Candy Cane or Courtly Candle?

Which is a better weapon for lance armors?

  • Candy Cane
  • Courtly Candle

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Who is it for specifically?

Valbar or Hilda, Don’t know Hilda actual statline yet?

I think once we find out Hilda’s statline, these will be easier to vote for


It probably depends on Hilda’s stat spread, but Candy Cane seems way better. Guard effect and nice stat bonuses are really good for such an easy to activate condition. But if she’s super defensive with bad speed, Courtly Candle’s damage reduction could be better to make sure she’s taking basically no damage. Candy Cane’s also at least a little redundant with Special Fighter, so choice of B-skill also matters a lot.


Really depends on the unit and build.

In todays age of auto doubles Im going with special fighter + Candle being the best combo for a lance armor of the given weapons.


I’d say overal Candy Cane.
Specials are a tank’s worst enemy after all.


Armors have Crafty and Special Fighter to get Guard so I think Candle :candle:


Candy Cane is consistently useful if you’re not using Special Fighter. If you are using Special Fighter then you might as well use Gilt Fork. :fork_and_knife:
Courtly is great if you know you’re going to get doubled. 50% DR is a lot, and if you can oneshot the enemy before they get their double in, you don’t need to worry about the second hit. But that requires really high Atk. It could also work very well on a Bold Fighter style build :candle:


Hm… well, Candy Cane gives guard effect and a stat boost. While Courtly Candle gives 50% reduction to damage and gives a stat boost. I’d say this depends on the build, and stats of course. So, let’s say you really want Hilda and build her up, and you decide on a tanky enemy-phase build.

More than likely, Courtly Candle will be the better option, considering there is the Crafty Fighter, Special Fighter, and the Stance 3 skills that do the job of Candy Cane. Of course, this depends on her stats. Though, it’s safe to assume that she’s fairly slow considering her original kit, Even Follow Up.

But, if you want Bold Fighter or built up to be speedy, Candy Cane would be the better option. Just be in within 2 spaces of an ally and you have an attacker who can stop the Cooldown of her foe’s and speed up her own (Bold Fighter) and guarantee follow-up attacks.

So… like what my friend, @Fresh_Tomatoes, said it’ll be easier to answer this question when we learn her stats. But me personally, I like Courtly Candle more.


Whelp! I just saw W!Hilda’s stats and… well, she can make good use a Special Fighter with that Spd of hers. It’s not bad, 38 as Lv 40 5 star with no merges or dragon flowers. If anything, I’d recommend a different option of lances all together. So, if you have the Ninja Yari+, she’d hit 42 Spd with that. With 42 Spd at a base W!Hilda, she’d be one of the few armors to make use of Daring Fighter, which is a skill we’ll see this month as well. While 42 is nothing impressive, give her Atk/Spd Push 4 with a Atk/Spd Brazen seal, and you got yourself a Hilda with 56 Spd when conditions are met. Very good demote unit, in my opinion. But, seems like she’s a bit fragile compared to other armors, so Ninja Yari+ my not be the best option. Either way, up too you.

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Candy cane is better if you don’t use any special fighter or crafty fighter/stance 3 A skill.

But if you already got a guard effect on your skills, Courtly Candle is better.
But if you aren’t gonna get doubled then Courtly Candle isn’t that good too because you won’t have the DR.

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At the very least we can say for Hilda that Courtly Candle is terrible.
Flowing Lance or Ninja Yari are probably best


How about neither. Fast Armors should stick with Special Fighter. It’s better to invest in speed with C!Hilda. Flowing Lance and Gilt Fork have already been mentioned. How about good ol’ Slaying Lance for charging Aether in 1 round? Being a fast armor with high BST and no prf, C!Hilda is the currently the best candidate for this kind of build. Another lance that shouldn’t be understimated is It’s Curtains Time! For Galeforce / Aether shenanigans, could be nice for arena because you don’t fight that many enemies anyways.

Now that I think about it, the kit they provided her with is kinda strange actually.

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Looks like I’m the only idiot who going to run an EP build.