Can we appreciate The Emperor?

I haven’t seen anyone really talk about him, but The Emperor has to be one of my favorite characters that’s not even playable. Arknights has done a good job on really giving him a personality and some pretty funny lines. I always find it funny when characters use modern day slang like saying something is “Cap” and the dope Topac (Tupac) shirt that he’s sporting.

If he was a playable character, I’d go all out for him. Even if he was pure trash, the guy is just a funny character every time he gets screen time.

Anyone else really enjoy The Emperor or any other side characters that aren’t playable? It can be a non-playable antagonist as well.


Emperor is such a nice character. I really enjoy him. I also love the messenger from the operation intelligence event who was concerned about the doctor. It explains somewhat who the doctor was before he/she obtained amnesia.

Idk what to think about that penguin really.

But Saria’s sister on the other hand…

The only good emperor is the one eaten by Skadi.

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