Can you softlock F/GO

So this just came up in another thread, but apparently you can’t burn your last non-Mash servant. This means that every single account must at all times have at least two servants (there may be a short moment in the tutorial where you only have Mash, but I’m not counting that). I’m pretty sure that this is because you need to enter every quest with a full front line (Mash, your other last servant, and a support), so if you didn’t have any SQ or FP, you could mistakenly softlock yourself if you left yourself with only Mash.

This got me thinking, is there a way to softlock yourself?

You can’t enter quests if your servant or CE inventories are full (only one of them needs to be full), so the first thing to do is to fill those, and also fill your second archive. You can still burn or level servants though, so these need to be taken care of too.

If all of your servants/CEs are at their level cap and you can’t ascend them any further, then you can’t use one servant to level another servant. For this reason you also can’t have any grails, as these would allow you to do paliengenesis, which would raise the level cap and allow you to level servants with your other servants. You also need to make sure that all of your servants with dupes are NP5 so you can’t raise their NP levels. Also because of this, you should be filling your servant inventory and second archive, because it’s a lot easier to fill and level these than it is to fill and level your CE inventory.

Burning is more difficult, but I think that if you are at the QP cap of 999,999,999 then you can’t burn anything. This means that you also need to be completely unable to raise any skills or engrave any cards.

You also need to make it so that you can’t summon, because if you get a servant then you can use your other servants to level that servant, then you can burn servants because you’ve used QP, and you can escape the softlock. Because of this you need to make sure that you have 0 tickets, <3 SQ, and either <200 FP, or have your servant inventory be at least 50 over capacity (it might be 100 actually). For this to work, your last inventory slot must also be an EXP card, or a Fou if you’ve max Foued all 499/549 servants, which seems unlikely.

So with this, you can’t enter quests because you have too many servants, you can’t summon because you have no SQ/tickets/FP, you can’t burn any servants because you have too much QP, and you don’t have any way to use your QP.

Is there any way out of this softlock except for simply waiting for your daily login to roll, or by buying SQ?


Couldn’t you just level CE’s? That would use up qp. In fact leveling high level CE’s wirh fodder ones is a technique for escaping reverse qp hell, which would allow you to burn servants again.


Yes, you’ll need to empty your CE inventory then.

I’ve never even thought to consider if it’s possible to lock your account lol but it seems pretty pointless since as you mentioned the login bonus for the week includes 2000k FP and 3 SQ so you’d never be locked out for long


Not to mention you’d have to go through so much effort to deliberately softlock your own Account

Having a fully maxed roster is one thing, but being unable to level up all your CEs? Unless you burned all the ones that weren’t LV100 - for some reason, it’s unlikely for you to ever get to that point. Even just fodderizing some of them should drain a good chunk of QP

Yeah, it would be a truly insane and stupid amount of effort, but that’s kind of not the point. It’s not about how easy it would be to do it, it’s about can you do it in the first place?

Probably, but like @BitNdragon said not for long

The Daily FP Summons give you 1-3* CEs you can level up, and each week gives you 3 SQ + 1 Ticket. It’s highly unlikely for you to be in that state for an extended period of time unless you deliberately tried to keep yourself in it

There might be a way to Perma Lock yourself I think

  • Maxed Everything (Servants, CEs, etc)
  • No CC Openers
  • Full Inventory/Second Archive
  • No Mana Prisms (So you can’t buy the Monthly CCs)
  • 999,999,999 QP

Not sure if this’ll work, but I think if your inventory/SA is maxed you can’t summon. With maxed QP and no way to get rid of it, you should theoretically softlock your game

You can always SQ/ticket summon, no matter how full your inventory is. It is absolutely impossible to permanently lock your account, so I’m not worrying about that and just thinking about temporary softlocks.

Is that so?

I don’t really know if there’s a way out other than summons, unless you happen to have a few none maxed CEs lying around

This thread reminds me of a Pikasprey Yellow video.

Anyway, as others said it is impossible because of login rewards, so you would eventually have a way out even if you filled your CE inventory too. And even then, just getting to the softlock is such a ridiculous task i don’t believe anyone would do it by accident since it’s hard enough to do on purpose.

Even if we lock the player out FP and Quartz, there’s the daily 10 roll on the FP gacha which would allow you to gain servants or CEs even with a full inventory.


So I wasn’t the only one reminded of Pikasprey :fgo_romadearu: