Can someone explain the Salem story?

I was into the story until Day 6. When the demon god pillar revealed himself and started naming all the sins of abigail and how it’s abigail who’s choosing to do all this… I just went blank. Can anyone please explain the whole thing??? And then there’s that unnamed space traveller who just showed up out of nowhere ??? Like???


*Tentacles, rather, of which birdhead Räum is one glad we got to fursecute it

The TL;DR of its “Grand Plot” is that, to save mankind it wishes to make it suffer indefinitely. :fgo_insane: To realize this, it reenacts the Salem Witch Trials with all their torment and pain and tries to use the fictional Cthulhu-mythology, the summoning of its eldritch horror of a God as the vehicle to spread it across the world. It’s entirely possible it had a hard-on for octopus-head Cthulhu etc because it’s a tentacle-thing itself.

When did “saving mankind” become the tentacles’ MO, though

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Okay, so basically Raum, the demon god pillar, is a little nuts. He decided that, since it appears impossible for the demon gods to “save” (read destroy) mankind, he figured he’d need to get some force from outside of reality to do it for him. To that end, he decided to use the Cthulhu mythos as inspiration, and use his power to make the concept of the “Great Old Ones/Outer Gods” become real. In short, he believes that what makes humans special is their capacity to endure suffering. So he wanted to inflict maximum suffering on every human, and to do so, he would use one of these Outer Gods.

The trick was that Raum couldn’t bring forth an Outer God on his own, since they don’t actually exist, but that mankind could have the capacity to force them to become real (similar to the power of the Throne of Heroes). So he decided to create an experiment in which he would attempt to manipulate a human into channeling an Outer God and unleashing it upon the world.

To accomplish this, Raum re-created the Salem Witch trials (which sits neatly between the dark ages and the modern age) but added some fictional characters from Lovecraft’s books to the mix. He then invited several (anti-)Heroic Spirits which he thought would be the keys to making the plan succeed. From then on, he just kept replaying the events of a certain 7-day period of time, attempting to make Abbigail voluntarily channel the Elder God. If he failed, he’d reset the timeline and try again.

At the end, you reveal Raum’s plot, stop Abbigail from unleashing the Elder God on humanity, and ending the time loop. It turns out that the body Raum was possessing belonged to a dimensional traveler, who was able to reclaim his body after Raum was vanquished. He informs you that Abbigail has special powers that enable her to travel across dimensions like he can, and offers her the chance to join him on his adventures. She accepts the offer, and they vanish, presumably having traveled to a new universe.

I have no personal knowledge about the Lost Belt storyline, but I suspect that these events, along with the ending of Shimousa, are setting up the next major story arc, which will entail travel between dimensions.


That’s it. That’s the story of Fate/Grand Order. Thanks for playing, everyone!

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They do exists. Hokusai is another Foreigner, and Nyarlathotep is featured later too. Both are not connected to Raum and his plan.
They’re just from completely different dimension

Some mage described the Outer God and made a connection between it and Fate universe.


Hmm… I guess I misinterpreted that conversation, then. So the idea is that Lovecraft wasn’t just a fiction author, but actually made contact with true Outer Gods?

Nah, he was a fiction author alright - Räum just pronounces that his ramblings brought to ink managed to hit jackpot in terms of pointing to such “eldritch horrors”. Of course, I am not disinclined to believe that Räum, being the quite powerful magic being that it is, willed those ramblings to be fact…wouldn’t be a first that pure fiction gets made into something manifest in Fate-uverse, e.g. Servants like Alice/Nursery Rhyme, large chunks of Singularities like Agartha, etc.


So essentially, Lovecraft just coincidentally happened to describe a real, eldritch being, and thus the mythos he created planted the seeds of belief among humanity that has allowed Raum to connect the two realities. Seems plausible to me, thanks!

yog-sothoth and cthulu are different beings though

minor clarification

part 2 spoilers, yo

but the answer is ‘since always’. even goetia’s plan was entirely about saving humanity, in the only way he saw how. because reasons

my interpretation is the outer gods just so happened to project info about themselves to nasuverse lovecraft, or whatever

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That’s fair my bad

Can anyone here explain to me where the grail we got came from ? I’m guessing it wasn’t that cross piece we found in the woods

Prt2 Spoilers maybe

or is that part of the lostbelt arc like the piece in Shimousa and (I really didn’t want to know this THANKS GUYS) Chaldea gets attacked by people trying to retrieve it?

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Goetia’s game-plan was more about “saving the world” itself by deleting everything and start from a state several billion years ago when the planet was still forming itself, though. No strings to other moar evul things attached in that new world, huehuehue. Somewhat different from “saving mankind”.
I am guessing the lone, surviving tentacles from the Temple of Time “going rogue” and formulating their own bizarre objectives like Räum and Zepar did isn’t entirely out of the question.

The way it puts it:

Happily, a fictional mythology describing the fever dreams of a single man just so happened to also describe a higher being from the outer universe.

it might as well note that it’s a 1-in-a-billion chance a finicky human can do it through fever-induced delusions, but it definitely sounds that way.

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I mean I can’t go into specifics without heavy spoilers, but nah. it was always about saving humanity

If it’s something more that’s disclosed during LBs, okay, fair enough. I am merely going by what that thing states at Temple of Time (granted, it fancies that human existence is horrendous, yet there’s definitely a reason it fits the X-has-done-nothing-wrong shtick so well)

yeah, p much

all I'll say is (obvious part 2 spoilers, open at your own risk)

the big bad for part 2 is something powerful enough to terrify even goetia. to the point of believing the only chance humanity ever had to combat it was to travel back in time and remake humanity into a more “perfect” being

the problem was that as a near-immortal demon conglomerate, he didn’t understand human values or why humanity so held on to what goetia considered “unnecessary flaws”.

plus remember, the beasts are born out of a love for humanity. a love that gets twisted into being a destructive threat to humanity, but a love nonetheless

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Any idea on when part 2 starts ? Now that Salem is over , and Da Vinci told that this was our last ever rayshift… I know something called Arc 2 Prologue and the Lost Belts exist but idk what’s in them. What do I watch out for now ?

The Lostbelt Prologue is supposed to take place after the Christmas event, so sometime around the end of this month.

Lostbelt 1 will begin sometime between late March and April.

part 2 prologue is naratively tied to start on december 26th, so then