Can Pokemons spawn in Village?

I live in small village with only 1 Pokestop. Yes I can go to it, but I have a question did pokemons spawn in areas without Pokestops (Fields, Forests ,etc.)?

I get Pokemon spawning all over my neighborhood and there aren’t any pokestops there at all. I have seen pokemon in total nothing areas before but also have seen the opposite. Have also seen no pokemon spawn in areas with lots of buildings, too. I believe it all depends on cell phone traffic in the area? Not totally sure but I’ve seen that on forums and stuff. It is definitely possible to have spawns in areas with nothing or no stops, etc. At the very worst, an incense will spawn you some 'mons - at least 5 or so in the 30 mins if you aren’t walking and more if you are. I know that isn’t the most practical solution since they cost coins. Good luck with your hunting.

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Oh, I forgot one thing.
Can pokemon appear if I will be riding in the same area? (Well about 1,5km lap)

Yeah, cell activity definitely influences spawns. As a result, you often get clusters of spawns at places like supermarkets and petrol (gas) stations, anywhere there are large numbers of people passing through. I get frequent spawns at my work, which is a fair distance from the nearest stop/gym.

Your travelling speed doesn’t stop them appearing, but going too fast can prevent you from catching and spinning stops, as well as accumulating distance on eggs and your buddy. The threshold I think is about 10km/hour.

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Another question (sorry, again I forgot one):
Will that spawned pokemons appear in the nearby list? (Well, if pokemons are around pokestop they appear, but if they aren’t around pokestop?)

If there are no pokestops within your view, it will show you what’s in the immediate area but there’s no way of knowing exactly where. If there is even just a single stop visible, your sightings will just show what’s near that.

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Well, how long will it take to Pokemon GO understand that on that fields is my cell activity and spawn Pokemon?

Depends on the cell phone traffic around you. Not just your phone. The more cell phones around you (doesn’t have to be playing GO) the more spawns you will see. But, to specifically answer your question: Not sure. LOL. I’ve seen Pokemon spawn right away when I open the app but also I have had to wait 10 minutes to see my first one. Incense will help, as I said before, while you walk to a stop, maybe, even if it is far away into town.

Actually you will see something like this:

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Well more than a week passed and I don’t find any pokemon in that 1,5km area. I was raiding there once every 1-2 days and nothing. Well maybe should I wait 10 minutes for pokemon to spawn?