Can someone update Salamence with the PVP options?

Can someone update Salamence with the PVP options that other pages have? I use the PVP section to determine the best fast move and charge moves to assign to my Pokémons.

TBH, it’s pretty bad in PvP. Not much bulk and only nukes for charge moves. Best bet is probably Fire Fang or Dragon Tail for fast move and Outrage for charge.


Yeah I used to use a salamence for pvp when I had nothing else and realized pretty quickly it was awful. Depending on the league, there’s far better options, I’d just look on the pvp rankings.

I wouldn’t say depending on the league. It’s just terrible everywhere. It’s cheapest charge move is 60 energy, and it’s best fast move dragon tail with 3.33 ept isnt that great either. Despite being a very cool pokemon I think Salamence is so bad in pvp, it doesnt deserve a pvp description


Could be something in ULPC in a pinch or if you just want to use it. Could be a proxy Dragonite if for some odd reason you don’t have one. It would lose pretty bad to Dragonite tho.
Dragon tail would have to be the fast move. Fire fang is doo doo without stab and it would need to beat swampert anyway.
Not saying it’s good obviously but if you have a nice shiny or something it could win a few.

You are all correct here on how crappy Salamence is for PVP, BUT I’m one of those OCD people who prefer to have every Pokémon I own “tuned up” and ready to go should I need/want it. Yes, I could spend the resources on other mons, and most of those I already have. For examples, I’ve attached a couple of the screenshots I use when getting ready for PVP or other battles… this gives you an idea of why I was asking it.

Ooooooops, I’m too new, could only post one pic, here’s another…

You remind me of a friend of mine. Although he just makes meta mons only. My point is though, he relies on gamepress or pvpoke also to tell him which moves to play. But I will suggest to you what I suggest to him, take a little bit of time and just learn what is important about fast moves (DMG output/over how many turns(1,2,3 or 4)/energy gained) and charge moves (energy required/DMG output/coverage) then you will be able to play a good moveset on any pokemon without checking a website suggestions.

It is true that Salamence is not very viable in PvP (personally hoping for another Bagon community day where it can get it’s signature move Fly), so that may be why the PvP section doesn’t get updated. But for him I would suggest this:

-Dragon Tail (Same energy generation and animation time as fire spin and ice shard, which are both great PvP options)

-Fire Blast (80 Energy - Requires 8 Dragon Tails) (Fire coverage is needed to hit the steel types that would wall Salamence’s Dragon type moves and hopefully take them out of the game)
-Draco Meteor (65 Energy - 7 Dragon Tails) OR Outrage (ELITE - 60 Energy - 6 Dragon Tails)

With the charged moves I do think legacy outrage is strictly superior to Draco Meteor, with no access to a faster charged move the last thing you want is for your cheapest move to force you into switching. I hope this helps my man. And hey, at least he’s got his mega-evolution to give him a fighting chance soon eh :joy:

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Thanks GreedEU.

I’m new to Pokémon Go, and, well, Pokémon in general. I didn’t grow up with Pokémon, playing, watching, or any of that (a parenting thing), so I’ve got A LOT to catch up on and learn. I’ve “fudged” my way through a lot though, while still learning somewhat along the way. I took it on - with prompting from a friend who does know a lot and did grow up with it - and I saw it as a “mathematical challenge”, to figure out and take advantage of the fastest ways to get to level 40 (currently level 38).

Now of course I’m learning so much more about it, and realizing I should have taken my time and learned the basics (Pokémon types and what is strong/weak to what, moves, and all that). I guess you could say I’m learning some of “basics” rather late in the game.

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You are not alone! Until PvP came out, most people could easily get away with just using their highest CP 'mon or whatever was recommended by the game and coast on that. Can’t do that in PvP! :laughing: It’s also not something inherent in the game to tell you how to use 'mon well (the team leaders started giving hints for Rocket battles but that’s recent) so you’ve got to do your own research on places like this.

Glad to hear its fun for you to try out something new and can’t wait to see what great battles you win!

Ah, Salamence, one of those Pokémon I powered up and then…never used

Me it’'s a very early Mewtwo, it is 14-10-14 so 84 %, not terrible but it was the 1st legendary that I maxed out. At least it’s useful in raids, but in PVP…

I agree, I meant the Pokémon that would be better would depend on the league, e.g. Dragonite for Master league

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