Can you use grail instead of NP leveling?

I am not that full whale to leveling servants nplv with high rarity. I am interest to use grail on them instead to increase their np damage. Did you think this will work? Like my dantes have np1 but if he grailed to lv100, Will he able to a little keep up with other np2?
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Since NP damage is a percentage of your base attack, then yes, grailing to increase your Servants attack (and using Fous) will help increase their NP damage. It won’t be as significant as NP2, most likely, but it well help.

Hi OP,

According to reddit and appmedia, if you grail NP1 Dantes to 100 + Max fou 2000/2000 + lvl 100 Kaleidoscope, the damage is comparable to NP2 Dantes at lvl 90, 1000/1000 :slight_smile:

From Appmedia:


From Reddit:

*Note: Based on NP1 average and NP2 min numbers.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you ! It seem l still have a long way in this farming hell then. Your data encourage me a lot, Now I know how to barely reach that point even it is not equally. It seem I will grail and max fou Dantes and others if I feel they need it.

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