Can i wait for 1/2 AP to clear Lostbelt 5?

Will the next Event require Lostbelt 5 to be cleared? (please no Event spoiler)

Can i wait until the Lostbelt is 1/2 Ap?

Gudaguda 6 (the one that just happened on JP) is the next event that requires anything past LB3. It requires clearing 5.5 which comes out this time next year, so even then you’ll have a year to do it.


No. You can wait for olympus and there wont be a problem.

It kind of begs the question of why, though.

If you don’t want spoilers, waiting for months to save a little bit of AP isn’t worth being behind on NA content, and you’re missing months of time you could be using to farm new mats post-story.


My thought exactly as well. Clear the story main quests right away. You want the extra time to farm the new mats.

I’ll be holding off for most of the free quests like I did in LB4 though. Going to do the nodes with Star Fragments and leave the rest for 1/2 AP or better.

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Not worth the wait. Those events usually are for new player or people that didn’t have time to play because several reasons and need to rev up their pace. Besides, you unlock farming spots for the new mats in case a new servant that requires them picks your interest.

If that is what you want to do, it is technically viable. We have a nice long break from needing to be caught up with the story to participate in events.

I was like you once, waiting for ½ AP for main quests in order to save AP/apples, but now I just clear them with nat AP (it’s only few days worth, no reason to wait for ½AP).