Canas: Who Needs Friends Anyway?

Man I’ve been thinking about Canas builds a lot lately, wonder why? :thinking:

(Note, the B skill is supposed to be either Lull Atk/Spd or Spd/Res)

So I’ve had an idea for an alternate build for my Bond Boi Canas, and this is what I’ve cobbled together.

It’s basically a self reliant debuffer nuke, still player phase, but with the opposite execution of my Bond Build

Now some things are interchangeable, Mirror Impact got Swift Sparrow 3 and R!Fox for R!Blade (although R!Blade might cause some trouble for Iceberg proccing).

I might do this, I might not, I’m still focusing on my Bond Build first and foremost so this’ll probably be a side project.




You have loads of friends :hridexcited:


0/10 not enough res

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Oh great!, it looks pretty good!, yes a [Atk/Spd Lull 3] would be the best there once they’re real :+1:t2:.

The tome is really good but like you said a bladetome would deal stronger damage and procs :feh_rein:.

In any case noice!, I hope your main project is successful :birbpeek:

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Spiral glacies RAWR

In seriousness you’re probably doing pretty well. You’d probably need to spd ploy if you did that, and at that point I think you might be just as well to go lull spd/res.



And I also never even considered ploys! Man, I’ve REALLY been overlooking that 40 res.

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