Can we do something about threads for account begging/trading?

Note: This is specifically in regards to the Fate Grand Order board, though I would imagine it occurs in other sub-forums as well.

In the spirit of cleaning up the forum, I have a suggestion for whomever would like to hear it. This is not a huge problem (only about ~5 in the last week based on recent posting), but it happens enough that a new thread pops up where either a user is requesting/giving away/selling an account with a certain SSR/SR.

These sorts of threads are neither conducive to furthering the community or promoting the game. I don’t even know if these threads are actually against the rules or not, as most of them go unlocked. If they aren’t, I would have to suggest three things:

  1. Make a specific category for these sorts of threads,
  2. Make a specific mega-thread for this sort of thing, or
  3. Ban them, because they’re really not worthwhile

Again, it’s not a critical issue, but food for thought nonetheless. They generally get drowned out anyway, but I’m not sure if we should be encouraging the forum as a place where this sort of activity should transpire. Maybe it should and I’m in the wrong. I dunno.


Usually people from FGO section gonna ignore that thread and i think that best way that we from FGO section can do.

We can’t stop new user joined and post same thread begging for accoun, but if needed we can just ignore that and @ mod to closed that post.


Yeah, I agree. The community in a way does police itself through just ignoring these sorts of thread, but they don’t always go ignored (couple examples in the last week).

I don’t even know if it’s right to flag them because I’m not sure if they’re against the rules. I’d rather not waste the moderators’ time.


We could limit them to a mega-thread since they’re hardly “discussion worthy” topics. @Commando can chip in here as well since he’s the mod for FGO.


I think that’s fair, not going the way of the extreme by outlawing them but also containing them, so the purpose of de-cluttering the board is hopefully achieved. We already have one for salt and friend searching, so it’d seem fitting.

Plus, it can just be muted and most of us can forget it even exists.

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It’s probably fair, yeah. These threads are popping up often enough that they seem to be spamming the boards. Not technically against the rules but I agree that they aren’t contributing much to overall conversation.

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Got it. Can you make that megathread then? I’ll update the post template so that it’s clear where those threads should go!

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