Can someone help me make a good team?

There are a couple of teams you can make, most notably is the sagas from the movies team. You are missing yellow super saiyan gohan which will be a problem if the enemy team is running a super vegito or a full power boujack of their own. With that said, here is the team you can make.


  1. Purple Full Power Boujack - A great support with a unique cover that will need some time getting used to.

  2. Green Goku - Provides the team a lot of necessary tankiness and his ultimate is terrifying late game.

  3. Purple Super Saiyan Broly - He provides solid damage, but is very fragile before transforming.


Yellow Perfect Cell - Very strong yellow fighter, although lacking in stats compared to yellow gohan and he does not fit too well into a sagas warriors team, he should still be able to take on most purple units.


  1. EX Green Boujack - Increases blast attack and (potential) defense

  2. EX Purple Thouser - Increases strike attack

  3. If Cell is in core take SP Super Saiyan Broly - Increases blast attack and (potential) strike attack

If Super Saiyan Broly is in core take SP Green Cooler - Increases blast attack and (potential) defense

Btw, in the future you should organize your box by rarity, makes things easier to find.