Canas Defensive

Help me build Canas in the enemy phase.

Him with his maximum potential

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Like, mix tank or Res Tank?


Mix Tank please my master.

Mix Tank please my master. @TheKongaBeat

Well the max potential build you showed off looks pretty good in my opinion.

You could slap on Steady Posture as his seal and call it a day, works for either a Ranged Tank or Close Counter Tank

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This is my idea for a Mix Tank, as you get more outta using your teammates to both help his default tome/as well as buff with him stacks.


Pretty much 48 spd, 56 atk, 38 def and 53 res in combat if the all the conditions are met, plus he can counter at one range, Pulse Smoke helps him not get hit with enemy specials and he hits with a 26 damage iceberg, all without any buffs so the numbers can go up even more than that.