Can Sherlock Holmes be trusted?

Right now i’m in the end of Lostbelt 2.
Holmes is very suspicious. Firstly, he can rayshift, just like Koyanskaya. Secondly, maybe it was explained, but I can’t understand how he exists, he didn’t have master before us nor he was summoned by Holy Grail. And the most suspicious thing about him, Sigurs called Holmes “Hybrid” just like Mash.
Changing his class is also strange, but It was explained.


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In the interest of keeping spoilers under control, I’d refer you to the Why Sherlock Holmes is Sus :fgo_elementarymydear: thread for more detailed discussions, with a warning that you may be spoiled yourself on content that’s still JP-only, in addition to the remaining 2.5 Lostbelts on NA. But, as noted, the short answer is no.


Nasu did say he wants part 2 wrapped up by the 7th anniversary (beast 7/ 7th anniversary of fgo?) so in the next few months we’ll hopefully get answers.

Just realised we still have 6.5, LB7 and Part 2’s version of solomon to do all in 6 months, fgo’s going to be busy.


He may have said that but i find that very unlikely, they would have to rush everything like they never did before and we’re almost in feburary already with no announcements.

That said wasn’t 6.5 the Tunguska event?


Probably it isn’t. The dot between LB6 and LB7 is still there.

Or maybe Tunguska was indeed 6.5 but we will get 6.8 or some other random number in between. Either way, there is still some story chapter coming before LB7. I think they advised about catching up with the story soon too, as some incoming events are going to require LB6 completion.


No we can’t

I think he’s a Pretender version of Watson

After part 2, what’s left in the story?

I believe FGO has said they want to go 10 years

There are several characters in the future lostbelts (past 2) that bluntly say that there is a traitor amongst the staff of Chaldea. Also Moriarity talks about Holmes in his interlude that got released a few days ago.

Moriarty Interlude Spoilers

So I don’t have the evil grandpa myself, but I did read a summary of the interlude and the jist I got from it is that Holmes is specifically on the side of Humanity, not our side. So there might a time were the method of saving Humanity might differ from Holmes and if so, he will do what he thinks he has to even if it is something horrible.

Maybe Moriarty is lying, I mean he is Holmes’ archrival and not the best person, or maybe he is genuinely trying to warn us given that he said in his own mystery event that he would always be on our side specifically. Maybe all this Holmes foreshadowing is just a red herring who knows.

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Well we still have 3 beasts to show down with, maybe 4 if we get some Arcade timeline fusion shenanigans that both arcades story and mobiles Halloween have been hinting at. Gil in the solomon singularity said beasts are like chain reactions in that if one manifests like Goetia did then the others will too.

There not enough time for that to happen before part 2 is meant to end in july though given we still have 6.5 (the glowing dot between LB6 and 7), LB7 and part 2’s version of the solomon singularity where we take down beast 7.

So people have been thinking we’ll get a part 2.5 like epic of remnant was 1.5, if there is a part 3 (which will maje the game take longer then 10 years given part 2 took 5 years to complete) then it will most likely be a new threat not related to the beasts, maybe an outer god invasion?



Go read Moriart’s interlude too.

When did he say this?

With how huge LB6’s script was, I don’t see this happening. End of the year sounds realistic/possible, but Summer? No way.

We have:

  • A singularity (probably Fuyuki)
  • LB7
  • Final showdown area with the Alien/Foreign God aka Solomon equivalent

Even if Fuyuki 2.0 and Solomon 2.0 are short like 5.5 & Solomon were, LB7 is going to be a monster as both LB5 and LB6 were multi-releases.

Keep in mind last year had LB6 parts 1-3 and Tunguska for main story events only, with the last story before that being 5.5 in December 2020.
Even with the final push in motion Fuyuki 2.0 has yet to be announced and so is likely an April release after Vday/White Day seasonals. LB7 is likely to be in Summer near/around anniversary. At which point the climax gets pushed back to the end of year slot after the main seasonal events like Summer/Guda/Halloween.

Whatever’s after part 2 will be unrelated to Beasts imo. I think Beast V will be an AU Angra Mainyu (i.e. the form that was to be born in Heaven’s Feel) and Beast VI will be dealt with in a Prototype or Arcade collab. Maybe Arcade gets Nero while Mobile gets Manaka.

