Candidates for Deadeye

Both screenshots portay my current builds for both S! Loki and Eleanora. In regards to Deadeye, I’m looking for opinions in regards to who can utilize it better.

Some things to note in any case:
-Eleanora’s build is Aoe spam for general content + Def Tactic cause I run her on a dedicated TMS #FE theme team. I wouldn’t mind suggestions for a whole new build for her that " revolves"around Deadeye, if that makes sense.

-Above note applies to Loki as well. However I know that Loki is not the best archer in the game, but she’s my most invested in next to Eleanora, so I’m really just wondering if she’s even a good candidate. Given that it scales off of atk and all.

-Lastly Ivs. I plan to give both of the +Spd Ivs via trait fruit whenever the chance presents itself, though +Atk might be better for Loki given how low hers is.

That being said, sorry for the lengthy topic, and i appreciate any and all answers!

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Being that Deadeye scales off damage Eleonora is clearly the “better” candidate,


Had the wrong screenshot


Treat Deadeye like Glimmer. You’d normally want it on a unit who can deal lots of damage with high Atk. From what I see, Eleonora seems to be your best bet if you plan on giving it to one of them. The only change I’d make is a simple one: get Time’s pulse from Shinon too. IMO lulls are super tempting and are hard to give up, but Eleonora doesn’t need Lull Atk since she avoids counterattacks. If you keep Special spiral, then she’ll have continuous Deadeye after the first proc, so you could opt to get rid of Flashing blade. You could also choose to keep flashing blade and inhert/use Lull Spd/def if you have it, but since you already have a great kit on her, there is no need because you can work with what you got.


Hey at the end of the day invest into your favorites! :sweat_smile: I’m sure with some Atk support Deadeye will work wonders on him. If Loki’s Atk wasn’t so garbo she’d get it no questions. Plus I suppose Eleanora gets Times Pulse too cause she’s infantry. Damn.


Hmm, good points all around.I have to double check my manuals for Lull Spd/Def. But Deadeye+Lull Spd/Def+Times Pulse+ FB3 SS sounds real tempting for her. I like the suggestion here honestly, I’ll definitely keep this one in mind.
I suppose Eleanora does get the advantage in being able to inherit Times Pulse

Did somebody say candidates for Deadeye :feh_crazydimitri:

You want it on an archer who already does a lot of damage naturally, as they’ll make the most of the double damage.

Archers with high Atk are the most ideal candidates. Deadeye sits comfortably between Glimmer and Astra for damage boosting, so for maximum damage you want as much power as possible. For that reason I find Loki a bit of a hard sell for the skill, especially with your given build. Brave Bows are already stopped cold by high Def units (I use Brave Bow S-Takumi on most Abyssals and it’s nearly impossible to bust through some of those high Def armors with a Brave Bow, ESPECIALLY if they run Wary Fighter) and they REALLY rely on Luna or Moonbow to break through them.

Also an Infantry or cavalry unit is ideal so you can inherit Shinon’s Time’s Pulse or Lull as well. You can’t get Atk/Def Solo 4 and Deadeye off him without another unit with Atk/Def Solo, which are still very rare.

I’d say what makes shinin so great is -1 CD bow plus TP. If you got a -1 CD bow unit maybe that, but I see Loki has a Brave bow also. Plus she is adorable so she gets my vote! Seriously though, since you’ve invested so much in her, I would lean that way.

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This is a good point, a Bow with better might would certainly make Loki a more appealing choice than she is with the low might of a brave bow.


I’m giving it and TP to this guy. He will be fun to deal with on both my ARD teams.

With the lull and Prf, he is able to proc heavy blade easily against a lot of units. But Gordon’s a favourite which is why he’s getting the premo skill haha.

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