I went through to get one copy I decided against it. I burned a lot of quartz for her and I’m going to cherish her fondly

MHXA was my first non GSSR 5 star and so I wanted to grail her. It took me several months to even finish grailing her since early on QP is really bad, ran out very often and so MHXA sat at level 96 I believe for like 4-5 months or something like that.

MHXA was my first goal servant, someone I saved up for weeks to try and pull for. Back then I thought 600 SQ was a huge deal since that was how much it took me to get her. Of course now that’s nothing compared to Ereshkigal.


Ok, so I’ve been debating grailing her for awhile now and thanks to all the QP and embers from the event I bit the bullet and grailed her. So now I’ve got Mata Hari, Heracles, and Chloe grailed.


:white_check_mark: Astolfo
:white_check_mark: Enkidu
:x: D’eon
:x: Lanling
:x: Astolfo Saber :fgo_astolfo::fgo_astolfo:


I’m little stingy with my Grails, but I still used a few of them.

First was SAlter. She was my first serious offensive servant. She held the position of most powerful servant for long 6 months and was my troubleshooter in all this pesky singularities, including Solomon. I actually gave her my first Grail after I rolled my first SSR, because I hoped to save them for others. Then I met the reality of gacha and decided it was somewhat symbolic to give my precious helper the Grail she was guarding in Singularity F.

Tamamo was next. Because Waifu. Nuff said.

BB was an oddball. I’m… I’m actually not sure why I grailed her. Did she hack my account to grail herself? Naughty kohai.


Thanks to the Christmas Embers and Homunculus babies, I got to finish grailing Berserker Fran too… and almost finish her skills.

Now all that’s left is to farm Gears at Barrel Tower. That’s gonna be my new hangout spot outside of events for a while I guess… both for Fran and to rebuild my stock afterwards.


Instantly fell in love with her when playing through Orleans. Around the first month of playing this game, the GSSR was coming up (last summer), so I did not hesitate and summoned at the knights one (1/9 chance.) Was very happy to get her, and she definitely carried me through all stories and events. Grailed her instantly. (She’s not my first level 100 tho.)

My first lvl 100, grailed Jalter around the time of Nerofest last year. I love French toast, but I love burnt French toast as well. Got her 3 months after Jeanne. Though wicked, she is my waifu (carried me as well.)

If I ever meet Melt in real life, I will instantly ask her to step on me. Though sadistic, she’s precious and I really love her characteristic and design. The story in the SERAPH event made me love her even more. In conclusion - GRAILED (grailed her with the surplus of EXP I am getting from the boxes, sorry it took a while Melt ;-;)


Banana oni, one of my first summons, her artwork is one of my favorites.


Since this thread kinda comes and goes I totally forgot(I think?) to ever post my most recent grails.

One more:

I had summer Nero at level 100 and 10/10/10 in probably January. (Except the wine.)

I’m not sure how her fou values got mismatched but it triggers me.


And that is why I never buy a Golden Fou unless I know I can also buy/obtain one of the opposite kind.

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I still haven’t used any of mine; how can I possibly decide who to put those on???

I’ve shared a pic of best Neroface Saber in the past but here is 2 I raised recently:

No surprise really, BB is awesome :fgo_bbgrin:

…and Arash :fgo_buster:

May give him another grail eventually and make that border gold.