Can't claim orundum on annihilation reward?

After i claimed all rewards on stage 1 and reach limit on that week, i can’t claim kill rewards anymore. Even after i wait for 2 weeks still get same situation. Anyone can help me?

You can only claim Annihilation rewards once per account. The weekly refresh is only for the Weekly Orundum, and you get that as part of the map’s loot drops.

Unless you’re saying that you beat all 400 enemies on Lungmen, and you can’t claim the rewards for those at all?

So, until i finished lungmen stage i can’t claim those orundum?
When i claimed 100 kills and 200 kills, i didn’t get orundum.

The progress rewards don’t give orundum, they give “weekly reward limit”.
Like how you have 300/1300. Orundum drops from the annihilation maps and you can keep doing them until you’ve got 1300 orundum, and then you won’t get any more until the next week.
But if you clear all 400 kills on that map and claim all the progress rewards then your limit will go up to 1600 so you can get 1600 from doing annihilation every week.

It seems i missunderstood the system. I thought limit increase only for complete 400 kills.
I’m sure on cheronobog i got orendum when claim those rewards.