Can you ace this Pokemon GO Quiz?

This is a hard strategy quiz. In order to pass it, you need to answer every question correctly. If an incorrect answer is given, then you’re being redirected to the very beginning of the quiz!

That was fun. I answered everything correctly, but had to guess on a couple of questions.

Fun quiz. Made it all the way through, but I also had to guess on a couple questions.

DO NOT try this quiz while you have unstable connection. If you do so, it might register some correct answers as “wrong”.

Aside from that, pretty fun and challenging quiz. Q2 was tricky but I guessed it first try lmao

Was fun. I failed Q2 at first time. Knew month and year, but not day and with 50% chance i chosen bad :smiley:

Yeah I think that’s what happened to me on a stable connection on the question “what do raspberries do” and my “higher catch rate” answer was wrong :/ ???

Well, I got to question 10, but I didn’t know the cost of lucky eggs because I don’t usually buy them individually, so I got that wrong. Big loss because I had a feeling it was 80, but then second-guessed myself and said 50.

Second try I got everything right easily, except until I hit number 20, asking how much XP it takes to get to level 40. I’m level 39, but I don’t really care about levels, so I never actually checked how much it takes to get to 40. I had to look that one up. But then on the third try I got it.

I didn’t find it all that difficult. The hardest question was #2, asking the exact date the game launched. Otherwise, pretty easy stuff.