Can someone help me with a team

Hey guys,

Returning player been on a couple of days since I redownloaded, was wondering if anyone could help me build a team with the units I already have and what units to go for next, F2P player so units might not be optimal but we’ll see what we can do with what I have

Thanks in advance

Your units are a bit old but these teams are still optimal.
God Ki -

Core -

  1. Ssgss Goku (Blu)
  2. Ssgss Kioken Goku (yel)
  3. Ssg Shallot (lgt) [Shallot is an F2P Hero unit. If you play through the Strong mode, you will unlock different forms of Shallot, the latest being Ssg.

Bench -

  1. Ssg Goku (red)
  2. Ssgss Vegeta (pur) (can be used in core)
  3. LF Beerus (grn)

Hope this helps.