Can we get an F for this year's Farfetched Heroes?

There doesn’t seem to be anything related to them in the new calendar…

I guess Intelligent Systems saw that Anna is inevitable as a farfetched Hero, so they decided not to relase them altogether. unless they’re going to be janurary’s new heroes, which is pretty unlikely.
So yeah, please pay respects to your favourite characters being left out.


To be honest, I have absolutely no idea why Anna has no alt yet. She’s actually incredibly popular and is in almost all of the games. Surely they could have devoted one camilla or lyn alt slot to an anna alt :/

Well, maybe we’ll get winter anna - three houses version




Jill Fizzart will have to wait some more time for her grand debut

That said, hopefully it’s the New Heroes in Jan/2020


It could be the New Heroes event in January

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Ehh, they were a bunch of skips anyways for me as Charlotte wasn’t gonna be apart of it.

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They’ve been adding some of the top characters recently just not all in the same banner. Conrad and Echidna are two that come to mind. I think they’re just planning on adding them a little bit at a time over the next couple months which is fine too.


We’re having lot of new characters, even as seasonals TT or just seasonal banner (volt, tanith, louise etc)
There is really no reason to feel bad for them not releasing the Farfetched Heroes banner, because every banner has one or more popular character in it.
How many times this year we had to update the “Probably Farfetched Heroes list”? That’s the proof that IS is trying to please everyone.


Anyone else not like any of the top 50 characters and thus couldn’t give a flying fork about farfetched?


I don’t even remember them.
Like… Maybe only Jill…

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My boi Fomortiis has never even been an option to vote for lol

it doesn’t hurt. it doesn’t hurt at all.


The only character i remember being in top 50 was Adult Tiki. That means she’s finally gonna get another alt soon right?


Oh wait, is adult tiki.
Nagi is the closest thing to adult Tiki we got.

I don’t care for any of the “(previously?) possible 2019 farfetched” units, but I sympathize with the people who were waiting for their favorite characters to be added just to have IS randomly break that pattern like this. It was barely a pattern, but still.

If Anna won’t get an alt before CYL4 then people will vote her and Yikes for those who hate her because she’ll take the place of units like F!Robin or Eirika. A shame but IS forced the hand of Anna’s fanbase

The others… meh. They will probably be added in the next banners, with the exception of Bruno and Líf of course, who knows when they’ll be finally available


Yeah, the female side of CYL is going to be pretty disputed. The male side doesn’t seem to be as much, aside from the 3H units, maybe.

I think, then of course I can be wrong, that we’ll get Edelgard and Dimitri (first place) and Anna and Claude (second place). Dimitri and Claude are too popular than someone like Chrom, M!Robin or who else, same for Edelgard.

But Veronica and Camilla won, so who knows. Just no FEH OCs, please


I saw Jill and I liked


Would greatly appreciate, pls


Please, PLEASE be right
Sometimes I fear Edelgard and Dimitri might be too controversial to win CYL, but then I remember Camilla won the last CYL, so I still have high hopes for them.


We got like so many new and fan favourite units, I don’t even see a reason for a Farfetched Banner tbh.