Can I see some lv10 appends?

As an addition to the grail, Fou Paw, Gold fou and bond CE threads, appends are an investment in and of itself. So, who have you taken all the way so far and for which appends, and who’s next?. Feel free to flex your wallet year-round as we get more mats.

I myself am working on Mana loading for all grailed servants but still need Heian-Kiyo mats. Unfortunately, my lv100 Shiki won’t get there unless I commit to bond 12. Thankfully, alot of my servants wanted all the LB2 ice I had lying around.

Can’t filter by appends so have to show like this

Future plans:
Nemo, Nobukatsu, Saito, Rider Vinci, Muramasa, don Quixote, Lancer Ryouma and Oryou…


Only one so far

Gonna do Carmilla’s battery next


QP is a problem since I can’t drop below Castoria threshold.

Just those with at least one lvl 10 Append so far:


Knocked out MHX with my Las Vegas funds and still have some excess. I’m probably not gonna need to invest in a ST archer for a very long time, which is a nice bonus at least.


I’m planning on Rider Vinci, Saito, Mura and Nemo next for lv10, assuming I get them all. I have enough coins for another append on Saber but I’m not sure I really want it yet.

Oh also Nobukatsu and don Quixote ofc


I’ve just got 4 servants with lvl 10 appends.

Maid Alter will get her 3rd when I get her 6th copy

Kiki is currently mat locked with 2 different materials. Will be 8/10/8 until lb5.5 if I’m unlucky.

I enjoy American Samurai more than Space Rin, so I got her Mana Loading to 10 first. Space Rin is next, though.

And Fluffy Ears is my other. I love her, and if it weren’t for other servants, I’d grail her. So I’m doing this as a conciliation.

I’ll probably wait for a lot of servants. However these 5 are next:
Space Rin


Some of the third Appends (not even counting the anti-crit ones, which are pure garbage) are so bad that I don’t want to spend the coins even though I can. I feel like opening them will make me want to waste mats and QP leveling them.


Only unlocking SP.Ishtar, Godjuna, and Sanzang’s battery so far, gotta save those mats and QP

Even tho i can max other servant’s battery too, i’ll only unlock them when they are really needed at that time, like what i did to Sanzang, for farming Millionaire’s node


I’m rly tempted to get all of Nobukatsu’s appends just for the sake of it but idk if I’m able to be that wasteful lol. He’s already getting grails and gold fous how much lower can I stoop


just this one because Cú Alter is LB6 bell-locked


Unfortunately, the only one I have maxed is Romulus.

I can max others but I don’t have lores. :fgo_kadocsob:


Sadly my Mo is stuck at Lv8, damn that cursed pixie scales or whatever they are called.

But meanwhile…

Next ones are going to be obviously OG Mo and Maou Nobu.


Damn the list (lots of quality guys coming) is so big I keep forgeting it.

Need Lancer Ryouma append too cuz he’ll be lv100. By the time LB6.5 comes out I’ll have 4 grailed Lancers damn.

Summer and Maou Nobu are the ones waiting for Heian-Kiyo mats


Jalter and BerserCu are Avalon locked


I feel sorry for any servant that needs the llb6 mat, Scale of Fantasy, in their append skills cuz they will remain mat locked with that mat no matter what or how many we get in this next year. Morgan need 72 of those suckers, and she WILL be maxed out with everything when i summon her!!!


I really wish they were more unique. Something like a passive stargen, NP gen or a teamwide charisma might actually make more servants worth investing in, and even open up some more interesting team comps.

Basically, if third appends were like Bond CEs, I could see a whole lot more people investing in them.


I think they’ll at least give us some of all these mats via shops and mat tickets, like they’ve already started to do (my Artoria’s append battery would’ve been stuck at 8 otherwise).
Though how much is another matter, of course.

Anyway, those are my lv10 appends so far:

Got a bunch more appends unlocked and in some cases leveled up to somewhere between 4-8, but can’t do much more since I’m down to 180M QP, most of which is needed for Castoria alone.


Jarcher has her append 1 unlocked bc I clicked it by accident. Oops :fgo_matahari_ohboy: and I don’t care to raise her, Karna, or Osakabehime’s any further.

So not pictured are the ones I’ve unlocked but aren’t 10 yet due to story mats.


I know. But until I hit 72 of them, I won’t give them out to anyone.


Papalot has skill 1 and 2 maxed
Arash has skills 2 and 3 maxed

A few others have mana loading maxed including Napoleon, zerkalot, Achilles, og DaVinci

A few are a 9 for lore conservation because 18% is fine like merlin, waver, tama, Edison

And a depressing number are stuck lower still for lb6 material… Mordred, paracelsus, lil Vinci, and more