Maybe LB7 sets up Types/Ultimate Ones and Outer Gods as the next humanity-ending threats. It’s not like there aren’t numerous layers of Nasuverse beings to exploit. And general magecraft/dead apostles is a mine of its own, which could be dug into considering the kinds of cameos they’ve made recently.

If they have a main narrative for an Arc 3 or 2.5, I would expect a different beat to “everyone’s dead” but still some kind of world-fuckery. “Everyone’s monstrous, what a savage apocalyptic world” maybe? Unless they end Chaldea as an organisation and go a different route - but then the mission isn’t a Grand Order that requires super-fudged summoning rules.

Whatever the case I like that Arc 2 had human antagonists, even if few of them are legit antagonists (note I’m only current with NA, Tunguska aside. Plz no Crypter spoilers). Mages make for more interesting characters than “twisted love of humanity” imo, so gief some weird mage peoples.


He’s british so at the very least we need to keep him far away from a kitchen


I think that this is probably the most likely situation.

Explanation of that statement, along with some hypothesising

LB7 is in South America, which is where Type Mercury is. A setup for us accidentally waking up ORT when we fix the LB by just accidentally Zero Sailing into its face or something would be so easy to do. It would also let them introduce all of the Tsukihime characters (maybe at the same time as Tsukihime remake comes out, [insert joke here]). I can’t help but notice that there hasn’t been a Tsukihime event.

I reckon that in LB7 we’ll defeat everything, chop up the tree, kill the king, and then have to fight a waking up ORT, before escaping out of the LB, where we’ll assume that everything is fine because that was LB ORT, not PHH ORT. Queue 2.5, where they’ll do some filler stuff and another Shimousa where they essentially just expose at you for a year with all of the worldbuilding knowledge that you need, and then suddenly arc 3 starts and we’re fighting the Types, with the ringleader being Archetype : Earth, and the secret behind the scenes leader being Crimson Moon Brunestud.

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Having Chaldea’s master use Beasts and Grands to fight off Types would be kinda interesting. It’d make for an interesting goal for arc 3. Though if the recent pv was anything to go by, the current mc doesn’t survive the end of arc 2, or their journey ends for some reason.

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since there isn’t a discussion thread for the new interludes, I figure I might as well put this here since it is kinda related.

In Xiang Yu’s interlude, he destroyed Serenity’s cake (to keep the kids from being poisoned), damage walls (to keep Liz from her concerts), and burned Blackbeard’s secret stash. But Holmes also mentioned Xiang Yu “keep destroying the clues on his current case” and that was never accounted for. Since his other actions are for the benefit of Chaldea, that seems to be indicating Holmes is up to something.

(haven’t check the other thread since I am not looking for jp spoilers :fgo_gudako:)


Then we’d get to see some madlad beat ORT with f2p servants only, that’d be sick.

Does anyone know if Enola Holmes is under copywrite? I know that Sherlock isn’t, but Enola was a character created far later (I think around the mid 2000), and I don’t know copywrite law well enough to be able to say whether a franchise based on another franchise in the public domain is eligible for copywrite.

Basically, I was just remembering that Sherlock has a second NP called Empty House, which lets him create perfect disguises, he has also changed his class, and he also ‘deduced’ the Pretender class. The thing is, that Enola is meant to be even better at disguises than Sherlock is, and she’s also adept at escape, which could explain why Sherlock can apparently Rayshift. In case it wasn’t obvious as to what I’m saying here, what if Sherlock isn’t Sherlock at all. What if Enola Holmes is a Pretender pretending to be Sherlock.

If Enola Holmes is under copywrite, then I think it’s unlikely that she will be in Fate, but that doesn’t stop some other master of disguise like Arsene Lupin from being the Pretender instead. Honestly, Lupin is probably more likely, given how well known he is.

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Yes, of course Enola Holmes is under copyright. Unless the author suddenly decides to waive her rights to the character (unlikely, with Enola now being the subject of big money Netflix productions), it’ll be a copyright protected character for a long time.
So unless FGO’s governing companies buy the rights to use Enola, no, she isn’t going to be showing up.