Can’t decide on a 3rd core


Hello I currently am trying to decide what 3rd core to add to my team atm its SSS3 Goku red and SS Broly, I was going with legendary Broly but still think there might be some one better I can shoot for with my team. I’m going for “saiyan” tag and have benched SS2 vegeta purp, EX Green vegeta, and SP Red SS Goku, also would like to kno if my green vegeta and red Goku are worth keeping and leveling.


Can you screenshot your SP units for us please? That would make this alot easier.

Personally, when running Red SSJ3 Goku i pair him with God Vegeta and either PUR SSJ Broly, or PUR SS2 Caulifa depending on if im feeling frisky or not. Ill list some ideas for you below.

                                     | * = Core |
                                     | ? = Viable |
                                     | # = Optimal |

RED - SS3 Goku *
YEL - God Vegeta # / Boujack ? (vs Super Saiyans, up to +140% Blast Damage W/O Z-Abilities or Equips)
PUR - SS2 Vegeta ?/ SS2 Caulifa ?/ SS Broly #

RED - SS3 Goku *
BLU - Final Form Coora *
YEL - Final Form Frieza # + ?
GRN - Coora ?
PUR - Chilled ?

RED - SS3 Goku *
BLU - Kao x10 Goku #
GRN - Ultimate Gohan # / Tail Vegeta ?
PUR - SS3 Goku ?

                           Full List of Viable SP Units to match with SS3 Goku RED

based off unit’s viability & synergy with SS3 Goku Red on its own

PUR - SS Broly | SS2 Rage Vegeta | SS2 Caulifa | SS3 Goku
GRN - Ultimate Gohan | Tail Vegeta |
BLU - Kao x10 Goku | SS Goku
YEL - God Vegeta | Goku Black
RED - Gogeta | God Goku | SS Kale


Sorry I had to crop it to load, but this is currently what im workin with, thank you for your help.


Your only PvP viable core imo Is going to be red ssj3 goku, the ragegeta and ssj broly. Prolly ssj1 goku red, spirit bomb goku and lssj broly on bench. This provides you with color counter as well as a solid lineup. But it also means your lineup is basically fixed.

Pan is really good. You could build a hybrid type team, but sadly the kid hybrids got powercrept out of the game pretty hard.

Hope this helps.
P.S. There are plenty of EX units that offer better bench support than some SP’s regarding z ability, if you’d like some help with the bench we’d likely need to see those as well.


Yea that’s what I had originally been using with green trunks and yellow kid trunks on bench to but didn’t think they all was a good synergy and like you had pointed out my lineup would be easily countered with right colors and such other things. Now thoe with what was suggested above I’ll try and shoot for god vegeta or along those lines, hopefully the pack I choose tonight hits jackpot.

Yea not sure what is my best synergy atm for all my choices for the bench these are my EX’s thoe.



Replace lssj broly with EX blu base form goku and replace spiritbomb goku with EX BLU Raditz (from what I said earlier)
Also go do as many raditz events and missions as you can.


Ok cool I’ll get on that and leveling them, I appreaciate the help and info on what I should do. If you do t mind me asking I. The rare occurrence in successful in getting one of the previous said, I should permanently bench ragegeta for the time being and make him his own team 2ndary


I’m sorry I don’t understand this part. I don’t think you should bench ragegeta at all at this point in time.


Oh ok I meant if I was to get something like a yellow god vegeta or something that would be a better match is all


I still believe Ragegeta would be better than having the godgeta, The godki team is slowly being assembled, Once the team has at least 5 Z abilities that support it, it will be very good.


Oh ok, thank you still thoe for your help and advice. Yea I don’t have any god ki guys yet and was unsuccessful in drawing any thing decent last night so I will definitely be sticking to what you suggested for now thank you again.


My pleasure, if you have any questions feel free to ask. :slight_smile: