Can't believe this

Got 4 Caedas this banner…this makes her +4. Got 4 Charlottes and 4 Caedas. At least, unlike my first one beong -Atk, this one is +Atk.

Since I already have her woth good IVs and merges, O simply decided to fully invest on her:

Was going to do Blade tome but Owl tome is more fun and easier to work on any team (+Atk really helps).

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But, CC, Blárblooms B!Caeda with Def/Res link


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How dare you pass up 40 defense on a unit with 19 base defense

My last one was +Def but she still lacks the Atk to really use it well. And it’s not like Henry which getting doubled really helps activating specials at least.

+Atk just really works with this, too.

Well, theres Blue Flame, but I’m the meme person. So that’s probably only me who would put that much investment in. And because she needs Infantry Flash support to 1-round proc

It’s basically the same now with Infantry Breath. LOLHENRYLOL60DEFLOL55RESLOL50IGNIS