Can Niantic possible squeeze anything more out of the dried husk of Kanto?

So after the massive 6 week build up to kanto week, the birds having been trotted (or flown) out once already late last year, the Kanto Tour (shinies and legacy moves), Kanto Week, Kanto Raid Day (shinies, no legacy moves) and now 3 months of the Shadow Kanto birds (maybe shiny but not legacy moves) is there really any last scrap of flesh on the bones of Kanto? Seriously, those poor birds have been picked cleaner than 2017’s turkey !!!

Is this now Kanto-abuse? Have the other regions offended Niantic hierarchy so badly? Sorry Johto, you had 6 days in January now somebody give those birds a red bull (other energy drinks are available) and push them back on top of those gyms.

I joke, obviously, but I had to laugh when I saw that the “new” shadow Giovanni has is Articuno. A third Mewtwo for me then.


Lol… fine post.

Hey Bob! Bob! We need a new 5* raid for the plebiscites, what do you think?

“Get the birds”.

But Bob, they were just there two weeks…

“I said BIRDS!! No, no god damn legacy moves, what’s wrong with you!?”


*violin noises intensify *


I’m really hoping that event was a last “huzzah”. There’s really not much more they can do. Everything is shiny now. Any future Kanto event is gonna feel pretty damn boring from here on out.

Bet it’ll happen again tho.

My experience with the console games and anime is limited to the first two generations. While I am enjoying the Kanto events, I believe Johto deserves more love.

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After the shadow birds maybe we will get a entire month of mew in raids and shadow mew from Giovanni. So yeah there is a little more they can squeeze out of kanto lol.

There’s 6 gens released and more to come. I imagine the Kanto Pokemon will go away for a while except for some of the Mega-eligible Pokemon.

Calm down, Mr. Ex.

As disappointing as it is to get the shadow birds again, I look forward to the 3rd Moltres

It was meant tongue-in-cheek to be honest, I actually laughed out loud when I read the announcement. I won’t say no to another shadow Moltres, I only have the GoFest one, but after they hung onto Suicune for grim death for, what, 6 months I’d expected to at least start to get Lugia/HoOh out of the way in the next couple of months.

I collected my third shadow MewTwo this morning at 10/15/8 which was good.


Hold on. This is something I’ve been asking before and never got ahelpful reply for but - how? How do you manage to run into Giovannio again? Is there a way to make that quest actually reset monthly? And if so, how the hell do you do that? I’ve only been able to snatch each legendary shadow mon once so far coz i thought thats all you get…

You can only have one “Giovanni Quest” as a time, but if you run it to the point where you have a Super Radar and don’t collect it one month, you can use it the following month (or however long it stays in rotation for) to get the new shadow legendary to complete the quest. Then the quest for that month will drop into your research and you can either complete it that month so you get two of that shadow legendary, or do the same again and roll that month’s into the next one.

Having three is a one-off scenario because I got the extra one from GoFest paid research.

So, for me, I’ve collected Mewtwo now and on 01st March I’ll get the march Articuno quest. But because I don’t want a shadow articuno, (I’ve got a really good one from GoFest that I’ve never even looked at) I’ll roll it over into April, pick up a single Zapdos and roll that over into May. In May I’ll collect one shadow Moltres and hold onto the task in hand to see if the next shadow legendary is better or worse.

I hope that makes sense.

Thanks a lot! That’s literally the first time I’m hearing about how its done. Does that mean simply waiting with the Giovanni encounter and holding onto it for the next month will always get you a second shadow mon? Or e.g. that you can even keep this up and get one shadow legendary each month?

Yes, that’s it. The shadow you get is set by when you win the Giovanni encounter, not which research line you’re on. Getting two of something means you have to miss out on something else.

So, say like me you don’t want a shadow Articuno, you complete the research to the point where you get a Super Radar. Deactivate it in your inventory (if you don’t know how to do that, you just find it in your item bag a click on it, works the same for the Leader Radar too) and then reactivate it after the next month starts.

You can’t stack them, as the game won’t give you the next research until your complete the previous one and it doesn’t retrospectively hold them either, so you can’t unfortunately, miss 6 months and then get 6, say, shadow Kyogre.

That actually depends where they put the research.

If they keep the research in the Special tab then yeah, can’t start the next until you finish the first. However, if they decide to run the research in the Today tab then it is perfectly plausible to stack up on radars as the research expire.

True, although I can’t recall the last one that wasn’t in the special tab. I’ll be very pleased if they do that though.

Can Niantic possible squeeze anything more out of the dried husk of Kanto?

You do realize that Niantic is going to answer this question with a “Why yes. Yes we can.” simply because you asked the question?

Just you watch - there’s going to be some kind of “Turn a Kanto Pokemon into a Gallarian/Alolan Pokemon!” event in 2023. You’ll have to catch 20 Digletts and the reward will be a 15km “Shifting Egg” that you can’t put into a Super Incubator (but Regular Incubators are on sale in the Bundles!), and when it hatches, you’ll get an Alolan Diglett. And Exeggcute, and Sandslash, and Meowth, and Ponyta, and we’ll have nothing but Kanto for as far you can throw your phone.

And as part of this event, they’ll be announcing the Galarian form of Snorlax and the Alolan form of Lapras, which now also has a Baby form that is only found in the Alolan region. And will be Flying/Ice. The Galarian Snorlax will be Fighting/Dark, will be Green instead of Blue and will be wearing a hat, and we’ll be making so many Lucky Charms jokes that someone will get banned for it. So you’ll have Snorlax and Lapras as far as the eye can see to drain your bag of Ultraballs and Golden Razzberries (because you KNOW they won’t be making it easier to catch them oh no no no no no - so you need to do the Raids to get the extra GR’s and the Premier balls instead) and…

… okay, okay, stop that, STOP THAT, that’s enough pessimism, cynicism and outright stupidity for one post. I need to conserve all that for the future, or else I won’t be allowed to post until my account refreshes and I have snark in the account again. (Or I could pay for the Premium Snark Account like an (in)famous poster here… nah, nah I’m good now, it’s out of my system.)


Thank you, that really made me laugh.

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I want this so badly now, you have no idea. :rofl:


Or it could go a different direction:

Seriously though, I really like the regional redesigns. Who doesn’t love Obstagoon? Or Awak? Sure there’s some duds like A-Exeggcutor (the memes though…) but overall I think those are pretty great. I would pay good money for a flying baby Lapras or a Leprechaun Snorlax! :rofl:
Best laugh I had all day, thanks @FandangoGhandi


I must admit I’m fine with the regional variations too, a change in looks , types moves etc is like a new mon for me, only you can use the candy from the previous version.